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Get Her Back – Make Her Come Crawling Back to You

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If you are hoping to get your girlfriend back and you wish that you could make her come crawling back to you there are definitely ways to make this dream a reality. Every day guys get their girlfriends back and overcome even the most impossible odds, it may seem. It is all a matter of keeping a cool head, giving her a little time to think things over, getting yourself glued back together and then playing her like a well tuned guitar to make her come to her senses and beg you for another chance.

Give Her Some Time – Women can be very emotional creatures. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, the more emotional your ex is the easier it will be later on down the road to get her to change her mind about you and your relationship, Emotional women also tend to be very passionate and that’s a good thing.

But along with that passion comes some stubbornness. If you have been trying to convince her to come back to you right after the breakup you are probably running up against a wall. These methods rarely work and they usually just wind up making things worse. In the long run they will only prolong the amount of time it is going to take for her to calm down and become less defensive.

So keep a cool head, get your emotions under control and give her some time to let the reality of the breakup to set in. Give her some time to miss you. And if you have been trying to contact her every day once you stop for a while she is going to wonder what is up. Don’t worry. She is not going to forget that you love her so don’t worry about that right now. You have more important things to do and they’re going to be fun.

Pull Yourself Together – Right now you probably aren’t the most attractive guy in the world to her if you have been trying to contact her a lot and trying to convince her to get back together. These all come off as very needy and weak. Women don’t like guys that are needy or overly emotional in their desire to be with them. Think about it. If you had broken up with her would you take her back if she was acting needy. Probably not.

So spend some time doing a few things that will make you happy. Go out with your buddies for a few beers and some wings at a sports bar where there is some nice scenery. Go test drive some sports cars this weekend just for kicks. Whatever it is that turns you on and makes you happy do it. Take this time when you are temporarily single to do a few things just for you. Get yourself back. Get back to being the guy that she fell in love with and lose the needy guy that she has been seeing for a while now. Don’t worry. Your day is coming when you will see her again and you want to knock her socks off, right?

The Plan – There are many ways that you can bring about the desired degree of want in your ex. To get her back you are going to have to attract her again in some way. There is always the chance that she will just change her mind but typically that kind of waiting game can take months if not years when left up to chance. You also run the chance of losing her to another guy which could definitely complicate things and make it a little more difficult to get her back.

The methods that you use to bring about the emotional change in your ex that leads her back to you can vary. For some guys a subtle approach is more their style while many guys go right from zero to 110 mph without letting up off the gas. For some guys playing their ex not only is effective but they get the satisfaction of making their ex come crawling back to them begging them for another chance. These kind of tactics do wind up creating a stronger bond since it would be your ex that was coming to the conclusion that they want you after all. But don’t make it easy for her to come back to you. Don’t let up off the gas and follow through with your plan no matter what.

As you can see, getting your ex back really isn’t that difficult. Just give her a little time, get your life and your personality back and use a plan that suits your needs and it can be quite easy to get her back. Just keep in mind that you won her heart before. Follow these steps and you can definitely do it again.

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