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Article Marketing And Commenting Are Still Valid SEO Methods

I’ve been marketing on the net now for the better part of 20 years now and of all the methods I’ve used, articles are still the way to get traffic through back links. And to me, writing articles has become second nature. Why? Because I rely on my past experience and pay attention to what the guru’s are saying. It’s the majority of opinions by these folks that article marketing and comments from outside sources are still two of the free methods that are most effective.

1. Spreading articles around the net.

It used to be that you could write a great article and then spread that same content to as many article directories and blogs you could find. That’s not the case any more. Google and the other search engine giants are now looking specifically for original content. By original content, I mean one of a kind articles. Some use the method of spinning the articles. Spinning is the process of replacing words in the content that have the same meaning. This may be effective to a certain degree but not in most instances.

Now, to have original content, but use the same basic article you need the use the “in other words” approach. In other words, rewrite the article IN OTHER WORDS. And this isn’t really a difficult concept if you really think about it. You already have a format laid out in your original. For instance; An article titled “What Comes In Springs” could be re-titled “What Blooms In April”. There’s your start. The next step would be to re-write each paragraph another way with the same meaning. As I said, it’s a simple process if you think about it.

Now that you have your article re-created as a unique, original piece of content, the next step is to start promoting these where you’ve posted them. If you post one on EzineArticles, tweet it with’s URL. Do the same with your Google+ account and Facebook. On Facebook, maybe even boost the post. I’m sure EzineArticles would love the extra traffic and except for the Facebook boost, if you decide to do that, it wouldn’t cost you a dime and your article gets the promotion you’re wanting.

Forums (Message Boards) can also be considered as a place to create a mini article. Ever think about that?. There are a bunch of forums that are hungry for more and more members and posts. Why not take advantage of that bit of information and put some of the ideas from your articles on these boards to spark conversations. There’s something called a signature area on message boards where you can place a billboard of sorts on every post you make. The advantages to this are (a) your content is being read by more and more people, (b) you have links to your website being put in front of everyone who reads and comments to your thread. Talk about a win/win scenario.

Build your own blog. Place original content on it and as often as allowed, submit it to the major search engines for indexing. Socialize the heck out of it in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, etc. Whenever you update the content, re-tweet it for good measure.

2. Solicit comments to your articles.

Search engines gobble this up and actually put more credence on content with comments from as many sources as you can get. Ask your friends on Facebook to go and read your article and then place a comment. Most blogs and some article directories allow this. See if there are any groups that will trade comments with you. is a good source for comments if you can’t get any friends to help you out.

If handled in the proper way, your articles can be a great source of traffic to your site.

Source by Tim J. Davis


Marketing Strategies – Making Indirect Marketing Work for You

What is “indirect” marketing? It is quite different than its opposite, “direct” marketing. Indirect marketing is indeed a more passive strategy. It often times happens on its own through actions that are not as aggressive and/ or channeled as direct approaches.

Direct marketing, on the other hand, is more self-explanatory. People employ direct marketing when they publish their ads in the papers, magazines, online, and on the radio. Direct marketing also takes advantage of direct mail operations and the cold calling method. Direct marketing means to literally take an active role in the selling process.

Indirect marketing though does not involve a specific product or service or goal. With this technique, one is not intentionally working to push their work onto a prospective client. You are using indirect strategies when you perform a number of related activities, such as participating in community events, writing articles for publication, engaging in public speaking events, and posting blogs on the Internet. Similarly, existing clients who have had positive experiences with your company can also contribute to your indirect marketing through their word of mouth advertising.

What business owner has not experienced some form of indirect marketing benefit? Surely you have had that certain phone call- the one in which an inquirer states that he or she is in need of assistance but is not sure if you are the one that can provide it. Many companies receive such calls, but handling them in a certain manner is crucial.

In these situations, it is a good idea to begin by having the caller identify their issue. Then you can more easily analyze whether or not you can offer the product or service that would be of benefit. If so, describing the options that you provide is necessary, but what is more is that this can be done in such a way as to accurately match the description of what they are seeking. It might be appropriate to also explain several different possibilities that you are aware of that could serve their needs.

Know that in this situation much of the credibility component of the business relationship has been established. You probably do not need to go into your background or qualifications. After all, the inquirer called your office. They basically already believe that you have the potential to assist them.

With these types of interactions, the end result may not always evolve into a sale. Be okay with this. You may not have the solution required for their unique situation. Likewise, they may have reservations about pricing or other costs or financing. Sometimes people just need time to process and think about their options before they commit to purchasing. In any case, keeping the conversation helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable can make the difference.

These random calls can be extremely affective to your business. It is always best to strive for the most positive experience on the phone as possible. Especially if your company is new and just starting out, it is very important to make sure that the nature of each call handled is done so with the best of intentions. These efforts of communication, no matter how brief, are examples of the public’s dealings with you. This is your chance to explain the basis of your work and really promote your image. Pleasantness and kindness should be the goal for all such activity.

If you are completing such tasks presently to boost your indirect marketing, but are feeling discouraged at the lack of apparent response, don’t be. Remember that this genre of marketing works more slowly and often times has to build momentum.

There are so many other ways that you can magnify your indirect marketing possibilities. You could participate in any of the following activities, such as teaching in community or national workshops, holding city offices or serving on boards and committees, volunteering, and agreeing to speak to other businesses at local events. You can also compose educational articles and the answers to frequently ask questions. These can be published on other sites online with affiliate businesses or associations. Other executives utilize the power of press releases. These can be used to circulate free or low cost reports and are available via the public contacting you.

Each marketing strategy has its strengths and challenges, and both can prove fruitful in the long run. Keep yourself conscious of indirect techniques and be sure that you are not ignoring this avenue altogether. A combination of different marketing techniques can help you to build your business the way that you would like.

Source by Rick Sheldon


A Beginner's Guide to 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

You see them all the time: Light trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Jeeps, and more, coasting down the highway, sitting atop towering truck suspension lift kits and sporting a set of tires so big that a person could live in them. If you’re the curious type looking to lift up your own rig, a more important question than “How do I get my ride to do that” is “Why should my ride do that?”

There are several reasons why people might customize their vehicles with suspension lift kits, as well as quite a bit to know before you get started. If you’re a seasoned veteran who has conquered the most vicious terrains and knows your vehicle better than your own mother, there probably isn’t much for you to learn here. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started and want to familiarize yourself with the basics, read on.

Why should I lift my ride?

Glad you asked. Equipping vehicles with a suspension lift kits involves much more than buying the sexiest looking truck lift kit and then dropping your ride off at the local mechanic. Actually, chances are good that if that’s all you plan to do, lifting your ride might not be right for you in the first place. Installing truck suspension lift kits requires some hard work, a bit of technical savvy and consistent upkeep and attention to your vehicle’s components.

The first determination you need to make when considering suspension lift kits is what you want to do with it. There are essentially two main purposes for installing truck lift kits: style or function. Although the two are somewhat interrelated, it’s still important to consider which purpose you most wish to pursue, as it will assist you in making the correct modifications to your vehicle.


Let’s face it: Transforming a vehicle into a style statement has been a popular hobby ever since the advent of tailfins and flame decals. As much as we all might chuckle at a hybrid hatchback sitting on 18″ wheels, or the family sedan with a wing that resembles the Seattle Space Needle more than a spoiler, we also find our own vehicles having fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror, or a bobbling hula dancer statuette on the dash. As far as style is concerned, adding truck lift kits makes more of an impression than anything else you can do to your ride. Heads turn instantly at the sight of a lifted rig with massive tires that appear to be sprouting fangs and an exhaust system that scares stray puppies into hiding.

When it comes to adding suspension lift kits to make a style statement, looking good is the easy part. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook general, everyday performance in the midst of decking out a ride. For this reason, choosing the right suspension lift kit with attention to comfort, reliability, durability, safety, and not to mention price, should be given just as much consideration as those precious inches you want to add.


So you’ve made the jump into tuning your rig for the off-road world, and you’re ready to take the plunge to invest in one of many truck lift kits. But before diving headfirst into a custom truck lift kit and gigantic tires, there are a number of issues to address to ensure a correct setup. The first step is to ask yourself what you will be doing the most, whether it’s slow-speed rock crawling, high-speed desert racing, general purpose 4 wheeling, mud racing, or long distance open country treks. From there, you can narrow down what you need to do in order to customize your vehicle to suit your needs.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re the experienced professional, tuning your rig for optimum off-road performance is an expansive hobby with numerous factors to be wary of. The possibilities are limitless, which can sometimes make it hard to determine exactly which suspension lift kits are ideal for what you want.

Where do I begin?

As if determining which suspension lift kits to purchase weren’t complicated enough, installing truck lift kits can alter other components in your vehicle, sometimes causing unforeseen issues that could affect performance or be potentially detrimental to the vehicle itself. For example, drive shaft length, steering geometry, brake lines, highway performance and handling, gear ratios, and overall weight are just a few of the factors that could potentially be impacted by adding truck suspension lift kits.

Finding ample resources to determine what products you need can be difficult. Speaking with a mechanic can provide some insight. Reading factory service manuals, off-road magazines, internet message boards, manufacturer’s guides, and a number of other resources can help as well. But by far the most useful way to determine what truck lift kits are right for you and your vehicle is to consult an experienced and knowledgeable person who has a vehicle similar to yours and uses it in the manner similar to what you want to do. Not only can such a person suggest the correct products, but also likely has experience with installation tips and general drivability.

In the meantime, here are some of the basic elements of suspension lift kits for you to keep in mind as you plan your modifications.

What does a Suspension Lift Kit do?

  1. Clearance

    For starters, one of the foremost reasons for installing truck suspension lift kits is to raise the height of your ride off the ground to enable steeper ascent or descent off-road, and higher ground clearance. In general, it makes sense that when driving over boulders, slogging through mud, coasting across the desert, or even just making your way through the occasional forest trail, higher clearance facilitates negotiating certain obstacles. This can often be a tricky bit of artistry to manage, as higher clearance also raises your vehicle’s center of gravity, which can reduce handling.

  2. Larger Tire Fitment

    The general consensus suggests that larger tires equate to more traction, right? Well, not entirely. While larger tires may provide some improvement to traction in off-road conditions, there are other ways to improve a vehicle’s traction that are far more efficient than simply bulking up the rubber. Aside from the obvious stylistic discretion, the main reasons for adding larger tires are for higher vehicle clearance for improved performance in mud, deep snow, rocks, and deeply rutted trails. Certain tires designed specifically for off-road conditions can improve traction depending on the circumstances, but the added clearance is the most immediate and direct benefit of larger tires.

Factors to Consider with Truck Suspension Lift Kits:

  • Installation: Many manufacturers offer manuals for installing truck lift kits onto certain vehicles; however, some installations are quite intricate, requiring some welding or cutting in order to add some necessary components. In this case, having a trusted mechanic or a few knowledgeable friends is the best resolution.
  • Additional Modifications: Upgrading to truck lift kits with taller tires also means that a number of components may require part upgrades or some tuning to compensate. For instance, a truck’s engine is tuned at specific gear ratios to propel the vehicle. When adding taller tires, the gear ratios must be tweaked accordingly, since the engine has to spin much larger, heavier tires. Again, consult with more experienced individuals for further insight.
  • Highway Performance: Larger, wider tires can sometimes result in instability on roads or a noisy, uncomfortable ride, particularly at high speeds. Also, more aggressive off-road tires tend to wear faster on the highway, and traction might not be as great as you would expect on wet roads. In this sense, larger tires can sometimes be a gamble without any direction from an experienced off-road veteran.
  • Weight: larger tires are heavier, which can put a lot of strain on your suspension, particularly if it’s a stock suspension. Trusted, durable suspension components and lighter aluminum wheels can sometimes help to reduce the strain.
  • Handling: Adding truck suspension lift kits will undoubtedly raise the vehicle’s center of gravity, resulting in less stable turns. This is a common issue when installing truck lift kits, but is mostly just a matter of becoming accustomed to a vehicle’s change in performance.
  • Legality: Some suspension lift kits are such a serious change in your suspension system that it may not be legal. Check the suspension regulations within your country, state, or province to be sure.
  • A Few Useful Accessories: Before installing a lift kit, it’s a good idea to first examine if any components will be affected by your vehicle’s new height. Here are a few useful accessories that may need to be upgraded:
    • Brake Upgrades: Stock brakes can’t always accommodate larger tires, or will wear easily due to the added strain.
    • Drivetrain and Differential: Axles, gears, differential covers, lockers and more ensure that your drivetrain is up to par with your suspension.
    • Replacement Parts: Longer Control Arms and Track Bars to compensate for the additional height of your rig.
    • Shocks: For those taller lifts, longer shocks will ensure the smoothest performance both on and off road.
    • Other Parts: Steering linkage, slip yoke, drive shaft length, u-joint angle, and brake lines are all worthy of consideration before installing suspension lift kits.

Installing Suspension Lift Kits:

When it comes time to install a lift kit, there are two ways possible ways to go about it: install it yourself, or have a professional do the job. Naturally, each has its advantages and disadvantages, and when it comes to your rig, attention to detail is crucial. A general rule to follow is that even if you know you want a large lift, it’s best to start with a small lift and work your way up. This allows you to work out any kinks and hindrances along the way to make sure your kit works right.

  1. Do-It-Yourself

    Even if you’re not technically inclined, taking the time to learn the inner mechanics of your vehicle is a valuable experience that can save you time and money. An intimate knowledge of your rig can also allow you to make your own modifications to your vehicle if the need arises. There are numerous resources available that can usually guide you through the majority of the process; however, one must keep in mind that it’s a lot to take in, and tweaking the intricate components of your vehicle is no small matter. It’s always a good idea to have a second set of hands or an experienced individual assisting you.

    On the downside, even with the increasing availability of bolt-on kits, installing suspension lift kits is no easy task, particularly if you’re a beginner. Additionally, certain instructions or resources can sometimes be misleading or based upon the personal preferences of individual gearheads. Often times, after installing a lift kit you’ll find yourself spending hours tweaking the other components of your vehicle to get them back to spec. That’s a whole lot to take on, particularly if you’re inexperienced.

  2. Mechanic

    A licensed professional installing your lift kit is typically the best way to ensure that suspension lift kits are installed correctly, so long as you’re willing to pay the labor charges. A professional can perfectly tune your vehicle to your liking and see to it that all components are working as they should, all within a fraction of the time it would take even the most experienced gearheads to install it themselves.

    On the other hand, as is the case with regard to any mechanic, it might be difficult to find one you can trust to install the kit properly while not overcharging you for any unnecessary parts. Also, if you’re not a gearhead, anytime there’s a functional deficiency or your vehicle needs minor tweaking, you have no choice but to return to the mechanic for service.

Suspension Lift Sizes:

Small: A small lift consists of 1.5 or fewer inches, and will grant you a little more clearance and room to run slightly larger tires. The most common way to gain a small lift is by using coil spacers in front and long shackles in the rear.

  • Advantages/Disadvantages: Small lifts are inexpensive and easy to install with very few complications.

Medium: A medium lift is roughly 2″ of lift, and is a good choice for those looking for the best tire clearance, but aren’t planning on doing any off-roading. Common medium-sized lifts use spacer and add-a-leaf lifts, and sometimes come with new shocks.

  • Advantages/Disadvantages: You’ll notice changes in handling and performance: some good, some bad. You’ll also need strong rear springs, and if you plan to use an add-a-leaf kit, later modification for more lift may be difficult, since add-a-leafs are designed to lift stock springs.

Large: The largest lifts consist of 3 to 4″ or more for an aggressive look and the best off-road performance. A common large lift setup consists of new front coils and add-a-leafs in the rear, plus some combination of new front coils and new rear springs. These kits often include a matching set of shocks.

  • Advantages/Disadvantages: Large lifts are obviously the most expensive, and more complications are expected than with smaller lifts. On-road performance will also be affected, sometimes dramatically. But a large lift will transform your rig into an intimidating off-road machine that will stand out among a crowd.

Types of Suspension Lift Kits:

Spring Over Axle (SPOA):

SPOA suspension lift kits are most popular among serious rock crawlers looking for the utmost articulation (up and down wheel travel). These truck lift kits keep the tires on the ground for maximum traction, while correctly lifted springs lifts everything out of harm’s way, including the springs.

Shackle Reverse (S/R) Suspension Lift Kits:

S/R truck lift kits are designed to provide a smooth ride upon mild terrain such as forest roads, desert driving, and scenic trails; however, high-speed driving on highways is not recommended.

Coil Suspension Lift Kits:

The choice of many of the world’s best-riding 4 wheel drive vehicles, Coil Suspension Lift Kits offer unrivaled ride quality and cheaper springs, but installation sometimes requires some welding. The end result, however, is a suspension lift kit that provides excellent articulation on the trail, and a comfortable ride you have to feel to believe.

Lifted Spring Suspension Lift Kits:

The most commonly used type of truck lift kits in the world, Lifted Spring systems are easier to install, and an excellent choice for first-time lifters in the off-road world. These truck lift kits allow you to run larger tires for additional clearance, while producing control on the highway.

Shackle Suspension Lift Kits:

As probably the most affordable way to add inches to your rig, Shackle Suspension Lift Kits are primarily for the truck enthusiast looking to add larger tires, yet are not intending to do much hardcore off-roading. Moderation is recommended with these truck lift kits, as Shackle systems are known to affect steering and sway control.

Source by Billy Han


Dirty Tricks at Work – Five Ways to Protect Yourself

When people go to work, they often go to play. Sure work is a serious place for many, and I’m not talking about childish play, but the serious work of the self serving band of people who this it is okay to take advantage of their naive colleagues. People who have a strong sense of integrity often find themselves out maneuvered and destined to arrive gazing at the podium from a distance as the winners show of their trophies.

You’ll be surprised how simple it is to equip yourself with self defence knowledge and skill. Since writing “21 Dirty Tricks at Work” I have been delighted with the way avid readers have studied and been able to learn the techniques to win with integrity.

The priority is to build your awareness. Here are some of the more common dirty tricks that get played in the office…

Creative Magpie: Exaggerating involvement in the ideas and good work of others or blatantly stealing them whilst hiding the originators worthy contributions.

Development Opportunity: The tactic of motivating someone to take on a task, project or assignment they might reasonably refuse, by pretending it is a development opportunity.

Email to the Gods: Using email to shame or coerce another. This is usually an email arriving from a colleague (which includes either true or false information) leveling accusations of blame, which are also copied on to bosses, directors, customers, suppliers etc.

Then you need to learn how to protect yourself. Here are my top 5 tips…

Tip No. 1: Get curious and ask questions. Don’t ask them in an accusing manner. Make sure and keep it light and keep asking until you get to the bottom of what is really going on.

Tip No. 2: Control your emotions. Sure you may be angry when you spot a “Fall Guy” dirty trick heading your way, but if you lose your temper you will find it more difficult to cope. So keep a cool head.

Tip No. 3: Try to figure out why they are doing it. There must be a reason – what benefit do they get if you fall for the trick? If you can work this out you may be able to deploy the next tip more easily.

Tip No. 4: Get constructive. Once you have asked lots of questions, try to come up with some creative solutions where you can both win.

Tip No. 5: Try to maintain your own integrity. Don’t get tempted into playing dirty tricks back – chances are they will see this coming and be ready to trip you up.

If you practice these tips, you’ll soon begin to realize how quickly you can make progress without getting into an argument. You’ll find out that you don’t have to be a victim to office politics. And the more positive action you take, the less your more Machiavellian colleagues are likely to try a game on you. So take heart, there is something you can do to cope with political games and dirty tricks without joining in!

Source by Colin Gautrey


Writing a Friendly Letter

A friendly letter may be informal or casual, but it is still a letter. And as a general rule, letters should be clear, readable and organized. Otherwise, the recipient will have a hard time deciphering your message.

A readable letter can be scanned quickly to get the gist of the message. It has simple and direct sentences organized into several concise paragraphs. Like business letters, a friendly letter is also divided into seven parts: heading, salutation, introduction, body, conclusion, closing and signature. Some people deviate from this format, and that is okay with informal letters.

The heading usually consists of three lines. The first two lines bear the complete address of the recipient. The third line indicates the date the letter was written. Salutations are opening greetings. The most often used salutation is “Dear.” But with informal and personal notes, salutations can take many forms. Sometimes people write “Dearest” or “Ever dearest.”

The introduction gives an overview of the topic at hand. This section of the friendly letter is normally written in paragraph form.

The body is the bulk of the letter, consisting of several paragraphs. All paragraphs should be coherent to one another, all leading to the main message of the letter.

The conclusion sums up the topics offered on the body of the letter.

Closing is often made of one or two words like, “lovingly yours” or “sincerely yours.” The first letter of the first word of the phrase must be written in capital letter.

Signature bears the name of the letter sender.

However, since this is an informal letter, a writer is allowed free verse. And the format is just suggestive but not strict. It can be altered at any point in time to make the personal letter more intimate and unique. Perhaps the only restriction imaginable is to keep the letter friendly. After all, there are still basic writing etiquette. Even in informal letters, we frown on expletives and derogatory remarks. Bad jokes are also not tolerated.

Below is a sample friendly letter. The name of each part is written in parenthesis before the significant sections of the friendly letter.


2527 CC Figueroa Street

Pasay City

December 3, 1969

(Salutation / greeting)

Dear Jade,


How are you Jade? It’s been a long time since we got away from each other due to our studies. Indeed, I miss you so much, my friend. However, the Christmas vacation is coming so we will have some time to see each other.


In fact, I am planning to spend my Christmas vacation there. I am looking forward for that vacation because I am so excited to be with you again even for just a short period of time. I am just excited to share with you my beautiful experiences here.

Above all, I am really yearning for your companionship. I am missing all the things that we shared together before I got here for my study.


So see you soon Jade! I hope you will be looking forward for that, too. Until then. God bless Jade and take care always!


Lovingly yours

(Signature and printed name)



Source by David Urmann


Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

The term marketing implies the single goal of profit. It is categorized into two, direct marketing and indirect marketing and there is a significant line of difference between the two. Direct marketing is basically business from manufacturer to consumer without the involvement of middlemen, whoever it is. This is generally done by mailing the consumer or contacting him directly, so he can know about the products. The use of media advertisements is very limited and whatever little use is made includes only the demonstration of their products with call back numbers. Direct marketing is a boon and a bane, both in some respects:


– Direct marketing involves direct business. So it is cost beneficial for consumers, as there is no price hike due to wholesalers or retailers.

– Marketing executives can state certainly of the exact response to their products.

– The profit or loss can be more accurately judged.


– Sometimes, direct mailing offends the customers and many do not endorse it as they say it inhibits their private lives.

But most marketing managers are in support of this kind of business. The various forms in which direct business is made are:

– Direct mailing: Here, paper mails are sent to the selected groups of people, who likely to give positive response e.g. the paper mails of latest food processor is sent to all homes where house wives are resident so that immediate response is seen. Also CDs can be used as demonstrating media.

– Email Marketing: Here, emails are sent to all the selected customer categories with repeated intervals of time. But most of these are put into trash and spams. So the effectiveness of this form cannot be predicted.

– Telemarketing: In telemarketing, calls are made directly to the consumers and the concerned product is advertised. People sit at call centers to sell products on behalf of their clients. But this form of direct business is quite unpopular and most people oppose the uninvited calls. It was initially made illegal but later on new laws were re-enforced and calls are now made only to those who don’t mind them.

– Voicemail: Telemarketing created a lot of consumer opposition and consumers would abuse the ones advertising on the phones. In order to avoid this, voicemail marketing was introduced, wherein; the entire advertisement is digitally recorded and presented.

– Use of coupons: Coupons are attached to direct mails and sent to the consumers. These generally advertise and give cost benefit to the consumers. So they avail these coupons and respond fast.

– Television marketing: Advertisements are given on the television and demos are with toll-free call back numbers or certain websites for the consumer to get in touch with the manufacturers.

– Broadcast faxing: This is the least popular form of direct marketing. The ads are directly faxed to the consumers.

Direct marketing can thus become successful only if the entanglements with the consumer are good. It can be B2B or B2C. It measures exact consumer response.

Source by James Copper


The Top 10 Unsung Heroes of Human History

Be it saving lives or advancing human rights, the world has no shortage of heroes-people who have done amazing feats to change how we live our lives today, proving that humanity can transcend itself. Unfortunately, not all heroes are treated equal and many of them are unknown. Let us review the top ten unsung heroes in the course of human history.

Top 10: Robert Bartlett

Bob Barlett is a captain whose ship Karluk was trapped in the ice-which was eventually destroyed-in the Canadian Arctic Expedition. Barlett and a hunter named Kataktovik walked 700 miles-after several months of being stranded-from Wrangel Island to Siberia to seek for help. He boarded another ship from Alaska and rescued his 14 surviving companions.

Top 9: John R. Fox

John Fox was an American soldier in the Second World War He died and is considered a hero because he called for an airstrike in his own location. He knew that the enemies, particularly the Germans, were swarming all over and the only way to stop them was to have them heavy under fire. His courageous act of giving up his own life allowed the allies enough time to plan and launch a counter attack.

Top 8: Pastor Lee Jong-rak

Pastor Lee is a Christian minister in South Korea who has raised his own orphanage for babies who are mentally handicapped. What he did was to put a box outside his house where irresponsible parents can put their children instead of leaving them in the garbage or in the roadside.

Top 7: John Woolman

Long before Abraham Lincoln advocated the freedom of slaves, John Woolman, a man from 18th-century Pennsylvania, travelled for 20 years in American colonies to preach about human rights and how wrong slavery was. This resulted to the Religious Society of Friends, also called the Quakers, to abolish slavery in 1776. It took another 89 years before the whole country abolished slavery.

Top 6: Amelia Boynton

Amelia is the first African-American woman who had the courage to stand up for Civil Rights Movement. She was instrumental to the historical march of African-Americans from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. This March paved the way for the black people to be given voting rights and exercise their constitutional rights.

Top 5: Poggio Bracciolini

A man of the 15th century, Poggio is not a name you will typically hear. However, we will never have acquired the scientific skills and progress we have today if not for him. It was Poggio who translated an old text called On the Nature of Things and made it possible for the modern world to pass on and study this knowledge further. This text contained the radical ideas that matter is made of moving objects, which we now know as particles and atoms.

Top 4: Mary Anning

It is this woman who taught the world to respect animals and preserve their lives. She was 12 years old when she made a discovery of a dinosaur fossil. In her generation, people never believed that animals can be extinct. It was her persistence in this phenomenon that changed how the world looks at paleontology today because her work ignited the passion of scientists of the modern world to shift their mindset about prehistoric life and how extinct animals have shaped the world today.

Top 3: Benjamin Keefe Clark

A hero of the 9/11 terrorist attack in the US, Benjamin was a chef who helped hi9s department team members to get out during the attack. Instead of going out, he helped a disabled woman at the 78th floor and perished. He could have gotten out with the rest of the people and saved himself but he didn’t.

Top 2: Senior Master Sgt. Doug Widener

This is a man who has earned one of the most prestigious medals in American Military-the Distinguished Flying Cross. He flew 25 missions in Afghanistan during which he and two other military para-rescue men rescued 19 wounded soldiers. They showed the courage to infiltrate and ex-filtrate the soldiers from treacherous and dangerous terrains in a terrorist haven under heavy fire.

Top 1: John Rabe

Ever heard this name? John Rabe is a German businessman in World War II who happened to be in China during the war. He decided to stay in China along with a few foreigners and established a Safe Zone in Nanking. Without Rabe’s help, more than 200, 000 Chinese people would have died by the onslaught of the Japanese Army. But since he was an influential German, he stood his ground and prevented the Japanese form attacking the Nanking Safety Zone

Source by Aaron Matthew Ang


How a Business Can Benefit From the Internet

With today’s advances in technologies and the rapid growth of the Internet having an online presence for a business is very beneficial. A business can benefit in many ways from owning its own Web site. Only a few years ago, if a customer wanted to do business with a specific company he or she would have to physically go to the business or, in less common cases, they could order from a catalog. The development of Internet technologies has created an environment where collaborating with clients, communicating with employees, marketing, and training have evolved to reach a broader group of clients in a more efficient manner.

With development and growth of Internet search engines, the way people find businesses has changed a great deal in the past few years. Someone in need of a product or service in a geographical area could go on the Internet and search for what they were inquiring about. The Internet search would give the person a list of Web sites to choose from. For example; if he or she were in need of a plumber they would use the Internet to search for a plumber in their city. In the search results he or she would find a plumber’s Web site and obtain their telephone number. The use of paper-back phone books to find businesses is slowly disappearing.

Internet technologies and Web pages also help businesses with when and where they can sell their products. With the recent development of online shopping Web sites, also known as ecommerce sites, companies are able to sell products anytime and from anywhere over the internet. The need for the old brick and mortar store is not always necessary. For example; if he or she wanted to buy a certain book they could go to the book store and buy it. With the Internet and shopping Web sites, he or she could find the book virtually and have it mailed to their house. Another type of shopping Web site is the auction site. An auction site allows an individual to bid on something over a period of time, normally for a reduced price. Having an online shopping Web site will greatly benefit a business when selling products, whether that is through an on-line store or through an auction site.

Marketing and advertising a business has changed recently because of the Internet. The traditional methods of advertising a product or service was usually done through printed ads and radio commercials. With the Internet, companies are advertising their products and services on popular Web sites. The more popular a Web page, the higher the charge for advertising space. Other Internet advertising options allow a company to advertise at specific times and specific geographic regions. Internet marketing can expand business advertising to the entire world.

Another great Internet based advertising system is social media. Social media Web sites could be good for a business by linking together groups and other businesses to share information. This can drive new clients to a business. People share information about a product they like and others share it. This type of advertising spreads quickly and can benefit a business.

The Internet and use of a company Web site helps a business communicate. A company can easily communicate with its clients and employees through the use of Internet technologies; such as, email, Web site content, and help forums. If he or she has a question about a product they could easily send the company a message through the help forum or email portal on the Web site. Business communications have changed with the use of online collaboration tools. Using the Internet, a sales person can have access to company contact lists, documents, and calendars that are embedded into the company Web site.

Employee information and training has changed with the use of the Internet. A company can have training modules built into their Web site for initial and recurring employee training sessions. This saves the company time and money. Communicating with employees by using email is also helpful to a business. Policy changes and other information can easily be sent throughout a business by using electronic communication. When a business uses technologies and electronic communication methods it saves money by not wasting paper.

The next generation of Internet technologies and Web sites are the mobile type. Businesses that have traveling sales people need access to company resources using smaller handheld devices. The Web applications made for mobile devices are smaller, fast loading, and do not rely on heavy graphics. The computer as we know it is changing into a smaller, hand held, mobile device. These smaller devices help a business become mobile. Imagine being a traveling business person and having to go through airport security everyday with a large laptop and all its equipment. Now imagine just carrying a handheld device and how much easier it becomes.

Internet technologies and the use of business Web sites are constantly changing and evolving. When a company can adapt and change with the technologies it will benefit because, using quick and effective communicating methods, marketing and advertising strategies, and efficient customer service systems allows a business to move from a brick and mortar store to a potentially global business. Today, if a business does not evolve and keep up with the technology, it will be left behind.

Source by Mike Barkas


Tony Robbins – The Power of Questions

“Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential,” says Robbins. “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

It is in being honest with yourself and having an open internal dialogue that you will place yourself on the path to success. “You and I have that same power at our disposal every moment of the day,” says Robbins. “At the moment, the questions that we ask ourselves can shape our perception of who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we’re willing to do to achieve our dreams.”

How do you really want to live?

What gets you most excited?

When do you feel stuck?

What kind of person will you have to become in order to achieve all that you want?

These are some of the questions Robbins suggests you ask yourself and answer honestly. “The genuine quality of life comes from consistent, quality questions,” says Robbins. If you ask yourself a great question, your mind will automatically focus on finding better answers and solutions. Conversely, “If you ask a terrible question, you’ll get a terrible answer,” he says. “Your mental computer is ever ready to serve you, and whatever question you give it, it will surely come up with an answer.”

Throughout his career, Robbins has been driven by a single question – what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? He has since come to realize that it is what we ask of ourselves and how well we look inside to find the answers that plays a key role. Not only does this help us understand our own internal motivations, but it also helps provide focus to our thoughts.

Every night before going to sleep, Robbins suggests asking yourself the following three questions:

What have I learned today?

What have I enjoyed today?

What have I improved or contributed today?

Simple questions, yet with powerful effects. “Most people never feel secure because they are always worried that they will lose their job, lose the money they already have, lose their spouse, lose their health, and so on,” says Robbins. “The only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving yourself in some way, that you are increasing the caliber of who you are and that you are valuable to your company, your friends, and your family.” In asking yourself the above three questions, you can work on improving yourself each and every day.

Every individual has the right to live a life of fulfillment and questions are the key to opening that door.

“The power was given to you at the moment you were born,” says Robbins. “Its source is unlimited. And when you seize it, you’ll have everything you need to create a life filled with more passion, excitement, confidence, and joy than you’ve ever dreamed. Isn’t it time to unleash the power within and claim your extraordinary potential?”

This fast paced 7 minute video will enlighten you on the Power of asking yourself the right questions. Putting this simple but extremely powerful concept to work in your own life will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

This short video below has some examples of what we ask ourselves and by simply changing the question you are instantly empowered.

The Power Of Questions Questions are an excellent way to access your subconscious mind, and the process is a simple one.

Suppose you are in a situation where you want to make a good impression. You walk up to the person you want to impress and blurt out a tactless remark. Instantly you realize what you’ve done.

If you ask yourself a negative question like, “Why am I always such an idiot?” your brain will come up with all sorts of reasons in order to answer that question. This is of absolutely no help to you, either in the present situation or at any time in your life.

If instead you ask yourself, “How can I recover from this mess?” your brain will sort through your memory banks to come up with some strategies to redeem your blunder.

In other words, your brain will always present an answer to any question you ask yourself. The answer may not necessarily be true, but your brain feels obligated to respond to your questions and will do its best to present you with some kind of answer, whether feasible or not.

How can you use this brain function to improve your life?

Train yourself to ask only positive questions.

Questions like “Why am I so talented?” and “How did I get to be so lucky?” will give you far more positive results than those that presuppose a critical answer. Often the brain recognizes that many of these questions are rhetorical, in other words they don’t actually require an answer, but the impact is still positive. The questions imply that you are talented or you are lucky, thereby reinforcing the notion. In this sense they function the same way as affirmations.

WHY Questions

Asking, “Why do I always fail?” will inevitably lead to answers like “Because you’re a loser!”

“How can I succeed in this venture?” will lead to creative and useful answers.

Why questions are often circular in nature and are not utilized in this particular process. Replace them with questions like *How can I do this? *What do I need to do next? *When do I need to finish this? *Where do I need to be right now? *What do I need to learn here?

Daily Questions

Anthony Robbins popularized the use of questions in his excellent tape programs, Personal Power and Personal Power II. Tony devised three sets of questions: one for mornings, one for night, and another set to use when dealing with problems throughout the day.

1. The Morning Questions

Answer the following questions every morning to set yourself up for a positive day.

1.What am I most happy about in my life right now? What about that makes me happy? How does that make me feel? (Repeat these two secondary questions after each main question)

2.What am I most excited about in my life right now?

3.What am I most proud of in my life right now?

4.What am I most grateful for in my life right now?

5.What am I enjoying most in my life right now?

6.What am I most committed to in my life right now?

7.Who do I love? Who loves me?

2. The Evening Questions

Ask yourself these questions at the end of each day before sleep.

1.What have I given today?

2.What did I learn today?

3.How has today added to my life?

4.How can I use today as an investment in my future?

5.What did I do today towards reaching my goals?

6.Optional: Add the morning questions.

3. The Problem Solving Questions

These questions are helpful when working towards a goal and/or encountering an obstacle.

1.What do I need to do today towards reaching my goals?

2.How can I become successful and enjoy the process?

3.What can I learn from this experience?

4.What do I respect about this person?

5.What’s actually funny about this situation that I haven’t noticed before?

6.What’s great in my life right now?

7.How can I make this happen right now and enjoy the process?

The three sets of questions can be printed in a large font on separate sheets of paper and displayed in your work space.

This valuable lesson comes from notes taken while spending 2 weeks in Kona Hawaii At one of Tony’s seminars,

So I want to give thanks to Tony Robbins

Respectfully, George Walters

Source by George E Walters


The Last Chance I Need (A Declamation Piece)

I’m tired and weak… My legs are heavy while I walk the streets to nowhere. Can you tell me where I am? The road is long and my life lost its direction… Can you even see me or hear me? Ah! I don’t think so. I feel so invisible, like I don’t even exist. In the eyes of the righteous, I AM INVISIBLE! Would you dare to pause and think for a second – what I have gone through? What kind of life I had? Please don’t condemn me!

Life has been beautiful, but it was my choice why life has been hard to me. Years ago, we were rich. I lived a life full of chances – chances to succeed and build a future out of my parents’ hard work. But what did I do? I was so stupid to set aside my dreams and just focused on enjoying life. Yes, I was a brat!!!! And I was too carefree… I can’t even remember if I REALLY HAD A DREAM. Ha ha ha ha! Those were the days of sin – enjoying extravagance here and there, oh yes! It started out as fun, fun, fun!!! Little did I know – I was getting hooked into drugs. Yes! I became an addict at an early age and I let it consume me till the end of my days.. The thing is… I allowed to be enslaved by drugs and it was so difficult to break the hold that the drug had on me. My urge was so strong that I can’t control myself to the point of betraying my loved ones just to acquire it. Yes I was a sinner… and all my miseries and tribulations are outcome of my wrong choice. My heart broke as I saw my weeping parents slowly pulling away from me… Little by little, I realized I was losing the most important people in my life.

I can feel my body slowly deteriorating. Oh God! Please help me get through this struggle! Forgive me for being a failure to the people I love most – for striking their hearts with my wicked ways… I am unforgivable! Yes… I admit, I tortured my family every time they saw me drowning in my shameful addiction. But nevertheless, my parents decided to bring me to rehab. It was a stormy night I can never forget. On our way, we had a tragic car accident that took my parents away from me. I wish I was the one who died instead of them!!! And there, with my endless grief, I was left with no one in my quest to change. I know my parents didn’t die in vain… I know they wanted me to come out and show the world I can change. Slowly I crawled out of the car and out of the blue, I heard a loud explosion. BANG!!! As I looked back, I saw our car burning with my parents inside! I fell down on my knees, so helpless and exhausted… Help!!! Will somebody please help us??? I’m so scared, I am shivering and cold.

The last chance I need, I thought was gone… gone too soon with my parents’ passing… But no!!! Life must go on… I need help, please listen to me! – Have mercy on a sinner like me! Take me to rehab, I beg you! Please take me anywhere where I can be given a new hope.. I know God sent you… you are His instrument to lead my way back.. I beg you.. Please give me the chance, the last chance I need to save my life…

Source by Mary Ann Villanueva Oppus