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BPO Outsourcing To India – Major Advantages

India is probably the leader of offshore BPO outsourcing, and there are certain reasons why executives in American countries tend to entrust their BPO needs to their Indian colleagues.

Firstly, India possesses a well-developed system of higher education, which accounts for about 85,000 graduates each year, who can boast of a solid reputation in the international business community.

Secondly, with the help of BPO outsourcing to India an American firm can reduce their costs up to 40-50% percent in comparison with the sum of money they would have to pay to an American or European employee for a similar job. This gives an organization a great chance to stand out in front of their competitors. Thirdly, employees of BPO outsourcing companies are Indians, who strive for quality and carefully work with the customers’ data ensuring a perfect accuracy level.

Next, in comparison with many developed European countries, Indian BPO outsourcing resources luxuriate in computer literate workers, who speak English as their first language. This makes them cost effective compared to other outsourcing countries.

BPO outsourcing call centers are frequently located in India as the country has one of the biggest telecommunications networks in Asia, which counts around 25 million telephone cables, and is constantly expanding. Numerous companies, private owners and government agencies have installed around 8500 VSATs throughout India, making it easier to gather all the necessary information.

A BPO outsourcing company in India can help you effectively run business 24 hours a day, as the time zone difference between the two countries provides a chance for Indian colleagues to go on with the business, when their American colleagues go to bed. Quick turnaround time is a clear privilege of many BPO outsourcing companies.

Sharing business risks is one more reason for hiring a BPO outsourcing staff in India. When you delegate some of your tasks to your Indian partners, you do not have to think about the staffing problems at the peak of vacations, about the management and education of employees, as well as the probable renovation of technologies and equipment, which you may never use in future due to the constant development of the IT sphere.

Thus, for the reasons mentioned and not mentioned here, India can be considered an ideal place for the BPO outsourcing company to look for and is on top of the list of the most famous outsourcing countries.

Source by Olga Makhnach

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