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Body Language of Men – How to Know If He Likes You

Is he doing a lot of great things for you? Do you think there is something behind his actions? Do you want to know if he likes you, too? Most women find it very difficult to find out if a man likes her or not. Women are simply afraid of embarrassment and fear rejection. But how will you know how to acknowledge his actions if you don’t even know what he want to imply?

Sometimes, it is very difficult to define the body language of men. There are things that they do not because they like a woman. Because of this, it takes a while before a woman finally determine that he likes her too. Isn’t it sad how these two people missed a lot of sweet moments simply because she doesn’t know what he means and he can’t say he likes her?

Defining body language of men is never easy but that doesn’t mean that you will never understand him at all. Here are some of the body languages that men usually use and their meaning.

Tip #1: Notice his Eyebrow Flash

Most women miss eyebrow flash because it only happens for few seconds. But just like you, men lift his eyebrow to show that a woman caught his attention. Lifting his eyebrow makes his eyes brighter and inviting. It is also a sign that you were able to impress this man.

Tip #2; Check His Lip Movements

Once you walk in the bar with that amazing look, check for the man who will automatically move his lips apart. That manly reaction means that he likes what he is seeing.

Tip #3: Look at His Facial Expression

You can easily determine that this man like you through his facial expression. See how his face opens the first time he saw you? That’s how an amazed man looks like when he saw something that captured his eyes and heart. Raised eyebrows, flaring nostrils, eyes wide open and parted lips means “Wow! She looks stunning!”.

Tip #4: Getting your Attention

Once he has recovered from being hypnotized by your looks, he will try to get your attention. He can be too loud or look so funny just to stand out from the crowd and from his group. Another body language of men that you need to notice is how he detach from his group and walk his way through yours. This is a sign that he once you to notice him as an individual.

Tip #5: Signs He May be Nervous

Once he finally composed himself and got all the courage to talk to you, carefully observe at how he talks. Notice how he touches his face more often? That’s a sign that he likes you and he is excited and nervous. He will rub his chin and touch his cheek or his ears. He will do all these and more not because he’s uncomfortable but because he wants to impress you but doesn’t know how to.

Understanding the body language of men makes it easier for you to know how he feels about you. If you are out this evening to attract men, you must closely watch their body language to know who to approach and how to approach him.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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