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Get Him Begging For You – The Secrets of Female Seduction

What does it take to get a guy begging for you? How is it that some women seem to have so much power over men? What’s their secret? The art of feminine seduction is easy to master for some but for others it may take more time. Here are some tips to get you started. Follow this advice and you’ll be able to get men begging for you.

There are many ways to drive a man wild. So many infact that you can have some fun trying different techniques. Try a few out and see which ones suit you. Before you know it you’ll have developed your own secret formula to drive any man wild. Here are some of the best ways to get men begging for you.

Attraction through association

You don’t have to be a hypnotist to use the power of suggestion. You can use a basic knowledge of male psychology to attract men. This doesn’t necessarily mean playing mind games with them (although it is fun). One good trick is to use ‘association’ to alter the way he feels about you. You can do this by inviting him out to exciting or stimulating places and putting him in fun situations. This will make him associate you with the same emotions. This is why many people now choose adventure weekends or sporting activities, such as rock climbing, when planning a date. If he’s not the adventurous type you might try to stimulate feelings of comfort and closeness by spending time with him and his friends or by doing ordinary, relaxing things together.

(Warning: taking a guy to a strip club or sex shop is not an ideal way to stimulate his feelings of sexual attraction towards you. This would certainly alter the way he thinks about you but the association may not be entirely positive)


If you really want to get a guy begging for you, there really is nothing better than some seriously suggestive flirting. Whilst men like to be in control most of the time, they really love being teased and there is nothing more seductive than a girl who really knows how to flirt. Remember that guys are turned on by what they see, so remember to smile, lick your lips and even bite your bottom lip occasionally.

Play hard to get

This game is not for the feint hearted. There is fine line between playing it cool and giving him the cold shoulder. The key is to not completely ignore his advances, but rather to not give in to them. Lead him on a little, let him know that you’re interested but not too interested and make him work hard to impress you. Let him get close every once in a while, even tease him a little by flirting with him but make sure he’s the one doing all the chasing. This will drive him crazy and before too long he’ll be begging for you.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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