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Getting Into Six Figure Sales

Are you interested in six figure sales jobs? It is possible to get a good income in the sales field. However there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to start making six figure sales.

The first aspect of such jobs is to find the kind of product which yields more money. Generally service related businesses are the best spots to make a good income. Also you can make a six figure income by selling high margin products that are sold to different companies rather than the consumers.

It is also to be noted that the younger you start in this field, the more scope you have for career growth. Chances of growth diminish with increase in age.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top sales fields where your commissions and base salary can exceed six figures in a matter of time.


This is one of the steadily expanding fields in sales and can result in making six figure incomes quite soon. This includes the sale of security services and networks to other corporations. Many of these corporations would pay a fortune to guard their telecommunication devices from illegal entries.

You can join any of the businesses in this field and then work harder to go up. The best way to start is by the sale of cable service to different companies. Then with the right connections, you can soon move into full fledged telecommunications industry and join any of the bigger companies which deal with telecommunications security.

Consulting Sales

Getting into six figure sales can be a piece of cake once you are in this field. People in this field get jobs in companies which sell their “expertise” to other businesses. For their job, they hire students with high GPA from top universities. Sports team captains and club leaders who have an urge to win are on the list of desired employees of these companies.

You bring in the biggest contracts and you get the biggest commissions. In short, you can make big bucks selling your expertise in these companies. However there is cut throat competition and you should be prepared to work under stress.

Packaged Goods

Are you wondering how to make six figure sales? The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is one of the most important markets in recent times. This not only includes processed foods but also grocery products and toys.

A sales director in CPG is required to place a product nationally through a complex consumer-market network. A junior CPG salesperson should have an MBA to achieve six figure sales results. Your job is mostly like a brand manager in this case. You do not require selling products directly but are an inherent part of the whole process.

Digital media, medical device, software sales, start up business development and outsourced services are some of the other sales fields where there is a good possibility of generating a six figure income.

Thus we see that it is possible to achieve six figure sales income. You just need to hang in that profession long enough and you will soon be making way for some great income.

Source by Silas Reed

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