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Best Drivers for Golfers Over 50

Throughout the past handful of years, the convenience of driver fitting has a made a huge impact on the game of golf.

The only group of golfers who have probably not generated tremendous improvements in their game due this fitting is simply the hordes of golfers whom have still to pay the minor price (oftentimes cost-free) to have this performed.

Our focus is to concentrate on greatly improving the quality and enjoyment of the game of golf for golf players over 50 years old. Because of this, I am publishing this article concerning the best golfer drivers for this particular age group.

Choosing the most ideal drivers for golfers over 50 has little to do with the brand name of golf club and even more too do with the shaft as well as club head configurations. The following are the measurements in which you have to know:.

1) Club head speed: how fast you swing the driver ON AVERAGE.

2) Ball speed: exactly how rapidly the ball is travelling after contact.

3) Smash factor: is a multiple that combines club head speed and ball velocity. In straightforward terms, this estimates how well you hit the ball on average.

4) Launch angle: is angle from the ground in which your ball is traveling on.

5) Whether you fade/slice or draw/hook the ball.

Just before I offer you a quick report of exactly what normally works best for seniors, you ought to recognize that any kind of general recommendations I may offer dulls in comparison to the outcomes you are going to obtain by being fitted by a qualified professional.

Okay, with that said, the key matter which we are taking care of is the best ways to choose the driver that can give you the best distance along with performance.

Supposing that you are over 50 years old your swing speed is likely slowing down as a result of increased weakness and loss of flexibility.

A typical golfer fitting this particular category may have had a swing speed of 105mph during their early 40’s dropped to 85 mph at the age of 60. This would lead to a 270 yard drive reducing down to a 215 yard drive leaving you 55 yards farther away from the hole for a really tough approach shot.

And so the question is: how can we use the current state of technology to increase your driving distance using an 85mph swing? Here are the elements:.

I) Shaft flex: a more flexible shaft flex will increase your swing speed without having to swing the club faster AND might help improve the squareness of the club face at impact.

Some men (you big studs out there!) might just have difficulty stepping down to a “regular” or “senior” flex shaft. Which adds to the already existing dilemma concerning “manly” guys overswinging.

You could constantly beat yourself up, or perhaps you can possibly choose to lighten up and have a lot more fun… error on the side of a more flexible shaft!

Soon after you have selected the correct shaft you will want to consider the appropriate:.

I) Degree of Loft.

When determining the degree of loft you are attempting to figure out which loft provides you the longest ball flight.

If you decide on too little or too much loft you might give up distance.

Supposing that you are trying to figure this out without being professionally fitted, you are likely guessing.

A professional can assess your launch angle and compare with your ball speed to decide your ideal fit. And believe me, from experience, this will certainly make a CONSIDERABLE difference.

II) Smash factor:

Smash factor is a multiple derived from your swing speed if compared with your ball speed.

Assuming that you hit the sweet spot consistently, your smash factor shall be very good. In the event that you do not hit the sweet spot consistently, then you ought to look for a driver which is a bit more forgiving and also maintains your ball speed on off center hits. Once again, the professional fitter is your recommended resource.

III) Ball Flight.

The last factor to select the most effective driver for your game is your ball flight. Simply, do you slice or fade the ball.

It has long been recognized that a ‘draw’ ball flight will net you the most distance. Most new drivers have configurations to help you acquire the most ideal ball flight and the best distance.

Your fitting specialist will watch you hit a bunch of balls with a bunch of various driver settings to ascertain the best adjustment to help you hit optimum ball flight for maximum difference.

In review, being professionally fitted for a driver is drastically more crucial than the brand of driver or how much the driver costs.

Plus fitting is surprisingly cheap, typically around $ 50. Additionally, club manufactures regularly provide free fittings and golf courses everywhere so call your nearby club to find out when a fitting day may occur at their golf course. You will be glad you did.

Thanks for Reading

D. Ryan York, DPT CGS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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