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Be Descriptive In Your Writings

Be as descriptive as you can be in your writings.

Do not just seek to give points assuming that the reader will get your point and understand what you are attempting to convey. Use your imagination and aim to make your statements so alive that the reader will perceive what is being said clearly.

You are like an artist with a brush attempting to place on the canvas of the reader’s mind and imagination that which you can see within your own heart. It should always be our intention as writers to so intrigue and captivate the minds of those who read our books that they have a hard time stopping once they get started. Nothing holds the attention of a reader like a well thought out descriptive writing which draws them in from the very start and holds them to the very end.

Regardless of whether we are writing fiction or non-fiction we should practice the art of thinking things through so clearly that what we place on paper (or on our computers) is unique, sound and engaging to our readers. I vividly remember how people reacted and responded upon reading my first novel. Over and over, and I might add, over again, I was being told how once the book was started it was difficult to put it down. As a matter of fact, one lady told me that she refused to even finish it because she did not want it to end. What an impact? People are constantly saying that the book grabs your attention from the very beginning and holds it to the very end. People have been and continue to read the book through in a day. This is a normal occurrence.

Now I am saying this to convey to your mind the idea that you will have to learn how to think upon and ponder what you desire to write and get across to your potential readers. You will have to learn how to use your imagination and focus clearly on the idea you desire to get across, the picture you would like to paint, the facts you want to lay out and make clear the skill you aspire to teach. In other words, examine your objective and ensure that you are laying out for your readers exactly what you are trying to say.

There are various ways to develop a thought or an idea. One that I have practiced for over thirty years is to speak among friends concerning what I want to get across and attempt to do so in as clear terms as I can. (Of course I do not always tell them I am sharing my thoughts to place in a book.) I may not even be thinking of writing a book at the moment. But I have learned by experience that if I practice speaking about things, aiming to be as precise and clear as possible, it helps in expanding what I am thinking about. And it does help big-time when a person asks me to explain what I am trying to say. The idea just gets bigger and bigger.

Another way to develop the mind and imagination is by reading. Yes that’s right, practice developing the habit of reading. This is so important if you truly desire to be a good writer. Reading and seeing how other, more experienced authors lay out their ideas and thoughts will help to expand your own mind. You will be amazed at the impact this will have upon you as you write your own book. So do not just aim to be a writer. Be a reader too. This will help your writings to become better and better as you forge ahead.

Finally, use examples in your writings. Someone has said (and I don’t know who), “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true. Examples help to enable the readers to see what is being said without having to struggle and guess for themselves. So practice being descriptive in your writings so that your books are user friendly and people do not have difficulty in understanding what you are trying to say.

Source by Sheldon D. Newton

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