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Five Steps on How to Make Friends During Your IELTS Training

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How do you feel about making friends? Are you too shy to approach someone and introduce yourself? Read and find out the five steps that you can do to gain friends during your IELTS training.

Enrolling in an IELTS course is one of the best options to prepare for the English proficiency assessment. Tutoring centers not only provide students with IELTS practice tests but also help them hone their strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

These review centers are often classroom-based, which means that there are others who are preparing for the IELTS exam like you. Although it is not a requirement to make friends, it is encouraged that you do so. Keep in mind that your classmate may know something about the English language that you are not familiar with, in the same way that you are knowledgeable of something that your classmate is not aware of. Thus, exchange of information is beneficial to you both.

How does someone make friends if he/she is too shy to approach others? Here are five steps that you can follow to maximize your IELTS preparation course by making friends.

1. Prepare a warm greeting. A simple “hi” or “hello” will do. It does not have to be grand or loud. Do not forget to smile.

2. Introduce yourself. Start the small talk by introducing yourself. For instance, “Hi, I’m ____. You can call me _____. How about you, what’s your name?” This gives an impression that you are friendly and welcoming.

3. Ask common questions or talk about general topics. As a general rule, since you guys have just met, avoid asking personal questions. Start the conversation by talking about a neutral topic like current events.

4. Share some information about yourself. By this time, you guys have realized of what you have in common. Steer the conversation toward that path. You can also talk about what you do for a living or your purpose of taking the IELTS exam.

5. Exchange contact details. You should not confine yourselves with the four walls of the review center. Get your newfound friend’s contact details and encourage him/her for to engage in some IELTS preparation tests or mock exams. For instance, you can deliver a speech and have him/her critique it and vice versa.

All things considered, some learn better with a partner. Regardless of your learning style, having friends who share the same goal and who help and support you can provide a better learning experience while preparing for the IELTS exam.

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