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CNC Milling Tips

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Computer numerical control milling or CNC milling as its popularly known, is a subtractive fabrication process where you begin with a solid block of the stock material, and slowly you cut it away revealing the desired object.

The milling process makes use of blades that resemble those that you find in drills. During the milling process, the end mill moves perpendicular to the axis of the rotating tool while holding the block of material being cut. When working, use the computer to control the motion of the clutter and block.

The cool thing about this process is that you can use it in different materials such as metal, polymers, thermoplastics, and many others. For you to get the most from the process you need to consider a set to tips that include:

Have a 3D model

To get the best results in your machining, you should have a perfectly defined 3D model at the start. The cool thing is that there are plenty of programs you can use to achieve the design. Having the model is similar to having a clear picture of what you want in your mind. This not only gives you the inspiration to work, but it also lets you know what to expert at the end of the project.

Use heavy blocks

As mentioned, you use blocks to achieve the model you are interested in. To minimize vibrations in your system, use thick blocks. While this will require you to overcut where you have to go deeper than necessary to get the design you want, you do it with comfort as you don’t have to deal with annoying vibrations.

Protect the blades

Before you cut the hard materials such as aluminum, safeguard the blades by applying a thin layer of cutting fluid on the machine. The fluid lubricates the mill so that it chips away easily making the work easy. The fluid also functions as a cooling agent preventing heat from building up. While the fluid is great, take caution that you don’t overuse it as doing so would result in overheating. In the event you apply a lot of fluid than necessary, use soap to get rid of the excess.


This is what you need to know about CNC milling. For best milling results work with a high quality, powerful machine. You can do the work on your own if you have the skills but if you haven’t done it before, let a professional help you out.

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