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Breeding Cattle – 5 Tips to Learn How to Breed Cattle Properly

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One of the most important aspects of cattle farming that a farmer should spend a good amount of attention to is breeding cattle. Breeding cattle not only means more stock in the herd to sell but more cows to use for future breeding as well. What you have to understand when it comes to breeding cattle is that the activity requires balance between genetics and actual herd management. Without these, you will not only be left with abnormal, ill-fitting cows but will be spending more time and money on feeding and extra work to get them to meet standards. If you are a cattle farmer and are trying to learn how to breed cattle properly, here are a few tips to try:

o Always be selective within your own herd. You should be able to distinguish good animals from those with health and body structure problems because keeping only the best not only produces the best cows but also saves up on time and energy for work during breeding time.

o Remember to have a full body scan of your bulls before using them for breeding. You can have them checked for STDs, sperm count, take them for physical health check-ups, and the like.

o When choosing bulls for breeding, select those that have been known to have produced high quality calves. Once you’ve found that bull, you can either keep him in your herd of just artificially inseminate your cows using a wide range of bulls. Though this gives you more options to choose from, artificial insemination requires more work on your part.

o When breeding cattle, always keep your cattle in a healthy environment and in good condition. Many mistakes done before breeding can cause significant problems to the entire process. For example, if you overfeed or underfeed your cows, it not only lessens their chances of conceiving but increases the calf’s health risks at birth.

o For future breeding activities, it would be best to record breeding dates. Do so accurately as this will help you prepare for future pregnancy signs in your cows and will determine how soon your cows will conceive.

Accomplish most of these tips when breeding cattle and you’ll be sure to produce award-winning calves. Though it may be a bit more stressful, the success that you get from breeding is a self-fulfilling one that you’d want to develop your skills even more.

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