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Organs of Speech

Almost all of us have studied about the role of nose and lungs in the respiratory system and the function of mouth in the digestive system, most of us do not know much about the role of these very organs in speech. Although numerous complex effects are produced by the human voice, the inner system that makes the sounds (which make up the speech) is extremely simple in its nature. This system can be compared to an organ pipe, a comparison that enables us to explain what happens inside.

An organ pipe is a tube in which a current of air passing over the edge of a piece of metal causes it to vibrate. This puts into motion the column of air in the pipe which then produces a note. The operating air is forced across the sounding piece of metal from a bellows. The tube, in which the thin sounding plate and the column of air vibrate, acts as a resonator. The resulting sound depends upon various sizes of the producing parts. If the tube is long, the sound will have a low pitch. If the tube is short, the sound will be high. You can alter the pitch by stopping the end of the pipe or by leaving it open. A stopped pipe gives a note an octave lower than an open pipe of the same length. The amount of the vibrating plate which is allowed to move also determines the pitch of a note. If the air is under great pressure, you will hear a louder note. If the air is under little pressure, a soft note will be heard.

Now let’s compare this with our inner system, the system in our body which produces voices. The bellows can be compared to our lungs, from which the expelled air is forced upwards through the windpipe. The lungs are able to expel air regularly and gently, with no more expense of energy than required during ordinary breathing. However, our lungs can also force air out with tremendous power that is sufficient to carry a sound over hundreds of yards. In ordinary repose, the outward-moving breath does not produce any sound, because it does not meet any obstructions in its passage.

At the upper end of the windpipe is a triangular chamber, the front angle of which forms the Adam’s apple where the vocal cords are located. These cords are two tapes of membrane which can be brought closely together, and by muscular tension stretched until passing air causes them to vibrate. As a result, they cause vibration in the air above them, like the air in an organ pipe vibrates. Hence, a tone is produced.

Source by Christopher Carlin


Why Business English is Important

More and more of the people in the work force are expatriates. An expatriate is someone who resides in one country and works in another. For those who already speak the English language going to another country won’t be much of a problem in terms of communications. But for those whose first language is not English it could pose a problem.

It is important to learn Business English if you are going to be successful in another country where English is the primary language, such as Australia, United Kingdom and the United States fro starters. If you already have a basic understanding of the language by learning to speak it then you are on the right track. It would also be a great idea to practice writing in business English as well. If your local University offers a course in Business English, it would be a good idea to invest in the class. Reading, writing and speaking English is a great way to start a career.

Business English is a bit different than asking where to find the nearest hotel. There are classes you can take to help you along but there are things that you can learn on your own. Here are some key language skills that you must learn to master Business English. Vocabulary and Grammar are a good place to start, you need to understand what words mean and that is very important. This is one of the most common mistakes made in learning English.

Learn how to pronounce the words and then look up what they mean in the dictionary. Try using them in a sentence; ask someone who is more fluent in English to help you, so you know if you are grasping the concept of the language. Once you have an understanding of English, you have to apply it to Business English.

In business you will have to learn such things as taking messages, answering the phones with proper etiquette and communicating with your fellow co-workers. You may have to learn how to set appointments and possible make travel arrangements. Business English is very different than speaking regular English, the structure is the same but you have to learn things like properly expressing yourself in a professional manner or maybe making a presentation in your office.

If you are working in the customer service sector, you really have to bone up on the Business English. Dealing with the public is sometimes more important than asking your boss for a raise. Most businesses offer training sessions and companies that employ foreigners they offer classes on how to perform the job with the proper business English.

Source by Natali Leeds


How to Make Your Penis Grow Bigger Forever – Penis Exercises For Every Day Practice

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Do you think it’s absolutely impossible to increase the size of your penis? We will show you that not only is it possible and true, but here is the only way to attain that career life goal. The first thing you do is to clear your mind of all negative affirmations and beliefs that only through surgery can you have a bigger penis. That is just not true and ancient civilizations are proof that it does not require a sharp scalpel or any other kind of ridiculously-conceived and manufactured contraptions to lengthen and widen your penis. You do not need anything but your mind, heart, hands, will to win and be big!

Exercise Everyday

You can do that right here by yourself in the comfort of your on home with only a little bit of reading. Tell me where else can you receive this kind of deal, great research proven information on a very important if not the most important appendage of your body, and with little cost to you, only time? Simply by using the Jelqing method for penis growth, you’ll be well on your way, exactly 50% of your way, towards having a bigger unit down there, and finally be the lover that you desire to be! Make an “O” shape with your fingers and apply slight pressure to the shaft. You have to be diligent and do this every day, unless of course there is pain.

The best thing about this exercise is that it does not take very long and it will help you to have a bigger penis for life. We’ve already discussed the Jelqing method which is the contraction and flexing exercise of the sphincter muscle, which is used to control both the urinary flows and bowel movements as well. There’s a very strong muscle and one that controls a lot of the penis activity since it needs to our inseparably attached. By using both the Jelqing and any other penis stretching hand-massaged exercise, you will be almost there, to a bigger penis and all the benefits that come from having a Maj. Johnson in your little army.

Couple Good Exercises and Mind set

There is nothing wrong with having a larger penis and desiring to have one is a great self-image tool and one that will pay itself off in bigger dividends than you could ever imagine my friend. Just think about having a larger penis and surprising the lady in your life in the bedroom one darkened night that only is lit by candles and the smell of perfume and red wine all throughout the room! I am not trying to get you in the mood right now, I’m only trying to get you in the optimistic-mind mood and the heart mood and the penis mood to get a larger penis and get a bigger penis and get a penis you will be proud of! In order to make your penis grow bigger forever, you’ll need to know a couple good exercises.

Even though it is not a physical exercise, exercising and training your mind to see the goal of a larger penis actually will help it grow. This is such a simple thing, but many men forget to do it and they do not see the results they planned on.

Source by G. Crandall


An Introduction to Step-Down Transformer

A step down transformer is one whose primary voltage is superior to secondary voltage. It is especially designed to reduce the voltage from the primary winding to the secondary winding. On the contrary, a transformer made to increase the voltage from the primary windings to the secondary windings is called step up transformer. This type of transformer “steps up” the low voltage to a higher voltage.

Working of step down transformers

A power transformer is an electrical tool with only one winding of wire placed near to one or more windings, which is used to couple two or more alternating-current (AC) circuits together by employing the induction among the windings. The winding linked to the power sources is known as primary winding, and the other is recognized as secondary winding.

A transformer in which the secondary voltage is superior to the primary voltage is normally known as step-up transformer; if in case the primary voltage is superior to secondary voltage then the device is usually known as step-up transformer. The product of current voltage is regular in every set of windings, so that in “step up” transformer, the voltage augment in the secondary is accompanied by parallel decrease in the electricity.

Uses of Step down transformer

There are various uses for step-down transformer and the huge transformer tools are used in an electric power system, and as well in small units in electronic devices. In case of Industrial and residential power transformers that operate at the line often might be single phase or three phases, are shaped to take care of high voltage and other currents.

Efficient power transmission needs a step-up transformer at the power-generating station to raise voltages, with a parallel decrease in current. Line power losses are proportional to the square of the current times, so that even very high voltages and low currents are been used for long distance transmission lines to reduce any power losses. At the receiving end, step down transformers decrease the voltage, and in turn increase the current, to the residential or any industrial voltage levels, usually between 110V and 600V output.

Source by Mr.Monish Mohan


How to Make Women Fight For Your Attention – 3 Easy Steps to Seduction Success

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Listen up, if you’re going to be the guy who can attract women automatically, you’re going to have to learn the factors that affect a woman’s dating decisions. You see, the fact that women can choose among the many men who approach them in clubs gives them the power to reject you if they feel like it.

That said, your seduction techniques must be able to cut through a woman’s initial resistance and make her think you’re the only guy in the room worth dating. What does it take to be instantly appealing to women? Find out what tactics you need to employ to turn women’s heads by reading the three items below.

How To Make Women Fight For Your Attention – 3 Easy Steps To Seduction Success

Step #1: “Show Interest”. She must feel your interest before she can relax enough to flirt with you without reservation. One thing you can do is to make a girl feel good about herself when you’re talking to her. Ask her questions and let her talk about herself all she wants. Indulge her ego and humor her.

Step #2: “Foster Trust”. A woman wants a man she can open up to, but not a man who will butter her up with heaps of insincere compliments. Be frank with her and don’t be afraid to speak your mind when you feel she’s crossing the line (like when she’s acting catty toward you or another person). being brutally frank while gently making her feel that you have her back will increase intimacy between you. She feels completely secure that you will tell her what you really think without being rude to her.

Step #3: “Access Her Emotional Wiring”. While you’re talking, she will reveal things about her personality that you should pick up immediately. The reason for this is simple: you need to get a blueprint of how she reacts to things, and what events make her emotional.

If you can discover her romantic hot spots, you can come up with ways to make her even more emotional when you’re around. Certain psychological triggers can make girls fall in love completely and helplessly with a man.

Getting women emotionally attached to you is one aspect of hypnotic suggestion that most men don’t know about. A technique used in seduction, called Fractionation, will teach you how you can use her emotional triggers to jump-start attraction in just 15 minutes. By using this psychology technique, your chances of seducing women successfully will exponentially increase. 

Source by Derek Rake