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Expert Tips For Breeding Budgies

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Breeding budgies is a time-consuming but rewarding task. If you want to breed these birds, there are a few things you will need to know. Here are a few tips to make the experience a bit easier for you.


Budgies reach sexual maturity quite early, usually between three and four months old. However, it’s best not to start breeding them this early as it can cause problems down the road. Wait until both the male and the female are at least a year old before you allow them to mate. If you can get a pair that has already bonded, you find things will progress a bit faster.


You should be aware that these birds aren’t fertile throughout the year. If you’re in the United States, you will need to breed them anywhere between October and March. This is the only time that they will mate. Around this time, you will start to notice them acting differently.

The birds will start tearing up the newspaper lining. They will also start feeding each other. Another common sign is tapping their beaks on their perches. The male may also start clicking his beak towards the female.


Lighting is very important when breeding budgies. If you want to get them into condition for breeding, you need to provide at least 13 hours of lighting. This shouldn’t be done all at once though. Instead, increase the lighting gradually over a few weeks up to 13 hours. Conversely, you should cover their cage at night to provide the necessary 12 hours of darkness.

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