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How to Make Her Forget Her Ex Boyfriend

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How to make her forget her ex boyfriend? Simple, very simple, and with a few lessons you’ll have it down in no time.

Don’t get jealous, jealousy is wasted energy.

Talk to her, tell her how you feel about her always mentioning her ex boyfriend, tell her why you feel that way. Ask her how she feels about it, and then tell her the truth.

Tell her you want her to forget her ex boyfriend, and you’ll do anything you can to help.

Take her out to new places, take down things that remind her of her ex, and make sure your having a great time with her. If you can’t have a great time with her, maybe you don’t want this girl after all!

You can’t go wrong with presents, but don’t go too expensive, especially if she isn’t over her ex. Something small, a key chain that makes you think of her, seems to work great!

Giving her a little gift will also get her to thinking about you more often! She can’t think about her ex boyfriend if she is too busy thinking about you!

Another option you have is to give her space, give her some time to figure out what she wants,you or him or neither, she might not even know!

Those are my beginner tips, the more you think about them and understand them, the better off you will do.

Remember, I use this analogy a lot, getting her back is like driving on a road. Her reactions to you are the road signs, don’t violate her laws! If your getting a negative or a stop reaction, STOP! If you have a green light, Go! If you don’t know, ask her!

It is acceptable to say to her I don’t understand if you want me to pursue you romantically or not! This makes things really easy, and if she says no it is no. Find someone who does want to be pursued romantically, you can’t do something over and over again if it doesn’t work!

Source by Joey Scarpelli


10 Quick Sales Tips

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Here are 10 quick sales tips you can use as a sales-generator for your business.

1. Get in the habit of sending at least five hand written notes every day. Be sure you send a note to anyone (internal and external customers) who helps you make a sale. To add a touch of class use a fountain pen with blue ink.

2. To free up your hands and to add significant energy to every phone call use a headset. Plantronics offers a complete selection of styles to choose from.

3. Another telephone tip is to use a 5 X 7 mirror positioned next to your telephone to make sure you’re smiling throughout the entire call. It makes a huge difference.

4. If you are a user you might want to try, which I believe has a better service.

5. Never ask the question, “How soon do you need it?” Common responses to that question include, “Yesterday, ASAP, today, and right away.” The response to this question usually puts you into a reactive mode.

6. Use a timer, when working in your office, to measure how much time you’re spending on phone calls and to allocate time for projects you need to get done.

7. Establish a written sales goal, expressed in dollars, for every selling day!

8. Invest 15 minutes every day to prepare a written prioritized plan for the day.

9. Invest 15 minutes every day to read a book or to listen to a CD to increase your competitive advantage.

10. Make every day a masterpiece. William Watson Purkey says it best

when he says:

Dance like nobody’s watching;

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Sing like nobody’s listening

Live like it’s heaven on earth.

Please don’t send me an e-mail telling me Mark Twain is the author of

this – Purkey is!

These sales tips are little things, but of course you know in sales

little things mean everything!

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

Source by Jim Meisenheimer


How to Make Your Writing Sound More Objective

When you need your writing to sound unprejudiced (such as for writing in science and engineering), then writing objectively should be your main goal, assuming you’ve got writing syntax and structure handled sufficiently by your primary grammar software. The more impartial you can style your communication, the more the reader can trust whatever ideas you’re pushing forward.

The Passive Voice

In an attempt to make their writing sound objective, some people resort to using the passive voice. Since this style of construction takes the actor out of the action, it does aid objectivity to a certain degree.

However, it’s not entirely the best solution either. As you’ve probably noticed, composing whole paragraphs with nothing but passive sentences can turn your writing awkward and confusing.

The Active Voice

These days, even the scientific community encourages the use of the active voice in writing. Yes, even when doing so occasionally makes the use of self-referential pronouns (such as “I” and “we”) a necessity. The risk of losing objectivity by inserting the actor is worth the additional clarity and precision that the resulting sentences exhibit. As a rule, though, it remains advisable to steer clear of too many first-person references, especially during the beginning of sentences, when you’re making a conjecture and especially not in a way that includes the reader in your reference if you’re concerned about remaining objective.

Sweeping Generalizations

More important to fostering an objective tone, though, is avoiding false generalizations. Never rest your arguments on assumptions that are neither proven nor substantiated. Also, make a point of acknowledging your work’s limitations – it sets an objective parameter from which the reader can view your results and conclusions.

Source by Mary Simmers


Read the Nicolas Darvas Books and Learn the Success Secrets of Stock Trading

Nicholas Darvas was a renowned dancer and investor who made heads turn after he made a profit of 2000000$ from the stock market. He jotted down his trading secrets in his best selling books, selling millions of copies all around the world.

His first book “How I made 2000000$ in the Stock Market”, published first in 1964, reveals how he made a fortune from the stock market starting with a very negligible capital investment. The book basically discusses the various trades the author tried his hands on in a span of about 6 years. He discusses how he went on to become the multi millionaire from just a newbie in the stock market trading. He reveals his trading secrets while in parallel telling the development process of his stock trading business.

In his book “You Can still Make it In the Market” Nicholas Darvas stated about a system that could help in charting of the stock market known as the DAR CARD, an amazing technique for the stock market dealings. This book advice on what points should one keep in mind before buying the stocks. He also provides five effective ways to make the odds in favor of one and teaches how one could correctly detect a “must sell” stock. He also advices on till what time it is correct to hold the stocks, the pros and cons of switching and what point to keeps in mind before taking an action.

Nicholas Darvas’ book “Darvas System for over the Counter Profits” provides a thorough study on the “over the counter” market. This book consists of various profitable methods and strategies aided by graphs that could help one make maximum profit in the field of stock market. He also states how he finally learnt about the differentiating character of a rising stock through a series of trial and error. He even mentions the psychological aspects of a mind that is into stock marketing, the emotional struggle it goes through during the stock holding period.

Nicholas Darvas’ book “The Anatomy of Success” is an inspiring and motivating book where the author puts down a detailed analysis on how he went on to achieve success. He also exposes the myths associated with the stock trading. He states that the key to success is positive selfishness, and lays down stories and examples from his own life.

The Nicholas Darvas books, with its unique stock market trading secrets have changed millions of lives. You could be the next too. Grab your copy, next time you see it available.

Source by Peter Hill


How to Make a Guy Miss You More – 7 Tips

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Do you want to know how to make a guy miss you more? It may be just a petty fight between the two of you, or it may be as serious as a breakup. He may be taking you for granted and you’re sick of it. No matter what the reason is, a guy will miss you if he’s given a chance. There are more than enough ways to make yourself irresistible to your man, but here are 7 surefire ways to make him miss you:

  1. Get over it. It may only be some days ago when you’ve had him by your side and now nobody’s there and you find yourself crying to sleep. This may go on for days or weeks, but don’t let it go on for a month or more. Wipe the tears from your face. Recover as soon as you can. Nothing can make him go back faster than moving on.
  2. Give him and yourself space. Do not be around each other too much. If he gets to see you every single hour of every single day, then nothing in this article about how to make a guy miss you more will help you. Be there when your man needs you, but don’t be too clingy.
  3. Have emotional stability. There are many things that can drive your man away. Being too emotional and childish are two of them. Men need to be around people who are fun and emotionally stimulating in a positive way. This is why he goes out and hangs with his friends as soon as the two of you fight.
  4. Have a hobby. Give yourself time to engage in fun activities and the things you love doing. If you want your man to miss you, make him see that you’re doing well enough when he’s not around.
  5. Control yourself. It is normal for a girl to be expressive especially when it comes to his feelings for the guy she likes. Tell him that you love him and that you miss him, but don’t go saying it every time you get the chance. When he feels that you’re holding back, he will make an effort to spend some quality time with you.
  6. Don’t be a Yes Woman. Every once in a while, say no to your guy. Has he invited you for a last-minute date? Don’t go. Is he calling you after a long while of ignoring you? Don’t pick up. Don’t be his door mat. Play hard to get and he will try, try and try to get you.
  7. Leave a little something behind. A dog marks its territory by leaving a scent around it. Wear a sweet, unique scent when you come over so he’ll be reminded that you were there the moment he smells it. Give him a small something to put in his desk. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it has to be necessary. Every time he sees it or uses it, he will be reminded that it came from you.

This is how to make a guy miss you more. The key is in making yourself irresistible to him. With these 7 tips, you can.

Source by Fianne Sampley


10 Great Tips for Picking Up Strippers

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If you have ever gone into a strip club, you have probably noticed that they are generally full of very drunk and very delusional men who sit there voraciously eyeing off the naked beauties on stage like they are a prime rib steak.

You see them stuffing their hard earned dollars into the skimpy outfits of these usually beautiful women and you would probably think to yourself, who is he kidding? That stripper is not going to sleep with him, he’s just throwing his money down the drain.

Well I know that is what I thought when I first walked into a strip club but then one hour later I started getting a bit bored and wanted to get closer to the action and the next thing I know, I am that very same horny fool stuffing my hard earned dollars into the pantie strap of a very evocative young lady.

On those nights, I would go home alone and broke and end up jerking off in front of my computer; it wasn’t until this happened to me more times than I’d like to admit that I decided to do something about it and that’s when I decided to dedicate a great deal of my spare time to mastering stripper seduction.

At first I thought that perhaps it was the way I was dressing, or maybe I didn’t look like I had enough money. So I went and got my style touched up and I filled my wallet with 100 dollar bills, this didn’t get me laid it just made me look like an easier mark.

Then I thought that maybe I should start acting like Jerk towards them and this didn’t get me laid either it just got me kicked out of a few strip clubs.

Then I finally decided to take a more intellectual approach to it, I started studying a lot of seduction material and began to understand the basics of attraction through the help of seduction sites and what would you know, it worked, I developed my own method of consistently being able to seduce strippers.

I’m not just talking about once every couple of weeks either, I’m talking about every single time I would step foot in a strip club I would be going home with a stripper and here are my 10 tips to help you do the same.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 1: Act like you own the place.

When you go into a strip club, you want to give off the image that you are an important guy and not just another easy mark.

Be social with the staff and get to know them on a name to name basis; if you see anyone else who looks like they’re a big deal then introduce yourself to them as well, if you are hanging out with the right crowd then strippers will look at you more positively and give you more respect.

It’s a bit like a high-school popularity contest, if you are seen hanging out with cool kids rather than the losers then the hot girls will think you are a cool kid and want to get to know you. In strip clubs the bartenders and security are the cool kids and the sleazy desperate punters are the losers.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 2: Don’t objectify her.

Most guys think that by watching a stripper exposing themselves on stage, the stripper is degrading herself and this might be true; however, what you should also be aware of is that this is a two-way street and by objectifying the girl on stage you are also objectifying yourself as a desperate horny guy who has to pay to see a girl naked.

Look strippers in the eyes instead of checking out their bodies, it will make them feel like you see them as real people rather than naked barbies and this will set you apart from all the other chumps there.

When you catch their gaze make sure you hold it, this will show them that you are an alpha male and encourage them to approach you.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 3: Try not to shop around too much..

When you are trying to seduce a stripper you need to first build a connection with her and make her feel like she is special.

It is not like a brothel where you can pick and choose and it doesn’t matter because you are paying for it and it is a simple transaction, strippers are not whores and your aim is to sleep with them for free so if you want to go home with them you need to treat them like people and not items on sale.

When you see the stripper that you like, try to stick to your target. You might meet one and find that you don’t like her personality and want to move on and that is fine, as long as you don’t do it too often. Realistically you can afford between 2-3 switches before it looks like you are just shopping for sleaze.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 4: Make her sell herself.

The more you can get a stripper to sell herself to you the more invested she becomes in you as a person.

When you initiate a conversation with her, make her feel like she is the salesperson not you. If she offers you a lap-dance get her to tell you what makes her lap dances so good.

Don’t be an easy sell because the more you make her work for it, the more she will respect you as a person. It will also make your interaction feel like more of a seduction rather than a transaction.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 5: Get her real name.

When girls first start working at strip clubs they are usually told to make up a stripper name, like Crystal or Dakota or Mercedes; this is done for several reasons such as.

-Its quite common for strippers to get stalkers and giving them a fake name makes it harder for them to track them down outside of work hours.

-It allows them adopt alternative persona’s and psychologically distance themselves from their clientele.

-A lot of guys find exotic stripper names to be sexually appealing and it dehumanizes the women the women they are paying to sexualize themselves.

By getting her real name you are making your interaction a lot more personal and this is a vital basis of any successful seduction. A good way to get their name is to tell them something along the lines of…

“I can’t accept a lap dance from a stranger but if you tell me your real name I guess you wont be a stranger anymore”

When a stripper gives you her real name she has made a significant investment in you as a person and trusted you with a very personal information about herself. This is crucial to her wanting to go home with you at the end of the night.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 6: Pay for a dance but don’t let her dance.

This is the point where you will really stand out from a lot of her usual clients. What you want to do is pay her for a lap dance and then when she starts to dance, tell her you would like to get to know her better first and sit her down next to you.

Once she is sitting next to you get her to talk about herself, her passions and her interests. Pretty much at this point in time you want to make her feel like she is on a date instead of working, it also shows her that you are more interested in her personality than her body.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 7: Ger her mind off the job.

When you are talking to her, make sure that the topic of conversation never falls onto her job as a stripper.

Your aim is to make her forget that she is at work because this will make her treat you like more of a person rather than a client. Get her talking about things that she is interested in outside of work and encourage her to share by sharing with her some interesting and endearing things about your life.

For instance, you could talk to her about your pet dog, or places that you have traveled to; most girls can relate to topics like these and she is a lot more likely to open up to you if she feels like you have opened up to her, this creates a feeling of a trust and connectivity.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 8: Don’t show any shame.

While you are at the club make sure that you don’t come across as being ashamed of being there.

If a stripper thinks that you are ashamed of being there then you will look like a loser and you will make her feel like she should be ashamed of being there.

Always appear proud of yourself and put the focus on having a good fun time, do
n’t let anyone think that you believe that you are doing something shameful or immoral by being there. This is a major turn-off for strippers.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 9: Don’t proposition strippers for sex.

If you have a good thing going with a stripper and you think she might be down for some late night debauchery, the worst thing you can do is directly proposition her for sex.

If you do this then she will assume that you think she is a prostitute and she will likely either

A) Get offended that you think she is a prostitute and walk away.


B) Decide that if you think she is a hooker then she may as well charge you for it, even though she was planning on sleeping with you for free.

The best way to proposition a stripper is to suggest some activity after she finishes which would most likely lead to sex without actually saying sex, for instance you could say, “Do you want to come get a drink with me somewhere after you finish?” Or you could invite her around for a swim in your pool or a movie at your place.

Be creative. You want to suggest an activity which is conducive to sex without actually being sex.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 10: Try your hardest to make it happen on the night.

Even if a stripper gives you her number, her e-mail, her Facebook etc. if she doesn’t go home with you on the night, then chances are she never will.

Although she might have been interested at the time that she met you, most of the time they will wake up the next morning and have some serious doubts about their judgement from the night before. Most strippers have a rule of never dating clients, going home with them however is a whole different can of beans.

If you think that she is interested then you need to push the idea of her coming back to your place or meeting up with her on the same night. Essentially you need to strike while the iron is hot because the longer it is until you see her again the more you chances of sleeping with her wane.

Source by Kieran Black


The Scariest Verses in the Book of Revelation Explained

The scariest verses in the Book of Revelation are:

Revelation 22:18-19 (New King James Version)

18 For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

The traditional and wrong interpretation of this passage

The traditional explanation of these two verses are people taking them literally. They are happy to accept that much of the Book is written in images and that their great knowledge is needed to explain to people what the imagery means, but they have never consulted the Holy Spirit as to what these verses really mean.

People think that these verses mean that if people publish a copy of the Book of Revelation with additional chapters or verses that they have made up, then they will get the plagues that are in this book of prophecy.

We all know that with this warning in the very book they are translating that no publishing company would dare to make up additional verses or chapters and thus fulfill this stupid interpretation.

Likewise they believe that if they omit certain verses or chapters from this book that they will have their names taken out of the Book of Life. As if any publisher would do that with this clear warning in the book!

So the majority of Christians who do not know what this means think that its quite all right to get so called knowledge from the Lord on this book of mystery and publish a book explaining what it all means and if they do a good job of it make a pile of money.

Okay so let’s look at what these verses really mean.

Adding to the prophecy means

Adding to the prophecy means getting what takes two paragraphs in the book of Revelation and writing two pages of description about what it means. You have added to the words of the Book of Revelation. For this you will be judged if you are wrong.

Taking away from the words means

If you write your two pages on the two paragraphs and any one sentence of yours in wrong and in your description your wrong description takes away from the real warning of the passage then your name is taken out of the Book of Life and you will spend eternity in hell.

In writing this I realise I am adding to the words of the book. But I also have been told to write it by Jesus himself as a warning to those who might consider to write and expound the book of Revelation to others.

The book is a private book and if you are close to Jesus He will reveal it to you. You don’t need authors writing what they think it means. Very few authors would put pen to paper if they knew that simply once sentence wrong in what they describe would send them to hell.

Writing this therefore is a risky business but I will possibly save some people from hell if they understand that this is the truth.

In fourteen years of studying the role of the two witnesses I have not read one author that has any idea of what they are writing and it is clear to me that they write mainly from opinion and guess work. I know no person in the world that I have ever read that knows more about the role then myself, and most writers seem to think they will be two prophets that stand in Israel and get rejected by the whole world.

I wondered for a long while why I could not find another writer that knew as much as I until the Lord told me that if they have written about it then they have disobeyed the command not to add to the book of prophecy and therefore it was not the Holy Spirit who gave them the knowledge.

I welcome any questions you may have at my email address on my website.

Source by Matthew Robert Payne


Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

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Carrying extra weight can have an affect you in many diverse ways. Depression, a lack of self-esteem, health problems, and physical strain are all probable risk considerations.

Weight loss tips can help keep you motivated when you start your weight loss journey.

For most people, losing those first few pounds in a short period is the tremendous encouragement to continue with their plan. Knowing this, there are a few things to be aware of.

When researching regimes to get rid of weight quickly the primary thing you should do is see your doctor. Choosing how to get started with your weight reduction plans could depend on any potential existing health issues. Based on this, it is urged that advice on your weight reduction objectives and suggestions for your most powerful weight reduction plan come from your doctor.

It is necessary to think about your activity level, what you eat and the quantity that you eat to get rid of excess pounds fast and more efficiently. Calorie restriction and increased movement are necessary to think about when selecting a program that is suitable for your lifestyle. Making healthy meals linked with regular exercise is the most beneficial way to deliver fast and lasting results. Fad diets are massively marketed and something that you should be aware of when looking for your entire regime. Always stay away from any governments that promote cutting out meals and dieting without exercise.

Avoiding meals or refraining from food is not right for you. Your body needs calories to burn calories. Serious issues can result from avoiding meals to lose weight including hypoglycemia, a condition where your blood sugar concentrations fall below the basic level to sustain your body’s requirement for energy.

An essential proper diet and exercise are advised. Human beings need to move, and use is vital. Not only is it critical to our body functions but good blood circulation as well.

The following weight loss tips and lifestyle changes are recommended for rapid weight loss and to create health and longevity.

Remove Junk Foods From Your List

Eating junk and processed foods will waste all your weight loss endeavors. The high-calorie content in these foods will lead to weight gain. Eating healthy foods should always be your primary focus. Raw vegetables and fruits should always be available to help you keep you from reaching for an unhealthy snack. Whenever possible, preparing your food will help you track exactly what you are eating.

Keep your Meals Small

Eating six small meals each day has been proven to help burn additional calories. Your metabolism elevates, and you burn extra fat every time you eat. You will be less likely to luxuriate in unhealthy snacks if you eat this way because it keeps you satisfied.

Water Is Crucial

Consuming lowest of six to eight glasses of water each day will help your elimination of waste and aid in digestion. To improve your body function as it should keep hydrated during the day.

Get Walking and Try Weight Training

Elevating your commitment to exercise is necessary. Weight training programs will help you accomplish fat loss results quickly, but walking is a practical place to start. The reason for weight training is extremely recommended to lifts your metabolic rate, which helps your body burn faster efficiently.

Moving more and consuming less food is vital if you want to lose weight fast. Avoid any fad diet plans that promise unreasonable expectations. Keep your focus on searching out a fat loss program that builds its foundation on calorie reduction and increased exercise and integrates this with a few changes to your lifestyle.

Source by Eric Dladla


The Importance of Hospital Billing in the Medical Community

The medical industry is comprised of many divisions and sections which all work together to offer patients a positive experience. This is true whether services are provided through an emergency care center, doctor’s office or any of the many types of medical help offices available. While many will focus on procedures performed at various hospitals and treatment centers, medical service administrative functions are equally as important, including hospital billing.

Hospital billing brings together charges based upon patient stays or procedures performed at a hospital. By coordinating with doctors’ offices throughout the community, this financial department can ensure a smooth relationship between doctors and patients. Because the medical billing process can be complicated, it is important for all entities involved to check information and avoid any discrepancies the patient might find.

While many hospitals employ their own accounting departments, the practice of outsourcing accounting services has risen over the years. This practice can save money while offering a more streamlined process to keep errors to a minimum. Outside sources work hard to provide state-of-the-art technology that can keep transaction costs down while eliminating problems such as fraud. Finding a service that can balance the complexity of a medical network can be a cost saving option that is valuable in economic down times.

In order to maintain a smooth accounting process, doctors should be willing to coordinate their own billing practices with the medical community. If they choose not to participate, errors might occur due to inconsistencies between accounting sources. Doctors should consider being on the same system as community hospitals in order to experience the best value for money invested.

Many healthcare practice management companies exist to provide integrated accounts receivable services for medical communities. Offering professional services with highly experienced staff and management, they often provide a group package at considerable savings that can encompass the entire community’s needs for consistent accounting and collections. Through proven success with the companies they represent, healthcare billing services enable doctors and medical services to focus on their patients’ needs and provide excellent health care.

Medical accounts receivable services will cover all aspects of hospital billing. This includes insurance transactions and follow-up as well as self-pay with follow-up and third-party payments. All aspects of the process will be scrutinized and followed through so that patients can enjoy a more relaxed experience at potentially trying times. Allowing for a more personal patient/doctor relationship, the right hospital billing service can work with the medical community to put an end to financial headaches while making doctors’ practices and hospitals’ procedures more profitable.

Source by Christine M Harrell


Acrostic Poems – 8 Top Topics For Acrostics

Acrostics are funtastic and help to concentrate on a topic in a wonderfully novel, personal and creative way. So super power your imagination and get your brain to love learning by using these flexible learning tools. Creating a piece of acrostic poetry is a highly effective method to really engage learners in the learning process. Acrostic poems consist of a composition of phrases whereby the initial letter spells out a particular word or phrase. An acrostic poem, therefore, might consist of four lines, the first beginning with the letter ‘L’, the second ‘O’, the third ‘V’ and the fourth ‘E’. This would hopefully be an acrostic poem about some aspect of love. Beautiful poetry can be created in this way about any number of subjects.

The writing of acrostic poetry can be a marvelous learning exercise as students focus creatively on the nature of their theme. What might be an appropriate subject for the creation of acrostic poetry? Here are some suggestions:

1) An acrostic for a name: a student’s own name or the name of a famous person: Mom, Grandma, Dad, Grandpa, Jesus, Shakespeare, Washington, Einstein, Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King. Acrostics for names make fantastic and emotional or amusing notes for birthdays and special occasions of people you love.

2) Acrostics for organizations: UN, NASA, Shell, McDonald’s, BP, WalMart. Whether you want to make a political or promotional statement or just amuse your friends creating an acrostic using the letters of a company can be a great way to draw attention.

3) Acrostics for positive words: ace, adore, dynamic, energy, fizz, fresh, magic, munch, paradise, plum, soft, solar, spice, strong, tasty, trust, vital, zest, peace. A lovely way to give yourself a positivity boost is to generate a poem using a positive word as the basis- you’ll be concentrating on this word as you make your poem and your brain will react accordingly: you will naturally become more positive as you create your poem.

4) An acrostic poem for a place of interest Eg Pyramids, Venice, New, York, London, Stonehenge, America, Europe, England, US, Sydney, Canada, Moon, stars, Pacific, Nile, Mississippi. An excellent method for synergising the important aspects of a place. As with all of these suggestions it might be interesting to consider the 5 W’s who, what, where, when, and why; Who were the Aztecs? What occurred at Stonehenge? Where is the Mississippi? When is the moon brightest? Why were the Pyramids built?

5) Acrostics for beautiful things: flower, love, family, child, wife, husband, earth, sea, forest, pictures, stars, Internet, talk, sharing, snow. The stuff of wonderful poetry for hundreds of years!

6) An acrostic poem for actions: play, draw, sleep, jog, walk, want, try, succeed, help. To focus on what you hope to gain or the important characteristics of doing a particular thing an acrostic poem using the requisite verb as basis might be just the trick.

7) Acrostic poems for special times: Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Easter, Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter, five a.m., evening.

8) Acrostic poems for feelings or ways of being: able, cheerful, courageous, confident, determined, delighted, eager, energetic, excited, joyful, playful. An effective form of therapy might be to explore your feelings relating to a particular sphere of emotion. Again the W’s might come in handy: What makes you happy? Where are you most excited? When are you filled with joy?

All of these make highly engaging acrostic topics and no doubt you can imagine countless more; one reason acrostics are loved by poets, word fans, crossword hackers, puzzle lovers and students and teachers of all kinds. When you generate an acrostic poem you can make your theme clear, by emphasizing the initial letters which spell out the theme, or you might choose not to, being coy about your acrostic poem or perhaps sewing your hidden word or phrase into the second letter of each line. You may wish to use only one word per line: you might use a complete and beautifully constructed phrase, or even an entire paragraph.

Acrostic poetry can be formal or informal, many people take it very seriously: elements of poetry composition such as the use of iambic pentameters and so forth can be just as easily applied within the structure of an acrostic. Less formally some poets use the form for play and relaxation; many use it to produce personalized and loving messages. In part due to the flexible nature of acrostic poetry it is often chosen by teachers to introduce learners to the joys of writing whilst providing a practical, constraining structure; the skeleton, if you will, which students can flesh-out and create something delightful; or a creative monster! Kids of course, love generating acrostics and often do so with great panache.

Acrostic poetry has been generated for centuries to spell out religious messages and pieces of knowledge useful to know and meditate upon; it is even cited as relating to the origin of symbolizing Jesus Christ with an image of a fish. The reasoning behind this relates to story-telling: some structure to a story helps us to understand, remember, and recall and telling stories is one thing we humans are very talented at and have been for some time!

In sum Acrostics provide an excellent medium to think about and present a topic in a creative way. Acrostics can be applied to abstract concepts or otherwise, they can be usefully generated for names, organizations, positive words, places of interest, beautiful things in general, actions, special times (Christmas acrostics and Mothers’ Day acrostics) Spring and Winter and of course to feelings. Acrostics can be used in acrostic puzzles and games and the generation of acrostics is a great creativity enabler and brain expander as well as being a hugely fun educational tool. For the acrostic poem-maker many enjoyable hours await!

Source by Dan Weaver