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Free Exercises to Make Your Penis Thicker

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Here are some free exercises to make your penis thicker followed by some important tips that will bring results more quickly and effectively.

Massages or Milking.

I prefer to call these massage exercises, but many people have called them milking exercises because the motion is similar to that of milking a cow. Basically you start at the base of your penis with your hand in a circle (like making the “OK” sign). Then you gently and slowly massage forward toward the head. This constitutes one repetition.

Next, you want to repeat this same motion with the other hand. Start at the base, massage forward ending at the head. That’s two repetitions.

Continue alternating hands until you reach around 50-100 repetitions (yes, it requires a lot of reps, but these free exercises to make your penis thicker can deliver very good and noticeable results). The number of reps will be dependent on how long you have been exercising. Starting out you should try for 50, but more the advanced work their way up to 200.

Some important tips for the best and safest gains:

-Always apply lubrication before you perform these free exercises to make your penis thicker. This way you won’t irritate or cause the skin to redden or rash.

-Perform the exercises in a semi-erect state (around 70% of an erection)

-For best results most men get a penis exercise guide which will provide them with detailed instructions and more effective tactics for adding thicker size in the fastest possible manner. These guides are excellent because they really motivate you to gain as much size as you possibly can.

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