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6 Things You Can Do to Get Women to Quickly Drop Their Guard and Open Up to You

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First of all, you must understand that women, by nature are designed to give men a little bit of a hard time before falling for them. Women are programmed to believe that their sexuality is of tremendous value. Women are brought up to feel that in order for men to perceive them as valuable that they have to make men put in a little effort in wining their affection.

So if you have been wondering why women are not lining up at your door step to date you, that is precisely the reason — they are programmed to resist your advances the minute they sense that you want them romantically.

In spite of the way women naturally react to men that want to date them, there are six things you can do to get them to drop their guard and open to your advances, and here they are:

1. When you first meet a beautiful woman, do not tell her the same things she has been hearing from other men. She does not want to hear, “Wow, you are so beautiful. What is your name?” Distinguish yourself from other men by engaging her in some intelligent conversation.

2. When you engage her in conversation, try as much as possible to engage her in conversation that makes her feel that you think that she is intelligent. Talk to her about those things she appears to be passionate about. Complement her on her achievements not her beauty.

3. Keep your conversation casual and on the topics that have nothing to do with dating, or sex. When you take the focus off dating she will open more because she does not feel that you are out for one thing — to get her in bed.

4. Use reverse psychology on her by telling her that even though you find her to be very intelligent that you think she can do more to pick the right colors to wear. The idea here is to make her feel that she is not all that she thinks she is. By doing this, you make her curious about you. She will start wondering why she is not hearing the same old tired complements she has been hearing from other guys.

5. Always create the impression that you are financially sound and that you live a fun and exciting life. Talk about places you have visited, fun activities you have participated, etc.

6. When you want to leave, always leave her when she is most engrossed in your conversation. Tell her that you would like to continue your conversation where you left off. Give her your business card, and ask her for her phone number.

When you approach women in a way that shows that you are more interested in what they have achieved and what their interests are they have a tendency to perceive you differently and drop their guard and open up to you more.

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