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Bearded Dragon Shedding – Tips and Facts on the Bearded Dragon Shedding Process

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Shedding of the skin is common in lizards so it’s only natural you want to learn as much bearded dragon shedding facts as possible.

It will allow you to aid your dragon as much as possible, understand the behavior to expect and avoid doing anything that could harm your beardie in the shedding process.

1. Bearded dragon shedding occurs due to growth so it’s only natural that it would occur more often when it’s a baby. In it’s first year, your beardie can shed several times. The frequency depends on it’s growth rate and growth spurts. It’s not the same for every dragon just like we humans grow at different rates.

2. A common sign and symptom of beginning the shedding process is that the skin of your bearded dragon will be very muted and dull.

3. During the shedding process it is beneficial to keep your dragon well hydrated. Increasing the frequency of misting and baths will ensure that the shedding process will be as quick as possible.

4. Bearded dragons usually lose interest in eating or stop eating altogether whilst skin shedding. This is nothing to worry about because the dragon is naturally programmed to use energy for shedding rather than use up energy in digestion.

Obviously you want your dragon to start eating properly as soon as possible so the best thing you can do is misting and bathing to aid the shedding of the skin.

5. Eye bulging is a common behavior during this time and can look really freaky and worrying. They do this to stretch the skin round the eyes to loosen it. If the eye bulging continues for days though it could be a sign of high blood pressure so make sure you watch for this and make a vet appointment if necessary.

6. To aid the process your dragon will rub against rocks, the vivarium floor, other dragons, scratching with it’s hind legs.

7. Unlike snakes, bearded dragons shed their skin in patches rather than one neat whole piece.

8. The most important point to note is that you must resist the urge to help your dragon by peeling and picking their skin for them.

It’s only natural that when you see your dragon frustrated and upset during the shedding stage that you think you are being kind picking it for them. Please don’t do this. This can be very damaging. The skin will naturally fall off when the skin underneath is ready for exposure. If it is exposed to early it may not be formed properly so please leave nature to do it’s own work.

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