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Adorable Qualities Men Love

What does a man adore in his lady? Is adoration all the cute little things we do or bigger things? What makes women adorable? Men like different things in their partners. They love the little things we do, personality traits, or how we cuddle in movies but what makes us adorable is beyond this.

The common adorable qualities men love aren’t about looks or anything superficial. They find a woman’s laugh adorable, or her nose, maybe he likes the sound of her hiccups, or when she wears an apron cooking dinner. Beyond those, personality, caring for children, donating to charity, integrity and the silliness we all posses are the adorable qualities men love to see.

Kindhearted, polite, down to earth women with humor and spirit fall in love before most others because they have the full package a man wants. This is the kind of personality that has the qualities men love. A nice man thinks preschool teachers are adorable because she puts her heart into helping the next generation or he might think her career as nurse is adorable because she helps people get healthy and works hard not to let the families and patients down.

When women do sweet things for others even when they don’t benefit, it’s endearing. That’s adorable to most men and millions of others including women. Men feel emotions towards these women who fight for others with generosity. You hit their sweet spot and a man isn’t the same after that.

He sees you as a great person with whom he wants more time, laughs, hugs, talks, and a deeper connection. The bond has become a stronger, intense friendship. The more beautiful your heart, the more beautiful you are to him. Inner beauty has the adorable qualities men love.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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