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Deputy Sheriff Exam – Tips on How to Prepare For the Sheriff's Deputy Test

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Whether you want to become a state trooper, city cop, or a deputy sheriff there is one thing that you must pass first in order to get the job – You must pass the deputy sheriff exam. The county deputy entrance exam is not quite as difficult as lets say the federal or state police exam, but it’s not cupcake easy either. Being a deputy sheriff is not any different from being a city patrol officer. In fact, they are quite similar in terms of training, personal conduct policies, and general testing standards. The one thing that make them different other than the uniform is the responsibility of jurisdictions.

For instance, city police officers are limited to patrolling within the city, whereas a sheriff’s deputy are mainly responsible for more rural areas. Although a county officer is responsible for any violations or crime that occurs in the county, it is not uncommon to see deputies make traffic stops,arrest, and investigate crime in the city. To a certain degree, deputies have more flexibility than city police officers.

Okay let’s move ahead to the sheriff deputy examination. As I mentioned earlier, the Sheriff’s deputy exam is difficult but it is not federal police type of hard. Meaning you don’t need to be a human calculator to pass it. The exam itself have around 8 major categories and they are…

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Memory Orientation
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Direction map Reading
  • Grammar
  • Basic Report Writing

These are just a few of the sections you should focus on as you prepare for the exam. You want to strive to do well on all 8 categories as each section make up the sum total of your score. I can’t say what percentage each section represents because It differs from department to department. The main thing is to score high on all 8 sections of the test.

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