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Oral Sex for the Self: Tips for Trying Autofellatio

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It’s the rare man who doesn’t enjoy being on the receiving end of some mind-blowing oral sex – and if guys are honest, it’s the rare man who hasn’t at least half-heartedly tried to perform oral sex on himself. Officially called autofellatio, self-administered oral sex certainly requires that a man practice good penis health – after all, unlike partners performing oral sex, with autofellatio the fellator knows exactly where that penis has been! But to successfully perform autofellatio, most men need to take proper preparation steps.

1) Practice, practice, practice. First off, it’s best to admit that very, very few men are able to give themselves oral sex on their first try. As with any skill, it requires that a guy practice and get in shape. So men who are serious about autofellatio should be prepared to work at it for a while before achieving success.

2) Get limber. Although having an exceptionally long penis can certainly make the act easier, more modestly endowed men are going to need to be limber. The neck and spine especially need to be working at their flexible peak. Some guys are naturally more flexible than others, so many dudes need to exercise in order to achieve a higher degree of flexibility.

3) Try yoga. There are many yoga exercises (such as the cobra, the plow and downward facing dog) which focus on lengthening the neck and spine and giving a man greater flexibility in these areas. Finding some reputable videos or taking some yoga classes can be helpful. However, be sure to take things at the proper pace; going too quickly or too enthusiastically can hurt one’s back – which is not only painful and inconvenient but which can slow down progress toward the autofellatio goal.

4) Slim down. Because self-administered oral sex involves bending the neck and spine so that the lips meet the penis, the fewer obstacles in the way, the better. Translation: a big gut is going to make things more difficult. Losing that spare tire not only makes mouth-to-penis contact more likely, it also is healthier in general.

5) Make the stomach ready. Eat and drink sufficiently throughout the day, but stop about two hours before starting the autofellatio attempt. If possible, move the bowels and urinate during that period in order to keep the stomach empty and more receptive to the bending and twisting that is coming.

6) Warm up. Do some good stretching exercises that get the body limber and in shape. It may also help to take a nice, warm bath beforehand. And keep the bedroom warm throughout.

7) Get positioned. While some men can autofellate while standing or sitting, most have an easier time doing it while lying down. After rubbing the penis erect, lie on the back on a bed. The head should be a foot or so away from the headboard or wall. Lift the legs over the head until the feet are pressed against the wall. The lower back should always be supported by the arms. Slowly walk the feet down the wall, letting the crotch drop closer and closer to the mouth. Let gravity work! Don’t stretch too far, as this might lead to injury.

Try and try again

If the goal is not reached the first time, don’t be discouraged. Many men achieve success if they keep at it.

Some men also discover a new appreciation for those who give them oral sex – and for how important penis care is. Getting up-close-and-personal through autofellatio emphasizes again that a man needs to regularly apply a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to keep his equipment good and healthy. For example, now a man knows firsthand about that stench women complain about – so using a crème with vitamin A, the bacterial properties of which battle penis odor, makes more sense than ever. The crème should also include Shea butter and vitamin E, two superior moisturizers, so that there’s no unsightly and off-putting dry penile skin to worry about.

Source by John Dugan


How to Use My Hands to Make My Penis Bigger – 3 Exercises That You Can Do at Your Home

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It is amazing that you can make your penis grow bigger with just using your hands. You don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars for surgery, nor hundreds of dollars for various devices. You only need your hands to make your penis bigger and the envy of all. There are exercises which you can perform to make your penis bigger and better for the greatest stimulation and sex the world has even felt! Here are some of the exercises which you can perform using just your hands to increase the size of your penis:

1. Stretching- Stretching exercise is done by extending the penis to its maximum comfortable limit while flaccid. This is done to increase the length of the penis by getting it used to the stretched length. This exercise promotes length and not so much on the girth or thickness of the penis. Start this exercise by having a warm bath or putting warm moist towel over the penis for ten minutes. This is done to promote blood circulation around the penis and would make it more relaxed in preparation for the exercise. Now gently pull the penis forward, to the left and right and again holding it in its maximum comfortable limit for three minutes. Make sure that you slap your penis against your thighs after each stretching to promote blood circulation.

You also have to put warm tower over the penis after two stretching sets. Rest for three minutes then stretch again. The idea is to stretch the penis in all sides so that the tissues get used to the new form and length you are trying to achieve. Perform this exercise at least three times a week and your penis length will increase by half an inch in a month or two.

2. Milking- This is done like as how you would milk a cow. Gently but firmly grip the base of your penis shaft with your thumb and forefinger encircling it like making an OK sign with the palm facing down. After doing so, firmly move the grip towards the head making sure that blood is also being pushed to the same direction. Let the other hand continue the same motion. Do 20 to 25 repetitions. This exercise has to be performed when the penis is erect enough but still can be bent and flexed. Make sure to start and end this exercise with warm bath or warm towel covering the penis.

3. Edging- Edging means controlling your ejaculation. This exercise requires a lot of practice and control as this would make you stop stroking your penis when you are maybe 10 seconds away from orgasm. You have to control and stop it for at least three times. This exercise’s goal is develop and enlarge the spongy tissue beneath the shaft for a thicker penis.

Source by Jason Chow


Penis Exercises on How to Make Your Penis Longer – An Absolute Must Know For All Men to Get Bigger

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Masculinity, for all its broad definition, focused on the man’s looks, scent, body, voice, and penis size. The obsession of having a real good eye catching body curves goes with the problem of having to maintain longer and bigger penis when you try to stretch the muscles of your body. How to make your penis longer directly deals with the problem on how to satisfy your woman during intercourse. A longer and larger penis makes you a favorable lover regardless of how knowledgeable and skilled you are in trying out different positions during sexual encounters. Bigger penis could make your woman want you more and not the position. How to make your penis longer matters when it comes to fulfilling your woman’s sexual fantasy. Satisfy her fully. Let her feel your large muscle stretched round to the vaginal entrance. Large penis size heightens a woman’s excitement by giving her a satisfying feel.

Some women may find it a relief if you have an average or just enough penis size because larger and longer penis could hit and hurt the vagina’s back wall. How to make your penis longer requires balance with your height and weight measurements. Do not make the size of your penis more of a curse than a blessing. A thicker penis provides higher sexual satisfaction during penetration because of its capacity to expand and cover more area as well as giving women a tighter feel and more orgasm as it hits the clitoris. Knowing the right approach on how to make your penis longer could make women experienced more orgasm during vaginal intercourse especially when you successfully initiate vaginal sensation from clitoral stimulation. Penetrative sex could be more satisfying if you acquire the right penis size appropriate to your body weight and height.

The average size of a man’s penis is about 5.1 to 5.9 inches with an average circumference of 4.85 inches during full erection. How to make your penis longer could be possible if you look closely at exercises that could enlarge penis naturally. Read more on how to enlarge penis guide and know your average penis size measured at different times. One good technique to increase your penis size is to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Carrying extra weight and body fat could cover or hide a good portion of your penis. A famous doctor for penis enlargement stated that a man could increase penis length to an inch for every 15 pounds of body weight he loses.

Plan your exercise program, make it a routine, and start to lose your beer belly. How to make your penis longer is actually an idea of how to lose your beer belly, which definitely affects your penis appearing too short. Consider surgery and extenders as the last recourse. Trim up fast and get flatter abs. There are training programs that you may enroll to work out your body fats and increase the size of your penis within a 7-day or thrice a week cycle. Get a professional advice for preferred muscle group exercise on how to make your penis longer. Tone your body and you efficiently increase your penis size. Drive your woman crazy by showing the right body muscles size and shape, which produces larger and longer penis size.

Source by Jason Chow


Tips for Supporting an Autistic Child

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More than 3.5 million Americans currently live with autism spectrum disorder and 1 in 68 children are born with a variation of it. Caring for children with autism is definitely a challenging task. It requires time, effort and patience. But most of all – love! Here are some tips for treating and supporting an autistic child.

Create a Supportive Environment

Creating a supportive and nourishing environment is very important. Minimize your child’s contact with extremely tense or uncomfortable people. Do not let siblings and other family members disturb your child as it may lead to an outburst. Consider a noise-free environment, as noise sensitivity has always been a part of the experience of autism. These kids are capable of amazing insights and creativity. Encourage their strengths and leave their vulnerabilities out of the picture. Communicate back in ways they can understand. If you really become a part of their world, they will feel secure and blossom more easily.

Adapt the Situation

Rather than feeling guilty that your child is different from other children, practice acceptance. Do not jump to conclusions about how life is going to be for your child from now on. Enjoy your kid’s special skills, celebrate small successes, and stop comparing your child to others. Your unconditional love and acceptance will help your little one more than anything else.

Reward Good Behavior

Autistic children often experience intense and admirable interests in certain areas that bring joy in their lives, and can be used as tools to develop new skills. Positive support can go a long way with children with autism. Praise them when they attempt new skills. Surprise them with their favorite toys, stickers or wristbands to inspire them learn even more.

Develop Communication

Do not pressure your child to speak. Find other ways of expressing their needs, thoughts and feelings such as by showing signs and pictures. This can help them overcome frustration. Listen to all the ways he or she is trying to communicate. Be alert for body language or other signs that tell you something is wrong.

Help Them with Correct Treatment

Focus and build on what your child can do rather than what he or she can’t do. Help your little one with social interactions. They do best in structured play activities that have a clear beginning and end. There are also many treatment options including behavioral therapy, speech therapy, play-based therapy, physical therapy, occupational and nutritional therapy. They can help your child grow into a healthy and well-adjusted young member of society. Use the help of a therapist as it may not be possible to tackle everything at once.

Do Regular Health Check-ups

Remember that some autistic children cannot express their pain and some even don’t understand the sensations their body is telling them. They may not realize that they are sick. Always keep an eye on them. If you notice something unusual in their health, immediately consult your doctor.

Show Your Support

The diagnosis of autism is a life-changing event for the entire family. There are many ways you can help.

  • It is no surprise that raising a child with autism can be expensive. Medical expenses, therapy sessions… all these costs can get unbearable for families. Start a fundraising campaign or use your own resources to meet some of the expenses.
  • It is a fact that many children with autism have difficulty creating and maintaining friendships or engaging in conversations within a group of children. If you have a child who is the same age as your neighbor’s autistic child, invite them over. You may need to help facilitate the friendship between them.
  • First and foremost, try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Instead of confusing them with their condition, encourage their skills.

Raise Awareness

Understanding autism and how to interact with people with autism starts at a young age and there is no greater place than the classroom to start. Organize an awareness seminar in your local school. Display a bulletin board at the entrance with examples of celebrities with this spectrum disorder.

Throughout the year, and especially this April, there are hundreds of walks and marathons organized in support of autism. Participate to spread support and awareness. All participants should wear blue. Choose customized giveaway gifts that will delight everyone from beginners to veteran runners.

The primary symbol for autism – the puzzle piece – was created by Gerald Gasson, a board member for the National Autistic Society in London. It reflects the mystery of the autism spectrum. Handing out royal blue autism awareness puzzle items like hats, T-shirts and wristbands is an easy and original way to provide education and support for people who may not know much about that condition. These items are fully customizable online.

Source by Billie Jean Bateson


Multiple Uses Of Goat

Goats are truly useful both when they are alive and even after death, offering meat and milk as the skin offering hide. A charity is involved in providing goats to poor people in Africa. The main advantage was that goats are easy to manage than cattle and have multiple uses.


The goat meat is called chevon, which is similar to that of lamb meat. However some believe that it has a similar taste to veal or venison, it just depends on the age and condition of goat. It could further be prepared in a variety of ways with stewed, baked, grilled, barbecued, minced, canned, or even prepared into sausage. Goat jerky is another well-liked variety. In

India, the rice=preparation of Biryani uses goat meat to produce rich taste in rice. In terms of nutrition, it is lower in fat and cholesterol. It carries more minerals and lowers the total saturated fats than any other meat.

Other parts of the goat including organs are actually evenly edible. Special delicacies comprise the brain and liver. The head and legs of the goat are smoked and used to make exclusive spicy dishes and soup.

Milk and cheese

Goats’ milk is more easily digested by humans and is mostly recommended for infants and people who face difficulty with cows’ milk. The cured prepared with goats milk is much smaller and more digestible. Moreover it is in nature homogenized as it lacks the protein agglutinin.

Goat’s milk when handled properly, from clean and healthy goats, in a best sanitary manner and cooled as soon as possible, the flavor is unremarkable and inoffensive. Further, it is required to separate the strong smelling buck from the dairy does, as his scent would rub off on them and would taint the milk. Goats’ milk is then used to make well-liked cheeses such as Rocamadour and feta; anyhow it could be used to make other kinds of cheese.


Cashmere goats produce best fiber, Cashmere wool is one of the best in the world. Cashmere fiber is extremely fine and soft, and grows under the guard hairs. Cashmere goat has been particularly bred to create a much higher amount of it with fewer guard hairs.

The Angora breed produces lengthy, curling, shiny locks of mohair. The locks continually grow and could be four inches or even more in length. Goats do not have to be slaying to crop the wool that is instead sheared in the case of Angora goats, or combed, in the case of Cashmere goats.

In South Asia, Cashmere is known as pashmina (Persian pashmina = fine wool) and these goats are known as pashmina goats. Since these goats in fact belong to the upper Kashmir and Laddakh region, their wool came to be called as cashmere in the West. The pashmina shawls of Kashmir with their complex

embroidery are very famous.


Goat skin used today to create gloves, boots, and other products, which require a soft hide. Kid gloves are trendy in Victorian times, and are still made today. The Black Bengal breed, local to Bangladesh, offers high-quality skin. The skin also used in Indonesia as rugs and local instrumental drum skin named bedug.

Other parts of the goat are also evenly useful. For instance, the intestine is used to create catgut that is still the favored material for internal human sutures. The horn of the goat that signifies wellbeing (Cornucopia) in too used to make spoons etc.

Source by Tamil Selvi