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5 Methods Of Persuasion In Advertising

Today, we live in a commercial-filled society. That’s why the attempt to sell one’s products and services is becoming more difficult because there is competition everywhere.

Even though you may have a good product or may be providing excellent service, you may lose out to competition if you are not using advertising to your advantage. In order to make the best use of your promotions, it is necessary to know about the effective methods of persuasion in advertising.

Here are a few tips that you can use when you are planning to market your products.

1) Use Humor.

One of the most commonly used methods of persuasion in advertising is the use of humor. Tickling the funny bone of your target audience can be very powerful.

When you make a funny ad, potential customers may want to watch or hear the commercial time and again, because it makes them laugh. When they go to make a purchase, your brand will be on top of their mind, because of the positive feelings that are associated with the commercial of your brand.

The other advantage of the use of humour is that you can actually get away with disclosing limited information about your product.

2) Evoke Positive Emotions.

Evoking positive emotions is often the chief aim of most advertisements. A commercial that tugs at the heart and brings out a feeling of joy, warmth or even sadness can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the consumer.

3) Get A Famous And/Or Respected Endorser.

Another technique used quite commonly by advertisers is the use of a celebrity. When you get a celebrity to endorse your product, consumers tend to transfer their feelings for the celebrity onto your brand.

If a consumer admires or respects the celebrity who is endorsing your brand, it is quite likely they will turn faithful towards your brand.

4) Use the Bandwagon Method.

Using this method of persuasion in advertising, you get consumers to believe that they should buy or use a particular product or a brand, because all the other folks are using it and they should do the same in order to fit in.

Humans are social animals and always have an inherent need to be a part of a larger group of society. So get your prospects to believe that people around them are using your product and are satisfied with it.

5) Use Product Comparison in Advertising.

In this form of promotion, a product in the same category or peer group is highlighted (although indirectly) and consumers are led to believe that the product being compared is actually inferior than the one that is being promoted.

This technique, however, can sometimes get detrimental and can evolve into a turf war between two rival groups. So proceed at your own risk.

Overall, advertising these days is a necessary tool for promotion. In whatever methods of persuasion you use in advertising, it is important to get your message across for your product or service to sell. You need to decide which method works best for you!

Source by Michael Lee


Vaginal Dryness & Healthy Genital Tips – Stop Dry Vagina Pain During Sex

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Is your vagina dry and you do not know what has caused the vaginal dryness? First, let us make it clear that it is not a life threatening condition. However, I cannot say it will not cause discomfort and depending on different times, painful too.

The condition is treatable, but only if you seek treatment. Because of the area affected women tend to shy away due to embarrassment. Whether your vagina is dry or too wet, it is not something to blush over. If dryness becomes an issue causing friction or pain for you or your partner then you need help. Being a woman I understand how embarrassing it is having a doctor fiddle with your bits, but without help then your relationship can suffer considerably. Do not be selfish to yourself, or man, all because your cheeks redden easily, whatever the problem get it sorted.

When it comes to looking after the vagina take a leaf out of a mans’ book. The vagina is sacred so treat it as such, MEN DO” why not you?

Dry Vagina

Although dryness is known in lots of cases for causing vaginal itch and burning/stinging around the vaginal opening and in the lower third of the vagina, it is the pain that might occur during sexual intercourse that women find most stressful.

Causes of vaginal dryness may include:








Douches -Tampons – Condoms

Dryness is a direct result of lower estrogen levels that is a common occurrence during and after menopause. When estrogen levels reduce, vaginal tissue thins becoming less elastic, drier and weaker. Nonetheless, inadequate vaginal lubrication can occur in women at any age. It is also a characteristic sign of vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) – thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to a reduction in estrogen.

For women who deny their man sex to avoid painful intercourse did you know there are vaginal lubricants that help make sex happen without discomfort (Certain lubricants consist of clear fluid that seeps through the walls of the blood vessels surrounding the vagina).

When a woman is sexually aroused, more blood flows to the pelvic organs producing more fluid. But the hormonal changes of menopause, having a baby and breast-feeding can hamper the process and prevent the action.

A decrease in estrogen levels can be the outcome of:



Sudden effort – Exertion

Menstruation changes



Hormonal contraceptives


Stress, tiredness

Infertility drugs

How can I help prevent my vagina from becoming to dry? Easy, stop using products that is likely to increase dryness or irritate vaginal tissue. Specific soaps, washing powders, douches, scented gels and allergens that contain harsh ingredients you need stay clear of if they contain dodgy ingredients.

Another favoured option is Kegel exercises. They help increase circulation to the pelvic area which in return strengthens vaginal tissue. While lubricants are useful now and again for sex, specially formulated moisturizing creams will better the health of vaginal tissues. Particular formulas containing phytoestrogens are known for their ability to naturally replenish waning estrogen levels

Flaxseeds are high phytoestrogens and known to minimize hot flushes and ease discomfort of sore breasts. Omega-3 fatty acids is good for fighting heart disease, arthritis and balancing hormones and the outcome normally less severe

You cannot beat supplements for helping to fight different conditions. This applies to the case of a dry vagina. Consider B-vitamins and vitamin E. Vitamin A helps keep suppleness. Should you decide to take vitamins consult your doctor.

Another option is Evening Primrose Oil.

Healthy Vagina

Avoid vagina dryness and infections by maintaining a healthy vagina. If you have been fortunate and not had a problem with your bits “YET” then be ready for when you do.

A healthy vagina is moist and produces a reasonable amount of vaginal discharge. Over time discharge due to hormonal cycles and aging can alter vagina behaviours. Typical vaginal fluid would look a clear/white, pasty or of a slippery consistency, and odourless.

The body depends on the hormone estrogen and progesterone to create ample lubricating secretions for the vagina. While going through the perimenopause stage and menopause when hormones are changing, it is common for dryness to happen as less secretion is produced.

Various reasons for dryness

Be wary of soaps advertised as gentle, namely Dove and Ivory because they can dry genital tissue because they are not pH-balanced.

What you eat. Estrogen is needed to help lubricate the vagina. Since estrogen is created from cholesterol, the bodies’ ability to efficiently produce and metabolize estrogen depends strongly on the fat we consume in our diet. But while there is a connection between fat in our diet and estrogen levels, it is essential to consume fats that produce health and hormonal balance instead of those that encourage disease.

Hydration is important to keep mucous membranes moist. Go easy on drinks that contain caffeine and avoid alcohol.

Medicine – Specific drugs, like allergy/cold medications, even some antidepressants tend to dry out mucous membranes including vaginal tissues. Ask your GP about birth control pills as they are noted for causing this problem because the hormones it contains are not natural to the human body.

While most people link dryness to the time of perimenopause/menopause, hormonal imbalance can happen to women who have premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome, anorexia, or pituitary and hypothalamus concerns; and also in those who have lately given birth, breastfeeding, have imbalanced diets and undergone cancer therapy or smoke tobacco products.

Stress has an influential impact on the system, and yet women tend to overlook the signs. By taxing the adrenals chronic stress forces down androgens which interferes with the normal female sexual response cycle. At this point it affects the stages of arousal and lessens natural lubrication.

Natural solutions for vaginal dryness

Sadly, a great deal of women who suffer with vaginal dryness continue to suffer because conventional medicines do not work for them.

Suggestions below are to help, however they may work for some whereas for others useless solutions

Add soy isoflavones to your diet. Whole soy foods are high in isoflavones and lignans and known to help.

Give your body the highest level of nutritional support. The body will always struggle to function properly without essential ingredients. For example, omega-3 essential fatty acids support healthy cell membranes and hormonal balance.

Be vigilant towards your vagina. Check it regularly with a mirror. Keeping track of any changes will help identify if dietary habits is the cause of particular issues.

Swap K-Y Jelly for a quality lubricant which contains methylparaben. Go for natural lubricant like Sylk or paraben and glycerin-free Astroglide.

Natural oil like sweet almond or grape seed after a bath is affective.

Control the condition using vitamin E suppositories. Vitamin E applied locally can help restore thin vaginal tissue.

Source by Kacy Carr


Customer Relationship Management Marketing = Starburst Opportunities

“It is easier to keep an existing customer rather than trying to find a new one”.

Companies know their bottom line is directly impacted by repeat business and without it, the business can struggle. Customer Relationship Management Marketing can generate new opportunities, repeat business and most of all, additional revenue.

Whether large or small, each and every business is dependent upon their customer relationship strategy. All companies should be driven by their customer wants and needs, otherwise they can struggle and eventually fail. Aligning client needs with company products and services is critical in client retention and company growth.

CRM systems help track every aspect of a customer through sales and into ongoing support. Many companies fail to utilize their own client base for revenue generating opportunities. Through these systems, marketing other products and services to existing clients can create “Starburst Opportunities” that can add to the bottom line with minimal expense.

For example, you may have an existing client using one of your software tools for a significant period of time. Over time, their usage of the tool increases and history of various support calls come in that has been resolved by another application or service your company offers.

This is a perfect opportunity to call on the existing client to present the new offering. The current relationship is leveraged for a new sales lead that could very well benefit the client as well as the company m a true win/win situation.

In summary, your current customer base is a hotbed of potential sales of other products and services you offer. You already know the client and their wants and needs, so you are ahead of the curve when it comes to building rapport and presenting your offerings. Customer management relationship marketing is another channel that should not be ignored, if you are not using it, you are leaving money on the table.

Source by Oliver Stewart


How to Study Alone and Pass Exams

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These are advices from a medical doctor that studied alone to pass exams and enter medical school. No matter what are the exams you need to pass, these actions can help you study better and achieve higher scores.

First of all, feel motivated for studying. If you can’t motivate yourself to study that is probably because your career choices and the reason why you need to pass the exam aren’t the best for you. When we really want to accomplish something from the depth of the heart we love all steps of the journey. So analyze your situation and either feel that great motivation for studying or reformulate your goals.

Select good reference for every discipline you need to study. Not all textbooks or all reference materials are good enough to help you pass the exams. You need to choose them wisely since they will be the basis of your entrepreneurship as a successful autodidact. Go to a library or bookstore and get one main textbook for each discipline, choose the ones that are most complete and have review questions after the theoretical explanation. Check the program of your exam and the table of contents of each book. Also ask the bookseller or the librarian which option is the most well respected by the market. Pick the best ones. You need complete textbooks because in a following step you will make your own notes based on them.

Find a calm, organized, clean and pleasant place to study. This seems to be accessory but is fundamental. Take this advice very very seriously. If at your home you can’t manage to secure an own and exclusively yours place like that, search for it somewhere else. And don’t make a mess of that piece of paradise, keep your materials organized.

Plan your time for the study of all disciplines. It is strongly recommended that you study the disciplines one by one, not mixing them all. For example, if you need to study math, study it entirely for three weeks or more if necessary and only after that go to other discipline. This method will ensure that you’re focusing the learning of the contents of the discipline and your time will be spent more efficiently. So plan your schedule using weeks (not days or, worse, hours) for each discipline. Of course, after completing the study of a whole discipline, you should periodically revise your notes of the discipline and solve related problems to refresh your knowledge.

Now that you’re ready, all you have to do is to read the textbooks making summaries of their content. Imagine you’re studying the entire biology. Start reading the first chapter of your biology textbook and make systematic and organized notes of all of the concepts you know are necessary for you to learn or remember for the exams. Your goal here is to produce you own handwritten material for complete reference in order to study later using that material made by you and not the textbook. Keep this in mind and you will produce great summary notes of all disciplines.

Finally, don’t forget to solve questions. Problem solving training is fundamental. Solve the questions of the textbook just after you studied the related chapter. But even more important is to solve problems of at least the five previous exams you are going to face. Make this after reviewing an entire discipline.

Studying alone to pass exams isn’t so difficult as it seems to be. May these study tips be helpful for you.

Source by Francois Betim


Forget Billionaire and Millionaires – 3 Tips to Claim Your Status As a Thousandaire!

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This article is meant to assist you to define your own financial security in life and achieve financial abundance! The essence of today’s message will resonate for each person differently because financial abundance is unique for each person.

Not everyone has to be a Billionaire, or Millionaire in life to feel financially secure. Some people may strive to be Thousandaires! You may be asking, is Thousandaire a word? Well…should it be?!

Why is it socially acceptable to label some as Millionaires or Billionaires, but we look at someone as odd if they were proud to be labeled a Thousandaire?

What’s wrong with being a Thousandaire? Is it because a Thousandaire is considered the average? I know…there is no distinction between social classes with this fictitious label right? Technically, most of us are Thousandaire’s!

To digress, is it on the same social level as a student touting they are an “A” student or “B” student? We are trained from childhood that being a “C” student is just average and just getting by? However should Thousandaires be labeled the same as having a C in school?

Would you not look at someone respectfully if they made an income of $900,000 per year? Do they not fit in as a Thousandaire by definition? Suppose that same person on paper is worth $950,000? To date, a six figure income is still considered upper class in America. When judging finances from this perspective, why would we frown at someone claiming to be a Thousandaire? Perhaps I will look into submitting a request to add Thousandaire to the Webster Dictionary.

The point of the article is to awaken our consciousness differently so that we can define a life-time of financial abundance! For some, abundance is having enough, while for others it is about having real wealth that last for generations.

If I were a proverbial Genie, and could grant you a wish that simply said you will never be financially broke. That you will always have enough, for any life pursuit. Every trip paid for, every material need satisfied. Imagine you could throw out your credit cards and carry one debit card that is good virtually everywhere? How cool would that be? How would this change your life? Abundance is unique for us all!

In society, we are quick to label and measure our own financial status by examining what we physically have in the bank. When you ask someone the question, what does having a million dollars mean to you? You will get a variety of answers! A typical response, may be “it means freedom,” “to do whatever I want,” “the ability to travel or shop when I choose.” What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars?

“I would pay all of my bills, and help my family with their finances.” “I would buy a house,” “I would buy a car!” “I would travel!”

Most would probably agree that a million dollars is much easier to spend today verse its comparable value 30 years ago. If that is the case, then how much money do you need to define your own financial security?

Strive to define your own abundance and what it means to you! In reality, money is a form of energy that reflects how you feel about your finances. The income you attract in your life is your perception on how you feel about money and what it does for you. For example, If you feel that you do not have enough money, then you may view yourself with a life of scarcity. You never have enough to make ends meet and there is lack in your life.

Here are 3 ways to make positive changes to your financial situation:

  1. Think of changing your thought process and visualize your financial situation more positively! On a daily basis, wake up and imagine that you have a bank account that will financially support you for life. Instead of striving to be a millionaire, affirm that you want enough money to take care of all your life pursuits!
  2. Think about what you have verse what is scarce or missing. In other words, think positively about your financial situation and you will find over time your finances will improve.
  3. Also create daily affirmations that include the blessings you already have! Be thankful for your ability to attract enough money in your life!

Source by Derrick Butterfield


"$32,792 in Your First Month" – The Pique Technique in Action

Have you ever wondered about those sales pages that promise $32,792.17 in sales or profits? Why not $30,000 or $32K or something else easier to read? There’s a method to the madness. Specifically, it’s called the pique technique.

One area of research in the field of Social Psychology is the study of persuasion. John Cacioppo and Richard Petty theorized that there are two routes that one can take when trying to persuade another person. They suggested that there was a direct (“central”) route to persuasion and an indirect (“peripheral”) route, and it was the indirect route that they were most intrigued by.

The direct route uses facts and arguments to change a person’s opinion, or attitude. When a salesman tells you that his product will last longer than the other product, or is less expensive, that is using the “direct approach.” Any good salesman is going to hit you with facts and figures to distract you from his true aim.

Have you ever had a salesman use an annoying sales pitch, and then say something like, “I hate having to say that, but that’s what the company wants!” or something similar? What the salesman is trying to do is disassociate himself from the “powers-that-be” and show himself as a “common man.” By doing so, the salesman hopes to make you like him and associate with him. Once you’ve become an acquaintance of his, the salesman knows he has you on the hook. That is an example of an indirect approach to sales. Cacioppo and Petty’s studies suggested to them that this method is vastly superior to the direct approach to sales.

Which brings us to the “pique technique.” This concept was developed in a study involving public interactions with the homeless. You know the story. A homeless person asks for some spare change for food, or a woman needs “a couple dollars” for gas. What do you do when this happens? The vast majority of Americans either look away, or make a quick excuse before hustling off.

The study, published in 1994 by Anthony Pratkanis, showed that when a seemingly homeless person asked passers-by for “37 cents” a great many of them stopped and rummaged in their pockets for some loose change. In fact, 60% more often than when they were asked for “a quarter.” This was a fascinating breakthrough. It was then tested over and over. What scientists learned is that when we are given a specific number, we tend to believe more in the number. While “a couple of bucks” could buy gas or drugs, we assume that “$1.73” will accomplish the specific task for which we are told it is intended.

    “Excuse me, but I am 73 cents short of a Big Mac. Could you help me?”

    “Excuse me, I ran out of gas back there and could use a couple bucks. Can you help me?”

Which person is more likely to get your charity?

But has either of them given any real PROOF of their intentions? No. The “couple bucks” person really could be out of gas, and the “73 cents” person may be just short of a pint of whiskey. You don’t know, but you are led to believe that you do by the “pique technique.” Your interest was piqued by the odd, specific number, and the indirect route to persuasion began.

Now are you seeing why you can make $32,792.17 in your first month? With a number like that, it MUST be true, or so you are to believe. Most folks will quickly assume that the seller must have accomplished this task, otherwise he wouldn’t say it. Just by reading that number, the salesman has already made you believe something. Once has convinced you of one thing, the next beliefs come easier.

After engaging the pique technique to get you looking at the sales page, the writer can begin the task of converting your interest into action. As the sales letter progresses, many more persuasion techniques will be used, including:

  • “plain folks”
  • “glittering generalities”
  • “commitment and consistency”
  • “reciprocity”
  • “liking”
  • “scarcity”
  • and of course… “testimonial”

There are numerous other techniques that can be, and are, used by salesman and copywriters to turn passers-by and web-surfers into conversions. In upcoming articles, I will delve deeper into each of these and expose the secrets of the top marketers. By doing so, I hope to take the Internet back from the behemoths and turn it over over to the people. That’s…

The Way of the Schwa!(TM)

Source by Alan Harris


Carwash Marketing and Customer Retention – Back to Basics

Creating marketing and promotions that work are a great challenge for car wash owners and operators. The fundamental problem that many car washes run into is that they will never generate the level of customer loyalty that they are hoping for unless they meet the basic needs of their customers first. If a wash owner can identify consumer behavior, he or she will be in a better position to target products and services at them. Buyer behavior is focused upon the needs of individuals, groups, and organizations.

It is important to understand the relevance of human needs to buyer behavior because marketing is about satisfying needs. Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs is taught in psychology classes around the world and the theory outlines the very basic human needs that must be provided in order to truly experience higher emotions such as achievement, respect, and self-esteem. At the lowest tier of this hierarchy are the basic needs such as food, air, water, heat, and the basic necessities of survival need to be satisfied. You cannot move up to higher levels of the hierarchy unless your basic needs are met.

Consumers also have a very specific set of needs that must be addressed. To understand consumer buyer behavior is to understand how the person interacts with your marketing message.

Consider that every consumer is going to be influenced by their culture and word of mouth, attitude towards washing, their ability to learn by instruction (customer education), and their perceptions of the wash facility. There are a number of NEEDS that must first be met before a consumer can move to making a purchasing decision, location choice, brand choice, and any other choices they will inevitably make.

Customer Needs

At the very basic level a car wash operator must appeal to the basic needs of their customer before they can consider focusing on establishing customer loyalty.

The decision making process for a customer of a car wash will be to first determine which car wash facilities they will use followed by comparing the available choices against a number of other criterion.

Basic Need 1: Quality

This is where it comes down to truth in advertising. You need to provide the very basics for a customer to properly wash their vehicle. If you cannot clean the car with soap and water your failing as a business that specializes in vehicle care. It should be no surprise to a wash owner that people will stop using your wash if it does not get their car clean. The second aspect of quality is when a customer has access to problem-free equipment. If wash equipment is damage or in disrepair this will impact whether a customer will use your facility.

Basic Need 2: Appearance

Most wash customers rate cleanliness as one of the most important factors of a car wash. Locations with dirty walls, peeling instruction signs and faded decals will see a noticeable drop in customer retention.

Basic Need 3: Safety

Customers that visit car wash facilities next consider their safety when using a wash facility. Locations with poor lighting and excessive loitering will drive customers away and keep them from coming back if they did not feel safe when using the wash facility.

Basic Need 4: Value

In order to create a loyal customer a car wash owner needs to create value in the service that they provide. Value is going to be perceived differently by every customer and as a wash owner you need to evaluate your demographics to find out what will be the most important to them.

Examples of Value Propositions:

Environmentally Friendly – A car wash that focuses on environmental stewardship, water conservation, energy conservation, sustainable chemicals, and promotes this will create value for a wide demographic.

Charity Support – Car wash owners have the opportunity to get involved in their local community by supporting local charities and organizations. Car wash operations have a huge opportunity to be known as the community-based wash business in town.

Car Wash Club – By taking advantage of a loyalty card system car wash operators can give customers a reason to ‘buy-in’ to their loyalty program through incentives and promotions. Consumers have been trained by big-box retail to be a card-carrying customer and operations that take advantage of loyalty card programs are highly competitive in their local markets.

Rain Guarantees – Many full service and express wash operations offer a rain guarantee which gives a consumer piece of mind and security in their wash purchase.

Unlimited Wash Programs – Programs that allow for unlimited washes in exchange for a monthly payment or an annual subscription have been found to be highly successful in certain markets.

Low Price Guarantee – There has been a huge explosion in the number of low-cost express washes opening up around the country. This model will not work for every owner or even every market, but the growing trend is worth watching. Some markets are having record-breaking profits and others struggle to make ends meet with such low margins.

Superior Customer Service – Having great services has long been one of the big selling points for going to a full service carwash. Whenever you have employees on site you have a wonderful opportunity to provide great customer service.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is something that is earned by a business by satisfying your customers needs as a consumer. If you can meet the basic needs, establish value in your services, and remain consistent in the delivery of your service your customers will remain regular customers.

What does success look like?

In order to appeal to the widest number of customers your focus should be to focus on getting back to basics. Once you can be the clean, safe, quality carwash that offers simple value statements to your customers you can then focus on additional value added promotions to bring customers back.

The difference between a successfully promoted business and a business that fails to promote successfully is that in the long run you are remembered by your customers for what you’ve done for them. Far too many car wash businesses think that by slashing prices and giving huge discounts will win over new customers. Discounting only goes so far when you are trying to bring in new customers because discounting is temporary and long-term price cuts hurt your bottom line. As long as you are meeting your customers basic needs a successful promotion will engage your customers and community in ways that will endear themselves to you and your business. A successfully promoted car wash business will not be known as “the cheap wash” in their community. The successful wash in town will be known as “the charity wash”, “the fundraiser wash”, “the wash that drives the funny car in the local parade”, “the fast wash”, “the convenient wash”, or we can hope at the very least the wash is known as, “the wash that gets my car clean”. These are the value statements that we should strive for within our local communities and with the customers we do business with.

Source by Ryan Carlson


Getting Into Six Figure Sales

Are you interested in six figure sales jobs? It is possible to get a good income in the sales field. However there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to start making six figure sales.

The first aspect of such jobs is to find the kind of product which yields more money. Generally service related businesses are the best spots to make a good income. Also you can make a six figure income by selling high margin products that are sold to different companies rather than the consumers.

It is also to be noted that the younger you start in this field, the more scope you have for career growth. Chances of growth diminish with increase in age.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top sales fields where your commissions and base salary can exceed six figures in a matter of time.


This is one of the steadily expanding fields in sales and can result in making six figure incomes quite soon. This includes the sale of security services and networks to other corporations. Many of these corporations would pay a fortune to guard their telecommunication devices from illegal entries.

You can join any of the businesses in this field and then work harder to go up. The best way to start is by the sale of cable service to different companies. Then with the right connections, you can soon move into full fledged telecommunications industry and join any of the bigger companies which deal with telecommunications security.

Consulting Sales

Getting into six figure sales can be a piece of cake once you are in this field. People in this field get jobs in companies which sell their “expertise” to other businesses. For their job, they hire students with high GPA from top universities. Sports team captains and club leaders who have an urge to win are on the list of desired employees of these companies.

You bring in the biggest contracts and you get the biggest commissions. In short, you can make big bucks selling your expertise in these companies. However there is cut throat competition and you should be prepared to work under stress.

Packaged Goods

Are you wondering how to make six figure sales? The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is one of the most important markets in recent times. This not only includes processed foods but also grocery products and toys.

A sales director in CPG is required to place a product nationally through a complex consumer-market network. A junior CPG salesperson should have an MBA to achieve six figure sales results. Your job is mostly like a brand manager in this case. You do not require selling products directly but are an inherent part of the whole process.

Digital media, medical device, software sales, start up business development and outsourced services are some of the other sales fields where there is a good possibility of generating a six figure income.

Thus we see that it is possible to achieve six figure sales income. You just need to hang in that profession long enough and you will soon be making way for some great income.

Source by Silas Reed


Simple Tips to Start a Stationery Store

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Stationery is very needed by most of the people. Starting a stationery store will be a good business idea for you. Most of them sell decorative pencils and pens. Some other items which are commonly sold in this store are cards, specialty envelopes, invitations, guest books, journals, and some other supplies for business or school. It will be a promising business with good profit.

Before starting your business, there are some factors you should consider. It will help you make a proper plan so that you can start your business properly.

The first thing you have to do is to decide whether you want to start a general store or to target a niche. Commonly, stationery retail niches sell eco-friendly products, wedding stationery, humorous stationery, stationery for children, or stationery with regional or ethnic products.

After deciding, you have to get the permits from your state. You need it to start your retail business. What you may need include sales tax and use permit, resale permit, fictitious name certificate (DBA), and employer identification number (EIN).

Secure a venue which you will use for your stationery store. You may open an e-commerce shop, a traditional brick and mortar store, a mall kiosk or booth, e-commerce shop, flea market, or rent a space in bazaar. As another alternative, you can start it by opening online stationery store. Once it grows, you can open physical store.

The next thing you have to do is to purchase wholesale stationery from larger distributors or artisan companies. It will help you save your budget. You can also purchase it from an online store which offers you wholesale product.

If you want to open a physical store, you can buy retail supplies such as baskets, shelving, shopping bags, and cash registers. Consider all the things which you will need for your store. On the other hand, if you decide start online store, you will need labels and shipping boxes.

The last thing you have to do s to promote your business. You can do it by printing directories, handing out fliers and coupons, or renting ads. You can do all the things which will complement your business.

Source by Jordan E Jimenez


Who Can Make Money Online With an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer)? Discover the Answer

Most successful Network Marketers know that to add front end income while building long term success, you must have an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer).

The goal of this article is to answer these Questions:

  • “What is an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer)?”
  • “Why Have an SLO?”
  • Plus, “How can You Implement an SLO into your Business effectively?”

All very tangible questions and you about to discover the answers!

“What is an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer)?”

It’s actually quite simple. A self liquidating offer is simply something that you can offer up front for low cost to create up front income for your business.

Now this income is mainly to cover marketing costs and while you can profit, the main reason of an SLO is so that you can pay for your marketing and if done right, expand your marketing!

An SLO can come in many forms:

But basically its a Generic informational product (i.e. an eBook, Training Course, Personal Product, etc.) really anything that you can offer your prospects that is of value to their needs/ wants.

Usually an SLO will consist of an eBook that sells for $20-$40 and is attractive to your prospects.

Of course the lower the cost, the more attractive to your prospects.

A $20 SLO is better than a $40 SLO just because the lower the cost the easier it will be to sell.

An example of an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer) would be Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring”

When you initially purchase your own copy it will cost ~$40. Once you make this purchase you become an affiliate of the course and you are instantly able to refer others.

When someone you refer buys Magnetic Sponsoring you will get paid ~$20.

Your prospect benefits from incredible knowledge and skills – You benefit from a little boost in front-end income.

So now you may be wondering:

“Why have an SLO?”

Well from the above example you now know what an SLO is – Now I will tell you Why you need it!

You see, most people start online based on hype that they will make instant money with their MLM or Direct Sales business and the Compensation plan. Though soon most find that it doesn’t happen like that and making money requires A LOT more effort than just joining a business and telling people how “Cool” and “Revolutionary” it is.

With that said, those that utilize an SLO in their front end will begin to make money up front which will in turn allow for more marketing and you guessed it, more prospects!

With an up front income not only will it keep you excited about working online but it will cover most of your up front costs while you work towards that “Holy Grail” that is known as Residual Income.

So “Why have an SLO?”. It’s very simple, so that you can make money to cover the costs of your marketing, which allows you to market More, and ultimately will allow you to generate more leads, more prospects, and more customers!

“How can I Implement an SLO into my Business?”

Ok, so now you know what an SLO is, How it works, and Why you need it.

Now you are about to discover the secrets to using an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer) effectively in Your Network Marketing Business.

I think it’s very important to Stop Here and Take Note of this Important message before we continue:

***Remember that we use an SLO to generate up front income and it has a small ticket price. This is mainly because you don’t have any leverage with your prospect, they don’t know you and they don’t trust you yet. SO, your SLO is Incredibly important as it will be a big step in creating a trust based relationship with that prospect. Make sure your SLO is of great quality because essentially it is representing You to that prospect and the value that you have to offer them.***

Ok, so how to implement.

The best idea is to start a conversation with your prospect in one way or another generally using Social Media. Never throw your offer out in the first steps of conversation. Offer help, information, knowledge, and Friendship FIRST!

After you have conversed a couple times at that point you are able to offer your SLO.

BUT, never present it as a sale!

What I mean is don’t think you have permission to sell this prospect because you talked a couple times and suddenly send them to a sales page.

Instead offer your SLO as a way to Help your prospect genuinely.

For Example,

“Hey {Prospect},

I have really enjoyed getting to know you and I look forward to the many days and years that we will have together in growing a powerful relationship!

I want to share something with you that has been absolutely powerful in my life and my business. Basically it will show you how to use free marketing strategies and also it will explain A LOT about this industry. It’s a real eye opener.

I do want you to know that this does cost some money and it is of course up to you to invest in it, but this book honestly changed my life. Your friendship is important to me and I promise you will get A LOT of value from this course.

If you want to know more about it you can Go Here:

I wish you a day full of prosperity and happiness!

Your friend,

You see how that is personal and is not a direct “Hey, buy this!”. Instead I have suggested the material as an option and told the prospect of some benefits and how it will truly help them and their business.

Never Ever take for granted the trust of another human being, this goes the same for your prospects and business partners.

So now you know what an SLO is, How is works, and How you can Effectively use it.

Of course there is more to it but I hope this Article has brought new information into your reality. Use it.

Source by Jason Croxford