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Top Ten Tips For Camping While Pregnant

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It is possible for you to be pregnant and still participate in many of the outdoor activities that you love. Camping is a great opportunity for you to get that much-needed exercise and relaxation that is required during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, you should avoid any activity that puts you at risk for falling or increases the chance of trauma to your abdomen. As long as you stay safe and stay comfortable there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a camping trip. It just takes a little extra planning and preparation. Be sure to consult with your doctor before planning your trip. Your doctor will help you discern the amount of adventure your spirit will be safe to engage in. So get out your camping checklist and your camping preparation to-do list and be prepared to add some additions to both lists.

Tip #1: Be absolutely certain to visit a doctor before-hand.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor. Take along a list of activities you plan to do. Get a physical to ensure that you are in good health and so is your unborn baby. Ask if there are any other safety tips that the doctor can recommend.

Tip #2: Determine the closest medical facility to your camp.

Locate the nearest medical facility. Take a trip to the facility and determine a plan in case you do have an emergency.

Tip #3: Camp as close to the restrooms as possible.

It is a good idea to set up camp as close to the restrooms as possible. Taking frequent trips to empty your bladder is actually a common early sign of pregnancy, starting about six weeks into your first trimester. During pregnancy hormonal changes cause blood to flow more quickly through your kidneys, filling your bladder more often. A lot of extra fluid getting processed through the kidneys and pressure on your bladder from the growing fetus also contributes to urinary frequency. Morning sickness could also send you headed quickly toward the restrooms. Be sure to pack a robe and slippers or slips-ons for nighttime emergencies.

Tip #4: Bring an air mattress and lots of pillows.

Sleeping can be very difficult while pregnant no matter where you are. Be sure to invest in a nice air mattress. Bring body pillows and lots of other comfortable pillows. Bring sheets, extra blankets and a comforter. When pregnant avoid sleeping on your back. You want your sleeping experience to be as close to home as possible. If possible keep your normal sleeping schedule.

Tip #5: Stay cool mama.

Overheating is very dangerous for both mother and baby. Dealing with the heat can be one of the reasons that camping can get a little too uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. Stay cool by being prepared. Always bring ice. You can put it in your water, on your body or just eat it to cool down. It also helps to make ice bags wrapped in a piece of cotton. Put this on your head in case of a headache or to keep your body temperature down. Bring extra wash cloths or a small towel to get wet and drape over your neck if it gets too hot. Drink lots of ice water. Bring a battery operated hand-held fan. Fill a spray bottle with water or a mixture of two parts rosewater and one part plain water. Keep it in the cooler or next to an ice pack to keep in cold. Spray your face regularly to refresh and cool you down during the day and night.

Tip #6: Take it easy.

During pregnancy a woman becomes exhausted easily. Take lots of breaks. Do not hike more than one mile away from your car or camp. Be sure not to over exert yourself in any activity. You might need to take frequent naps. Relax and unwind. Bring a good book and some activities you can do while sitting at camp; such as crocheting, drawing or knitting.

Tip #7: Do not carry anything heavy.

Give gear to someone else to carry. If you have to strain at all it is too heavy. You need to be very careful about lifting too much weight, especially as pregnancy progresses. During pregnancy your joints become less stable and ligaments become looser. There is also risk of becoming dizzy or losing your balance easier, making the chances of a fall increase.

Tip #8: Bring supportive, comfortable shoes.

It is likely that you will be on your feet at some time while camping. Invest in a good, comfortable pair of shoes. Be sure to try them out before you leave to be sure that they keep you and your feet feeling like happy campers.

Tip #9: Stay hydrated.

Be sure to bring plenty of bottled water with you. Drink it through-out the day and often, especially while engaging in activity and during extreme heat. Dehydration is very dangerous for a fetus. Drink water anytime you feel dizzy, flushed or overheated.

Tip #10: Enjoy yourself.

Have fun! When you are happy and having fun so is baby. Go sight-seeing. Take up photography and take lots and lots of pictures. Enjoy writing in a journal or planning a scrapbook of your entire trip. Many women find that pregnancy makes them feel more creative, even poetic. Learn to make a baby blanket, booties or a hat while connecting your baby to nature in utero. Fishing can be very relaxing and fun too, especially if someone will cook and clean the fish for you. Short walks are a great way to get that much-needed exercise during pregnancy. Swimming is also an excellent way to get exercise and also help beat the heat. Remember to wear sunblock. Be sure to check with your doctor first before-hand to get the clear on your camping activities.

Closing Notes:

CONGRATULATIONS MOTHER-TO-BE! Wishing you and baby a life of laughter, love and miracles!

Source by Angel StJohn


Body Language of Men – How to Know If He Likes You

Is he doing a lot of great things for you? Do you think there is something behind his actions? Do you want to know if he likes you, too? Most women find it very difficult to find out if a man likes her or not. Women are simply afraid of embarrassment and fear rejection. But how will you know how to acknowledge his actions if you don’t even know what he want to imply?

Sometimes, it is very difficult to define the body language of men. There are things that they do not because they like a woman. Because of this, it takes a while before a woman finally determine that he likes her too. Isn’t it sad how these two people missed a lot of sweet moments simply because she doesn’t know what he means and he can’t say he likes her?

Defining body language of men is never easy but that doesn’t mean that you will never understand him at all. Here are some of the body languages that men usually use and their meaning.

Tip #1: Notice his Eyebrow Flash

Most women miss eyebrow flash because it only happens for few seconds. But just like you, men lift his eyebrow to show that a woman caught his attention. Lifting his eyebrow makes his eyes brighter and inviting. It is also a sign that you were able to impress this man.

Tip #2; Check His Lip Movements

Once you walk in the bar with that amazing look, check for the man who will automatically move his lips apart. That manly reaction means that he likes what he is seeing.

Tip #3: Look at His Facial Expression

You can easily determine that this man like you through his facial expression. See how his face opens the first time he saw you? That’s how an amazed man looks like when he saw something that captured his eyes and heart. Raised eyebrows, flaring nostrils, eyes wide open and parted lips means “Wow! She looks stunning!”.

Tip #4: Getting your Attention

Once he has recovered from being hypnotized by your looks, he will try to get your attention. He can be too loud or look so funny just to stand out from the crowd and from his group. Another body language of men that you need to notice is how he detach from his group and walk his way through yours. This is a sign that he once you to notice him as an individual.

Tip #5: Signs He May be Nervous

Once he finally composed himself and got all the courage to talk to you, carefully observe at how he talks. Notice how he touches his face more often? That’s a sign that he likes you and he is excited and nervous. He will rub his chin and touch his cheek or his ears. He will do all these and more not because he’s uncomfortable but because he wants to impress you but doesn’t know how to.

Understanding the body language of men makes it easier for you to know how he feels about you. If you are out this evening to attract men, you must closely watch their body language to know who to approach and how to approach him.

Source by Tina L. Jones


Make Him Fall in Love – The Way to Win His Affection and Keep It

Do you know how to attract a guy, but aren’t sure how to make him fall in love? Are your relationships starting strong, but fizzling out too early? Is there something that you can do to win a guy’s affection and keep it too? Although the first few dates can be nerve-racking, they are nothing compared to the frustration you can feel wondering if the guy you have fallen hard for has also fallen hard for you. So what do you do when you have found your soul-mate and you want to make him fall in love with you too? You can sit around and let fate decide, or you can apply these simple rules to help fate on its way.

See him for who he is.

Maybe he drives the kind of car that makes other women want to ride with him and other men want to be him. But things like cars and great hair are not what makes a guy your soul mate. It is important to get to know him for all that he is and to learn to love all of his qualities. No one wants to be loved because of the way that they look or the things that they own. You can compliment him on these kinds of things all that you want. But what he really wants to hear is how much you appreciate his great sense of humor, or how sexy it is that he’s smart or well-read.

Offer him companionship.

The world is full of women who really do think that men were put on earth to spend money on them. Of course, it makes you feel fantastic when he buys you something nice. But men don’t want women who they feel are only interested in them for what they can get out of them. Everyone deserves to be with someone who is genuinely interested in them for who they are. Offer him your friendship. Listen to him when he needs to talk and be there for him. Nothing will make him fall in love like knowing that he has a companion to build his life with whom he can trust.

Wait before you have sex

It’s easy to get caught up in the romance or heat of the moment and give in to your passions. But if you take the step into physical intimacy too soon you may spoil the relationship’s chances to ever become anything else. Take time to get to know your guy and to let him get to know you before sleeping together. This may not be a simple task, as guy’s tend to have one-track minds when it comes to sex. But if you put in the extra effort to work on building an emotional bond before creating a sexual one, you will find that your relationship has a solid foundation on which to build a more serious commitment.

There is no single ‘trick’ to make a man fall in love. It’s best to just be yourself and to let him be himself with you. If you don’t let yourself get caught up in all of the complications of sex and games, you’ll be able to allow him to see you for the great woman that you are. You will attract men who you are naturally compatible with.

Source by Tina L. Jones


Sample Contract Agreements Make Creating an Iron Clad Contract Simple

Anytime you set out to hire a contractor or a subcontractor you will need to make sure that you have a written contract in place. This document represents an agreement between both parties as to what is expected and the compensation that will be paid once the job has been completed. It is a legally binding contract according to the law once it has been signed and should be very specific in nature so as to avoid any confusion or chance of misinterpretation on either party’s behalf. To make sure that the contract you fill out is formatted properly you can look through various contract agreement samples to find one that best represents your need.

This form should be broken down into several sections to make sure that all aspects of the contract are covered and there is no room for error. It should start with a section that describes who is doing the hiring and who is being hired. This section can also be used to describe in detail the job that the person or company is being hired to perform. It may also cover any parts or materials that are to be used and any specialized equipment that will be needed. For example John Smith is hiring Fred Blogs to use his backhoe to dig a trench for utilities that is 3 feet wide by 6 feet deep and 200 yards long.

The next section of the contract agreement should cover compensation, meaning how much the person or company will be paid for the work they have been hired to do. This is followed by an assurance of services which is the contractor agreeing to provide the listed services for the agreed upon amount and that all information gained during the job will be kept in the strictest confidence where deemed necessary by the employer. Finally the contract agreement should include information that covers when the contract is to begin and when it to end.

For those who have never had to complete this type of contract you can look online where you will find many different sample contract agreements that cover every imaginable type of job. You will most likely find several that relate directly to the job you have in mind and should make sure that the one you choose is legal in the state where you are headquartered. Since this is a legally binding contract it is your job to make sure you cover all the bases and leave no room for the independent contractor you hire to create a problem at any point during the duration of the contract.

Source by Marie Lopez


How to Make a Difficult Man Fall in Love With You? Here Is How to Influence His Soft Side

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Each man has a different idea of a perfect woman and this could sometimes be the reason why women find it difficult to make them fall in love. Some are just too confined within what they want that it’s just too hard for women to penetrate into their sphere. So how do you melt a difficult man’s heart?

Catch his interest.

So what does this guy usually engage into? Is he into sports because he’s the active type? Or he is the type who’d rather spend the day at the library? You’d have to know what he indulges himself into most of the time so that you’d know how to approach him.

Don’t make the conversation suck.

Once you finally get him to talk with you, make sure that you make sense and are able to exchange ideas with him. Don’t let him silently wish that he should have spent his time with someone else.

Give him a hundred percent of your attention.

Be sure that you listen intently and know how to respond correctly when you are asked about something.

Be a woman that’s worthy of him.

A difficult man is what he is because he believes that he’s a cut above the rest. He’s not one of those jerks that you can just pick up and play with. This is a man with substance and he’s looking for someone who’s exactly like he is. Impress him by making him see that he has already met his match.

Let him catch a glimpse of what a wonderful future it would be with you.

Some men appear to be difficult but, in fact, they’re softies. They are just hiding something inside, perhaps they’ve been hurt by someone in the past and they’re just afraid to love again. Being difficult is just their defensive mechanism. In order to make him fall in love with you, you must let him feel that he’ll experience nothing but joy when he’s with you.

It’s still best to keep him at an arm’s length.

If you’ve finally piqued his interest, you could slow things down a bit and start playing hard-to-get. This will work to your advantage as now, you’ll be the one who’s going to be chased. All you have to do is wait.

Show him that your faithfulness would never wane.

It won’t be hard for him to realize that you’re the perfect person for him once he sees that your fidelity it at a hundred percent. Make him feel that he’s the only one for you but make sure that your world doesn’t revolve around him as well.

Source by Krista Hiles


Establishing a Unique Selling Position for Your Window Cleaning Business

One of the most important as well as tried and true methods through which you can make your window cleaning business stand out from the crowd, is to establish a unique selling position for your window cleaning business. Through this article, we will discuss a number of points relating to a unique selling position for your window cleaning business:

— defining a unique selling position

— understanding what a unique selling position can do for your window cleaning business

— learn how to create a unique selling position for your window washing business

What is a “Unique Selling Position?”

Experts in the field of marketing and promotion define “unique selling position” (USP) as a clearly differentiated and distinguished position in competition, which has to be defined without any doubt or confusion. Your product or service stands out differently from other vendors, businesses or providers in your area that provide a similar type of product or service. In the end, a special attribute or set or attributes is attached to your product or service in such a manner that a consumer is compelled to make a purchase from your business or to engage your services.

What Can a USP Do For Your Window Cleaning Business?

In this day and age where competition amongst different businesses is unavoidable, a strong USP can set your own window cleaning business above and apart from the rest of the pack. In other words, if you are in the business of selling “window cleaning,” and there are 20 other companies in your area selling “window cleaning,” if you work to create a strong USP, people will identify window cleaning with your efforts. It is rather like the fact that when most people need a facial tissue, they ask for a “Kleenex.”

Creating a Strong USP

In order to create a strong USP for your window cleaning business, you must take a candid look at what you are doing and marketing in your area. You must make an honest assessment of how your product and service is the same as what is being offered by other window cleaning providers. And, you need to make an assessment of how your approach or product or service actually differs — and there always are differences.

When you have made this assessment, you need to stake out your territory by emphasizing the unique features of your business, product or service. Once done, you need to include these unique and special features in all of your advertising and promotional efforts. You need to set yourself up as being the ultimate provider or purveyor in the area in which you are operating.


In the end, by establishing a strong USP attached to your window cleaning business, you will increase your revenue and profits. In the end, you will position your window cleaning venture as the paramount leader in the field.

Source by Tanner Larsson


Loss of Penis Sensitivity: Some Helpful Tips

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Here’s a little equation that men often forget: the greater the penis sensitivity, the greater the enjoyment of orgasm. Sure, if delicate penis sensitivity isn’t paired with good control technique, it may lead to being a little “quick on the trigger.” But the sensations a man enjoys are appreciably (and appreciatively) heightened. Proper penis sensitivity is a sign of good penis health, as well. But what if a guy finds that he’s lost a bit of his valued penis sensitivity? What can he do to correct this situation? The following tips can come in handy.

1. Go easy. Often, loss of penis sensitivity is due to peripheral nerve damage caused by rough handling of the equipment. This may mean that a guy’s partner may need to pull back a little (or use more lubrication), or it may mean that the man has been pleasuring himself too aggressively (or without lubrication). Lots of men practice the “death grip” when they masturbate – really choking the penis hard. This can rub the manhood raw, causing damage to the sensitive nerves. Readjusting the grip may be necessary to allow penis sensitivity to return.

2. Wear underwear. Similarly, sometimes a man really likes to “go commando” and forego the deployment of underwear. The freedom of this is undeniable, but often it causes some chafing from the penis rubbing against fabric that is rougher than soft cotton briefs or boxers. And that can lead to a loss of sensation. So protect the equipment by layering up properly.

3. Exercise before sex. One of the reasons a guy may experience a decrease in sensation is because he’s not getting sufficient blood flow to the penis. Being fit and exercising in general can help here, but for some men it’s especially valuable prior to sex. Exercise may help blood circulate more fully around the entire body, so that when the sex begins, it is more readily available for the engorged penis. This in turn often makes the penis nerve endings feel more receptive.

4. Try sex on an empty stomach. Some doctors theorize that having sex soon after eating may negatively impact penis sensitivity. The thinking is that recently-consumed food is in the digestive tract, being broken down and used – and that requires blood. Diverting blood to digestion makes less available for penile blood flow, and that might make the organ feel less sensitive.

5. Stop smoking. Seriously, smoking is bad for health all around, so it’s at the top of many health tips lists. But it does appear that smoking also contributes to loss of penis sensitivity. To make a long story short, smoke is a toxin. When the cells in the body come into contact with the toxin, they swell up and white blood cells are called on to go into battle. All this results in thickening of the blood, which negatively impacts blood flow to the penis.

No list of tips on penis sensitivity would be complete without emphasizing the need to maintain penis health. For that, locate a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) and apply it to the manhood daily. It’s best to check out the label and be sure the crème includes acetyl L carnitine. Why? Because this ingredient is neuroprotective. That means it protects against the peripheral nerve damage that can lead to loss of sensation. If the crème contains L-arginine, so much the better, as this amino acid helps create nitric oxide, which in turns helps keep penile blood vessels receptive to increased blood flow. And that helps to increase the likelihood of better penis sensitivity.

Source by John Dugan


How to Make Him Love You More Than Anything in the World!

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There are times when you expect your man to say the magical words in your ear that makes you melt in his arms. But to make that happen you need to make him love you more than anything in the world. It is not a tough job to make a man realize your love and to express it in abundance, provided you make all efforts that he does.

As a woman you have your needs, wants, own wishes and desires. In fact, being a woman, you also have a lot of insecurities regarding various aspects of life, especially about the man of your dreams. lucky are those who get the love of their life and are happy in their embrace, but if you among those who still are longing for that warmth of love, it is time that you make the guy you dearly love, love you in return.

Most of the women have this one complaint that their men do not love them really or do not love them the way they want them to. It is to be understood that by disposition itself, almost more than half of the men are passive by nature. So, even if they love you dearly, they will be a complete failure in expressing it to you. In fact, in many cases men assume that the woman knows them so well, there is no need to convey the heartfelt. As a consequence of their being taken for granted women suffer the burden of being felt ignored and unloved.

If you want your man to love you in the way you want him to, there it is crucial that you carry out certain ways that will make him come to a realization regarding expressing his love for you. And if the guy has not committed to you so far but you can sense something building up, you can incite that flame further to make him love you more than anything in the world.

Be it a boyfriend or your husband you always want them to appreciate you more and to take pains in making you feel special. So, if you really want this to happen, start looking at yourself more closely and see what can be done to get that abundant love and cares.

It is a world known fact that men appreciate beauty a lot, so titivating your appearance can certainly add a spice to your love relationship. If you go for a make over, your man will certainly see the change and cannot resist but appreciate your efforts. You have to understand that it is not merely the external beauty that makes men to love you, but internal beauty as well. This is to say that men like women who are kind hearted, compassionate and caring. If you listen to what he has to say and make him vent out his feelings to you, you will make a special place in his heart that no body can ever efface. It is because men like to have someone to share their intense feelings with and someone who can nurture their inner self, pampering them all the while.

For making him love you it is essential that you make him feel that he is special to you. He needs to be conveyed that no matter what you will always stand by him in all the trials and tribulations of life. Once you have successfully conveyed this to him, he will never let you go away from him. To add, you also have to share your feelings and daily happenings with him to make him realize he really means a lot to you. Whenever he is feeling low, simply hold his hands and reassure you are there. Occasional hugs, little pecks and greetings can also convey he is special for you.

The most important thing that you must remember is that you need to respect him as an individual. Respect is what they crave for you and will give in return if they get it. Value his words and his presence and tell him so as well. It is crucial that you accept him with all his faults and follies. No body is perfect and each one has his credits and falls. So, if you accept him completely with all his goods and evils, there is no doubt, the man will shower all his love on you.

Source by Sarah Nichol


How to Write a Will – Typical Content

Learning how to write a will is one of the most important things anyone can do to ensure their wishes are properly fulfilled when they die. Once this important decision has been made, attention needs to be turned to writing the will.

The advantages of writing a will

Given the obvious advantages that you get when you write a will, it’s amazing that so many people haven’t written a will. Whether you write your own will or get professional help, a valid will clearly states your wishes for the disposal of property and money. With a will in place you can be confident that your loved ones won’t face the worry, delays and financial costs associated with intestacy (dying without having written a will). Given that the cost of preparing a legally valid will starts at nothing (yes, free!), there’s no excuse for not writing one.

How to write a will – typical content

A properly written will enables someone to legally give away the following when they die:

  • Their estate as one ‘lump’
  • Their property or the use of their property
  • House contents
  • Cash
  • Investments
  • A business (or businesses)
  • Residue after all other gifts have been made and outstanding liabilities settled

Because the format and wording is important, the best way to write a will is to use the services of a professional advisor or a reputable online will writing service.

DIY or professional will writing services

Writing your own will is perfectly legal. However, for maximum peace of mind the consensus is that you should appoint a professional with years of experience of how to write a will. There are several different sources of this expertise:

  • Solicitors
  • Will writers
  • Online free will services (backed by experts trained in how to write a will
  • Online paid-for solicitor-checked wills

A free online will writing service is fine for simple wills. Where things are complex, writing wills quickly becomes more specialised. This is where a visit to a professional or the use of a solicitor-checked online will-writing service is advisable. For the latter, always use a reputable online service such as The Well Planned Funeral.

The value of an online will writing service

Online will writing services offer several advantages:

  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • An online will writing guide and other resources
  • Lower fees (due to lower overheads)
  • Links to other online funeral planning services

Finding a suitable service on the Internet takes only a quick Google search for a term such as ‘online wills’. A well-planned site will then lead you smoothly through the will-writing process. If your will is being solicitor-checked it will usually take a couple of weeks; if you choose an ‘instant’ online will, you’ll be printing it for signature moments after inputting your details.

What to do when you’ve written your will

If you’ve been to a solicitor or a will-writer, they’ll usually store a copy of the will for you. In England and Wales (but not Scotland) you can also store a copy with the Registry and Probate Sub-registry. You should also keep a copy safely with your personal papers, and to make things easier for your next of kin you could store a copy online.

The latter service should come as standard with a good online will-writing service. Some will-making sites also offer excellent planning resources and valuable advice on how to arrange a funeraland related subjects.

Source by Neil Tufano


Speeches for Parents' Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary

Are you scared of public speaking and your parents 50th anniversary is approaching? Surely the occasion will be memorable for you however the task of giving an anniversary speech can be quite daunting. Planning in advance can make you less nervous and will prompt you to recall some fond memories related to your parents beautiful marriage.

It is a very old saying that ‘the secret of great speech is planning, try and spend some time working out as to what you want to say, as well as spend some time rehearsing. Here, we will give you tips as to how you can write a perfect 50th anniversary speech and deliver it.


Preparation is the key for the success of your speech. So prepare a structure of what you want to say. Gather all your thoughts about your parents. Try to collect maximum information. Like how they met, how were their days before you were born. The stories of their early year dating.

Introduction and Body

The best idea to break the ice of an anniversary speech is to start with something funny. This will help you in getting the attention of the audience. You can also start with some nice lines from any poem, this is a good way to set the right tone of the speech.

Your speech should take your parents on a ride of the journey of their wonderful life as ‘your’ parents. Show photographs related to your childhood memories, special occasions and events, along with your speech on a projector to give it a personal touch. You can also add on the videos to make them to feel their importance in your life. Some funny and romantic clippings of your parents are not to be missed. Mention the incidents when they inspired you, when you thought about giving up, but their strength and support made you stand still and fight with the situation.

Describe, how their guidance and support has helped you grow through the years and the beautiful surrounding at home bought on by them had given you strength to fall back when every the going got tough for you. However, make sure that the speech is not entirely solemn nor is a big farce. You need to keep a balance by adding the humorous and funny situations which will bring out the real qualities of your parents and not just some idols that you have put forward. Making you audience laugh along with the cry should be the target for of your speech.

Closing the speech

You can conclude by presenting you gift and thanking all the guests for taking out their precious time for this special occasion of your family. At the end, you can mention how glad you are that your parents met and most importantly you love them and wish them many more years of happiness.

Source by Amareesh Kumar Prajapati