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Establishing a Unique Selling Position for Your Window Cleaning Business

One of the most important as well as tried and true methods through which you can make your window cleaning business stand out from the crowd, is to establish a unique selling position for your window cleaning business. Through this article, we will discuss a number of points relating to a unique selling position for your window cleaning business:

— defining a unique selling position

— understanding what a unique selling position can do for your window cleaning business

— learn how to create a unique selling position for your window washing business

What is a “Unique Selling Position?”

Experts in the field of marketing and promotion define “unique selling position” (USP) as a clearly differentiated and distinguished position in competition, which has to be defined without any doubt or confusion. Your product or service stands out differently from other vendors, businesses or providers in your area that provide a similar type of product or service. In the end, a special attribute or set or attributes is attached to your product or service in such a manner that a consumer is compelled to make a purchase from your business or to engage your services.

What Can a USP Do For Your Window Cleaning Business?

In this day and age where competition amongst different businesses is unavoidable, a strong USP can set your own window cleaning business above and apart from the rest of the pack. In other words, if you are in the business of selling “window cleaning,” and there are 20 other companies in your area selling “window cleaning,” if you work to create a strong USP, people will identify window cleaning with your efforts. It is rather like the fact that when most people need a facial tissue, they ask for a “Kleenex.”

Creating a Strong USP

In order to create a strong USP for your window cleaning business, you must take a candid look at what you are doing and marketing in your area. You must make an honest assessment of how your product and service is the same as what is being offered by other window cleaning providers. And, you need to make an assessment of how your approach or product or service actually differs — and there always are differences.

When you have made this assessment, you need to stake out your territory by emphasizing the unique features of your business, product or service. Once done, you need to include these unique and special features in all of your advertising and promotional efforts. You need to set yourself up as being the ultimate provider or purveyor in the area in which you are operating.


In the end, by establishing a strong USP attached to your window cleaning business, you will increase your revenue and profits. In the end, you will position your window cleaning venture as the paramount leader in the field.

Source by Tanner Larsson

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