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Characteristics of Bad Public Speakers

Congratulations! You’ve set your sights on a lofty goal, being one of the worst public speakers imaginable. It will take a while and require a lot of practice, but if you do your best at being the worst, soon nobody will want to hear you speak in public. Follow these simple rules, and you’ll soon develop a reputation as one of the worst public speakers around!

1) Mumble and Speak Softly: Good public speakers want their messages to be clear and precise, easy for listeners to follow, so in order to be the worst you need to be as incomprehensible as possible. Mumble when you talk and speak softly, so that none of your listeners can hear what you say or understand your words. If even the front row of your listeners has to lean in to hear you, you’re doing a great job.

2) Avoid Eye Contact: The last thing you want to do is look at the audience; they might mistakenly understand something you’ve said, or at least think that you genuinely want to connect with them. Instead, look almost every place else; the ceiling, your shoes, the walls, or behind you, away from the audience (perfect if you have a chalkboard or white board to stare at the whole time). As long as you are looking somewhere other than towards the audience, they’ll get the clue that you’re really not interested in them.

3) Move Constantly While Speaking: Whether it’s a simple nervous twitch or full blown pacing up and down the stage or other public speaking area, you want to make sure that you never stop moving. Not simply walking calmly or making a few hand gestures either; you want to be moving frantically and unpredictably, one minute circling the stage, the next minute waving your arms around randomly. At no point do you want your movements to have anything to do with what you are talking about; the less sense your actions make, the better.

4) Don’t Practice Beforehand: The very first time you say your speech should be when you are on stage, looking at an eager audience who expect you to talk like a professional. Even if you are an expert on the speech material (and why would you give a speech on something you know when you’re trying to give a bad speech?), if you don’t practice what you want to say, you’ll be sure to struggle with the speech, making long pauses as you try to find the words you’re seeking, and fill the speech with ums and ahs.

5) Don’t Write Down Your Speech: While we’re on the subject, you definitely don’t want to write down your speech or any notes about what you want to say. If you have notes, you might stay on track with your speech, covering the material you wanted to cover, and generally staying on track. If you do keep papers on you during your speech (perfect for if you need something to look at rather than your audience), make them random and unorganized, flip through them at regular intervals, and read the most boring and irrelevant parts throughout your speech.

There you go; if you want to be a horrible, atrocious, and downright bad public speaker, all you need to do is to follow these simple rules, and you’ll be widely known as the worst speaker by anyone in your audience. Keep it up for a few speeches, and nobody will ever ask you to speak again! (Or, you could do the exact opposite of what this article says, and you’ll end up giving a fairly solid, well liked speech. Why you would want to do that, I don’t know, but the possibility is there if you want.)

Source by Roger Raby


Creating a Grimoire- How to Make a Working Spell Book

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If you practice any form of magic, you should be aware of the amount of learning such things require. We as humans are not the best at remembering off hand everything we read or do. Just as children at school need work books to keep track of notes and homework, we occultisms also need note books to help keep a record of what work we do, or simply what we are learning.

A Grimoire is such a working magical notebook and a valuable visual record of your learning and past workings or spells.

Also known as a book of shadows, or spell book, a well maintained personal journal will remind the user of important things they have studied and rites performed.

Choosing a book

There are no rules regarding what kind of book should be used for a grimoire, it simply is a matter of personal choice. Ideally it should be big enough to keep a working ledger of any work done, results obtained and information learned, so I recommend something like an A4 notebook, like the ones cheaply obtained from stationary stores. They are easily maintained and once full can be placed on your shelves and any subsequent volumes that follow will be of a similar format and size (They look a bit nicer too if they are uniform) It is totally up to you however, it is your book in the end, so if you choose a larger or smaller one, so be it. You are the one who will be using it.


You may feel the need to personalize your tome, to make it feel like yours. Do what you feel is right in its personalization by decorating it as see fit, things like covering the outside in something attractive, if you are creative you could cover the book in wallpaper, or a collage or even paint your own designs onto it and varnish it in. The choices are as endless as you can imagine. Make it yours.

Keep it secret

Like with any sort of diary, secrecy is key. You may put into the grimoire your innermost thoughts and feelings, as well as a record of what you have done, so it is best kept from prying eyes in case that those who are meant not to see, do not. Guard it and put it in a safe place when not in use in the event of something like that happening. keep it in the shadows as you do not want someone you have worked magick against finding out what you have done.

What do I put in it?

Typically, you would put a working record of anything magical you have done, learned or experienced. Try and keep it clean and tidy, and mark your entries with any date and time information so you know later on when you did them. A good idea when you are learning is write out any information you wish to commit to memory within it, there fore it will force you to rationalize the information again writing in your own words, do not just copy text or it may not go in your brain as well as processing it in your own way. Dreams and divination can also be cataloged too, this way you can refer back on them for the future.

Useful things you might want to include

magic is full of tables and charts that are hard to commit to memory so a useful idea is to include an appendix of these in the back. Things like planetary squares, correspondence tables, planetary hours, invoking and banishing pentagrams and hexagrams are a good thing to have, and usually can be hunted down form the net and printed out to be placed in your book, or alternately you could write them out, its up to you. It shouldn’t feel like you are cheating if you take this option, as it will save you tons of time in the long run.

I hope that this has helped some of you out there into getting your own grimoire for your studies. Its a great thing when years later you return to look back at what you were trying to learn and see where your at today!

Just remember, keep it hidden!

Source by Will Grundy


Tips On How To Communicate With The Customer Service

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When you are having problems, the best way of fixing it is contacting the customer service of the responsible company. To get the help you need, you have to do the right things. These things include:

Explain what you want

The reason you are contacting the customer service is that you are having a problem that you want to be resolved as soon as possible. When you reach the desk, explain your problem and how you would like it solved.

To help you resolve the issues fast, it’s common for the representatives to ask you questions. You should answer all the questions asked politely. You should note that sometimes it takes longer for the professionals to fix the issue and they might not fix it right away. If they ask you to wait, you should do it.


Since the issue has been bugging you for a long time, it’s common to get angry. This results in you being rude to the representatives especially when they ask you plenty of questions. You should note that you can’t get the help you need when you are rude to the staff. Regardless of how inappropriate the questions sound or how angry you are, never be rude. The staffs are trained to cut off anyone who treats them badly; therefore, when you are rude to them they will cut you off, and you won’t get the help you wanted.

In the event, you go off topic and utter a rude word, apologize immediately and explain that you won’t repeat it again.

Give the staff time to go the extra mile

As mentioned, sometimes some of the problems can’t be fixed instantly. For example, if you were allocated the wrong ticket. The staffs have to take their time and go the extra mile to dig deeper as to who received your ticket. Some people are in a hurry and don’t want to wait when they are told to do so. This shouldn’t be you. To get the help you need, you need to be patient. If you are asked to hold on for 5 or more minutes, do so as it will pay off in the long run.

Use the right channel

You can reach the customer support desk using email, phone, chat, or any other method. Different channels have different experiences. For example, when you use email, you might not get an instant reply. Using chat, on the other hand, you will get an immediate response, but you might not be able to explain the problem you have. To get the results you want, you need to use the right channel. For example, if you want instant fixation to your problem, use a phone call or chat. If the problem isn’t urgent, use email.

Don’t give up

Sometimes the representatives might tell you to wait, and the problem will go away, and it doesn’t. For example, if you called requesting a plumber to visit your home and fix a problem and he/she doesn’t come at the agreed time, call the customer service and let them know about it. As mentioned above, don’t be rude regardless of how pissed off you are.

Source by Shalini Madhav


Techniques And Tips That Will Help Take Your Skills With Video Editing To A New Level

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Being a professional video editor online is not an impossible task, if you are willing to put in little amount of your efforts. Here are a few techniques that shall help you learn like a pro within no time.

• Selection of the best software

This is one of the most important factors when speaking of online video editing. You need to make you selection on the basis of you preferences and likes. Different software offers with distinct features. Before investing your money you should go through the specs of each type. Some well -known online sites that offer with genuine services.

• Selecting the right system

To be a pro video editor, it is important to invest your money in faster and efficient system. Before selecting any computer try and look into all your requirements. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the storage drive. Online video editing requires a system that can offer with maximum storage drive capacity for quick import, rendering and export time. If required it is also advisable to increase the RAM size. When making your purchase of a genuine system, you should select one that is equipped with quality video card. This is one factor that is important for quality graphical feature of the software.

• Selecting right Operating System

No matter which online site you select, a good operating system should always be supportive for all apps. For video editing, Windows or Mac may work perfectly and at the same time you can try and create something that is just very much customized.

• Creating your Keyboard shortcuts

A good video editor is certainly one who is faster as compared to others online. Creating your keyboard shortcuts can always prove very much helpful in saving your time. If you are new to the site then you can also try and print out a copy of shortcut cheats. This can be used as your reference sheet when working on any video editing project.

• Enhanced keyboard

Being a good video editor means you need to have your customized enhanced keyboard. Getting started with learning shortcuts on your keyboard can be considered as best options for beginners. Look around for a keyboard that offers with all possible standard printed icons. Online you can also look around for genuine video editor keyboard for affordable price.

• Getting familiar with the Lingo

Being a vast industry, video editing offers with multiple lingo options, having a fundamental knowledge of general terms can always prove helpful for your profession. In the online world you can try and look for the best site that can offer you with fundamental lingo tutorials.

Above stated factors are just a few important things that you need to keep in mind when planning to take up video editing as your career. The field is vast and so there are unlimited challenges you may come across in the practical world. One benefit online is that you can go through professional sites and follow tips and techniques stated by them.

Source by Binita Jana


Adjudicating High School Drama Festivals

Over the past several years, I have been privileged to adjudicate at various levels of the Vermont high school drama festival circuit. Each adjudicator generally has their own set of criteria for what makes a winning show. These often have to do with the acting talent, sophistication of the material, and overall tightness of the production. While each of these contributes my adjudication decisions, I do not necessarily consider them to define a winning show. I use two specific criteria as my tie-breakers – the students’ commitment to the material, and the reaction of the audience.

There are some productions that are clearly head and shoulders above the rest. A special combination of the right material, right director, and right actors makes these shows shine. It is easy to place these performances at the top of my scoring card. The hard decisions come at the next level of competition – those shows that include some of the elements of a great show, but don’t put them all together in a clearly winning performance. They may have great acting, but poor material; they may have great direction, but poor technical execution. When several shows at one festival are in this middle range, it can be difficult to decide how to rank them. At this point, I do my best to base my decisions on the work done by the kids, rather than the work done by the adults that surround them.

For instance, in a tie-breaking situation, it is my preference to let go of my judgments about acting talent because this is something the actors have very little control over. Some students have natural talent, others don’t. While a great director can coax better performances out of both ends of the spectrum, students who are not blessed with a great director don’t have that luxury. Same with sophistication of the material – in most cases, it is the adults running the drama program that choose the material to be performed. If the students do not have a hand in choosing their material, I don’t believe they should be judged on that basis. Similarly, it is the adult director that generally dictates the overall tightness of the production, and I don’t believe that the students should receive an up-or-down vote based on something they have no control over.

Instead, I choose to base my decision to two elements. They are no less subjective than the other possibilities, however I believe that they separate the work of the students from the work of the adults.

  • Commitment to the material – Each student displays in their performance a certain level of commitment to the material. This will be evident regardless of the individual student’s level of talent, competence of their direction, or the sophistication of the material. When they are committed, there is a spark and a follow-through that stands out above everything else. I believe that this is one element that each and every student has complete control over, and so I use it as a key determinant in my adjudication decisions.
  • Audience reaction – At every level of theatre, a performance is ultimately about providing the audience with an experience that moves them. A show that is perfect technically but doesn’t speak to the heart of the audience is not a successful show; a performance that is lacking in technical expertise but connects with the audience has achieved its goal. In a tie-breaking situation, I always look to audience reaction to aid my decision – was the audience appropriately involved? In a comedy, that means there was genuine laughter in the right spots. In a heartfelt drama, that might mean that the audience was so quiet that even the coughing stopped. Audience reaction will vary with every show, but it is always obvious when an audience is completely enraptured. What makes this such a powerful element for me is that the audience is only seeing what is happening on stage in that moment. It is, in my experience, the element that is most divorced from the work of the adults that surround the performance.

I enjoy adjudicating high school drama festivals because I get to watch teenagers being lit up by theatre and the arts. I remember how important those high school productions were to me, and I know what formative experiences they can be. It is an honor and a privilege to participate and celebrate high school theatre.

Source by Leah Carey


Tips for the Treatment of Dandruff at Home

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Dandruff, also known as Seborrhoea, is one of the primary causes of hair fall. Poor hair shampooing and brushing habits, stress, dry skin and improper diets may be responsible for more dandruff. Here is a list of the dandruff treatments:

Lemon Massage and Coconut oil

Lemon juice is beneficial for the treatment of dandruff at home while coconut oil is beneficial in nourishing hair without using harmful chemicals. To procure the best benefits, you need to heat coconut oil and mix the same with equal quantities of lemon juice. You should be massaging the scalp with this mixture. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo after leaving for duration of 20 minutes.

Fenugreek Pack

Fenugreek Pack is another effective dandruff treatment. You should be soaking methi or fenugreek seeds for a night in water. You require draining the leftover water and mashing the softened seeds into the paste. You should allow the paste to sit for duration of 60 minutes. You should be rinsing it off with the aid of a mild shampoo.


The curd is another effective treatment for dandruff. You need to apply curd to the scalp and hair and leave it for at least an hour. After this, you can rinse it off with the aid of mild shampoo.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is another effective dandruff treatment. For using baking soda, you need to wet your hair after which you should be rubbing one tablespoon of baking soda on the scalp. You may leave the same for a duration of 60 to 90 minutes before rinsing it off.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is another effective way for curing dandruff at home. For treating dandruff, you require pouring drops of tea tree oil on the scalp and spreading the same in an even manner. You need to soak it for duration of 5 minutes and washing off the same with the aid of a mild shampoo.

Application of cider vinegar

Treatment of dandruff at home can be a bit tricky. You require applying cider vinegar for the reduction of hair fall and dandruff. To start with dandruff, you require mixing equivalent parts of water and apple cider vinegar and setting the same aside. After regular hair washes, you should be applying the mixture on the wet hair. After this, you should be massaging the scalp in the right manner and leave the same for a duration of 15 minutes prior to rinsing it off.

Mehndi or Henna

Mehndi is another well-renowned dandruff treatment. Henna aids in softening hair while lemon juice aids in removing dandruff in an effective way. You should start by mixing mehndi or henna with curd, tea liquor, and lemon juice and set the mixture for a duration of 8 hours. You need applying the same on the hair and scalp and leave it for duration of 2 hours and rinsing it off.

These remedies will not, however, show visible effects immediately. You need to continue using them for 2 to 3 weeks to notice the results.

Source by Hakim Hari Krishan


Make a Guy Fall in Love – Do You Understand How to Inspire and Motivate Him?

Do you know there are specific tools you can use to make a guy fall in love? What is it that inspires and motivates a man to pursue a deeper connection with you? Do you want to be irresistible to just about any man? If so, the following ideas will help you push the right buttons and make a guy fall in love.

A man can be physically attracted to you, be intimate with you, and have zero interest in a long term relationship with you. This is often hard for women to understand because we associate sex with love, while men easily disconnect the two. Because of these differences it is easy to blur the lines between love and lust since we tend to only view things from our own perspective. In order to create a love relationship, you need to attract a guy on both the physical and emotional level.

So how exactly do you relate to a man emotionally?

One way is to inspire him. Do your homework to find out what your man’s dreams and goals are, and then be a supportive influence in helping him achieve success in these areas. If he seems stressed about something, ask him how you can help. If he is discouraged, remind him how much you adore him in spite of the present circumstances. If he is tired, give him the gift of one of his favorite activities. Set up a time for him to go play golf if that’s what he likes. If he likes to jog, buy him a new pair of shoes or download some new songs to his iPod. Little things like this keep a man going when things get difficult. He’ll see you as a partner and appreciate the little ways you make his life better and more enjoyable. A guy falls in love because of how you make him feel. Showing him that you are aware of his needs creates in him a strong desire to reciprocate those feelings with you.

When he creates resistance in your relationship, give him some space. Match your tone to his. If he wants to be alone or spend time with his friends, give him that opportunity without making him feel guilty. This is a time for you to experience growth in your own life as well. Catch up with your friends, start a new project around the house, or work on something that you have been putting off. When a man is ready to reconnect, which usually doesn’t take long, he’ll see that you have been busy, and he’ll even wonder what he’s been missing with you while he’s been in his cave. Remember that it is natural for a man to withdraw from time to time. He may be overwhelmed; he may even be sorting out his feelings for you. The key is not to force him as this will threaten his freedom. A guy is more likely to fall in love with a woman who understands his need to have some space.

Source by Tina L. Jones


NC Cash 5 Lottery Tips – Learn How to Win Today

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Don’t assume that you’re never going to win in the Cash 5 lottery. By applying effective strategies and tips into your game plan, you can actually win the jackpot without having to waste thousands of dollars on lotto pay slips. There are different kinds of lottery games, and this article is going to talk about the most effective NC cash 5 lottery tips for lotto players residing in North Carolina.

The rules of the Cash 5 lottery are simple: buy a lottery ticket and pick 5 numbers to bet on. If one or two of the numbers you picked become the winning numbers, then you win the prizes corresponding to them. The more numbers chosen, the higher your chances are for winning the lottery. If there aren’t any winners at all for the day, then the grand jackpot prize increases making it even more exciting those who are playing. Normally you would have to pick numbers within the range of 1-30, but this varies depending on what state you are playing in. North Carolina, for instance, focuses more on the cash 5 lottery games so definitely you have to play by the rules and focus your strategy more on this type of lottery instead of the usual pick 3 or big time lottery games.

There are NC cash 5 lottery tips online that will give you some ideas and even hone your own strategy on how to increase your chances of winning. Though they may or may not work for you, it is important that you get these ideas from NC cash 5 lottery players who have already experienced winning the big prize through careful planning and strategizing whenever they play. Here are some NC cash 5 lottery tips that can boost your chances of winning:

-Always remember that even in the Cash 5 lottery, the numbers are drawn randomly, so one way of choosing particular winning numbers is to use the potential of probabilities. For example, choosing a good mix of odd and even numbers using probability is a good strategy to use. You can choose at least 3 even numbers and 2 odd numbers, or the other way around. This way, your chances of getting a winning set of lotto numbers is high as compared to only picking odd or even numbers.

-Avoid using arithmetic sequences when picking out the lotto numbers. A lot of NC cash 5 lottery tips will tell you that this isn’t going to improve your chances at winning simply because the numbers are drawn randomly and cannot be predicted as such. So if you really want to win in this game, avoid picking numbers that come in sequences like 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.

-Believe it or not, the sum of the chosen 5 numbers in your lotto ticket can also be a basis for the winning combination. According to some of the NC cash 5 lottery tips, numbers that add up to a range of 75 – 125 have a good chance at winning since normally 60-70% of the lottery winning numbers add up to a number within that range.

Source by Matthew Donaldson


Leverage the Power of Ten in Tenacity to Increase Sales

What would happen if you took every action and multiplied it by ten? How would these actions increase sales? To do so would require tenacity and leveraging the power of ten within that very same word.

For a moment, just imagine all of the improved results that you could realize from loyal customers to increase sales by applying the power of 10 to your daily marketing plan and sales strategies. When the power of 10 is applied, you are truly being tenacious and demonstrating the key word within tenacious – ten.

Let’s put the power of ten to three different scenarios.

Scenario One

Within your sales statistics, you know that for every 100 calls you get 20 appointments. From those 20 appointments, you make 15 second appointments and eventually secure 10 commitments. Your sales to close ratio is ten to one.

To meet your current sales goal, you must make on average 50 calls per week or 10 per day. So it takes 2 weeks to get one order based upon your sales statistics. This is why it is so critical to track all of your sales activities. By increasing the total weekly calls by 10 per day, you now will be getting one sale per week instead of one sale every other week.

Scenario Two

The day is almost over and you still have many unanswered emails that seem to continually grow day after day. Currently, you have easily 100 emails that need to be addressed and some are over a month old.

Instead of leaving, you make a commitment to take care of the 5 newest emails and the 5 oldest emails. Within one month, you have eliminated all of the old emails and are up to date with the incoming emails.

Every day, you continue to address 10 emails at the end of the day. And you now feel less stress and very positive about your own sales productivity.

Scenario Three

You have a proposal and through the technology of cut and paste you have it quickly done and ready to go. Instead of making the call to schedule the face to face appointment because you know not to email proposals, you set it aside for 10 minutes.

Then you take 10 minutes to slowly reread and discover numerous mistakes from simple typographical errors to actual incomplete thoughts and even some number errors. You correct all the errors and reprint it.

When you have that face to face meeting, you now feel more confident about your proposal knowing that is the best that it can be.

The power of 10 is a tremendous sales strategy. When consistently applied (key word is consistently), you will definitely realize your sales goal to increase sales.

Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith


How To Get A Bubble Butt – A Few Tips That Will Make Your Booty Rounder and Bigger

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There are often things we would like to change on our bodies. We would like to be taller, stronger, have a flatter tummy, smaller nose, bigger breasts etcetera.

This article is about how to get a bubble butt. Fortunately this is something you can get without too much trouble and effort. It will require some effort and dedication but practically anyone can do it.

So where do you start, what do you have to do to get a bubble butt? There are few different things you can do to get a really round and perky butt.

The buttocks are primarily made up of muscle but also fat. Strengthening the muscles will make your booty firmer, rounder and bigger. So if small changes are what you are after, exercise (together with a good diet) is all you need.

However when we are talking about bubble butts we tend to think of really big and well rounded booties. In order to get that muscle alone is not enough, you also need to add fat to it. The fat will add a fair bit of volume to your booty and strong muscles will keep it round and firm. So we need to get muscle and fat on our booties. Now to the methods that will get you there.

Exercise: Though many activities are good for training the buttocks (running, walking, cycling) I will only go over the most effective butt building exercises, the ones that will give you results, fast.

• Frog squats: these differs to ordinary squats as you keep your feet apart (sort of like a V) Do them slowly to maximize resistance and to avoid putting strain on your knees

• Kneeling Sidekicks: You get down on all fours, lift your leg as high as you can and kick sideways. Change your legs and repeat

• Lunges: Stand upright, feet together and take one long deep step forward until your thigh is parallel to the floor (don’t go further as this can damage your knee) get back up and repeat, change legs and start over again

• Bridges: You lay flat on the floor, pull your legs up until they have an angle of 45 degrees. Keep your feet flat on the floor and lift your butt as high as you can while squeezing your buttocks. Repeat until it gets difficult.

• Standing leg raises: Stand up with you feet together holding on to a doorpost or pole. Then raise your leg sideways as high as you can, lower it slowly and repeat. Change legs. If you think this is too easy, put a small weight around your ankle.

Do these exercises at least three times week. Make sure to eat well after work outs as the muscles need to recover in order to grow. Eat healthy natural foods, make sure you eat little more protein. A good diet could consist of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cereals, milk and eggs.

There are also some foods that are particularly good for butt building. This is because they will help you to put some fat on your booty. Putting fat on the booty is necessary in order to get a bubble butt as muscle alone cannot give it the volume you wish.

Eating nuts is good for this. Nuts contain fatty acids and Omega 3 and this will be stored in your butt thus “fattening it up”. Eating fatty fish like salmon or taking fish oil will have the same effect. Drinking milk is also excellent for building a bubble butt so drink plenty of milk.

There is one more method that is very useful in order to make your butt bigger. There is a way of moving body fat from you’re other parts of your body to your butt. This method involves a simple skin brush and will take only a few minutes a day. It is very efficient.

This is how to get a bubble butt. Now you only have to get started and in a couple of months you can have a much bigger, rounder and sexier butt.

Source by Joakim Andersson