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How Do I Make Him Tell Me How He Truly Feels About Me? Get Everything You Want Out of Him

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Sometimes women need to know whether their efforts are being wasted in a dating relationship. If your boyfriend acts oddly and in an inconsistent matter, it will end up leaving you confused about how he feels exactly.

So you need answers. Real honest answers, directly from him. How do you get them?

Volunteer to Make Yourself Vulnerable First

If you are the one to make the potential ego sacrifice and express you feelings for him by blurting it out first, you’re doing both of you a huge favor.

This eliminates the fear of rejection that he has, and will hopefully give him the courage to tell you exactly what he’s been wanting to.

Don’t Try to Force it, Just Wait

The truth is, hearing that he has strong feelings for you will be even sweeter if you wait for him to express it on his own.

By appearing slightly aloof about the topic, he might want to get into emotional talk with you even more. Men expect women to demand these answers or use manipulation to get the answers out of them. If you do neither of these things, it will not only set you apart, but give you a better chance at an honest answer that will make you very happy to hear.

Tell a Tiny but Oh-So-Useful Fib

This is sort of a cowardly method, but it does work like a charm.

Like many people, you can use your dreams as a way to jump-start a conversation that might be awkward to initiate otherwise. All you have to do is open with a line like “I had the craziest dreams last night!” and then eventually share a dream in which he said he loved you.

This is just an example of how this fib can be utilized; you can do it however you want as long as it’s somewhat believable.

Do Not Obsess

It’s understandable that you want your answer, however, if you obsess about it then it will effect your behavior in some negative way. This will only delay the natural expression from him.

Not only that, but you might become resentful towards him eventually if you haven’t heard something you want to hear regarding what he feels for you. That’s not only unfair, but immature.

Being neurotic and obsessing can almost always be very visible on the surface, manifesting in some way in your attitude and behavior.

So remind yourself that ultimately you will be OK no matter what he feels or whether or not it works out with him.

Make Sure You Have a Solid Idea of How He Feels

You don’t want to even try to approach this topic of conversation with him unless you first have at least a good probability that he’s really into you. Otherwise, it will be a very awkward communication for both of you, and a very painful one for you.

So use your guy instincts as they rarely lie, and pay attention to his behavior as this is much more important that anything he says to you. That saying you’ve heard so many times is absolutely true: actions do speak much, much louder than words

Be as Low-Maintenance As Possible

You don’t have to change who you are to get a guy to care for you deeply, but being the best person that you possibly can never hurts.

If more than one of your previous boyfriends has accused you of being high-maintenance, then you can safely assume that it is true that you can be a lot to handle in relationships. Don’t get down on yourself about this, because pretty much everyone is difficult to deal with in some way or another.

By being low-maintenance, this means that you place little to no demands on him as far as when you expect to see him, call, etc. If you have him feeling smothered then you will undoubtedly ruin things. It will definitely not help him be more expressive with how he feels, that’s for sure.

Make Sure You Have a Bond Established Already

It’s a really good idea to ensure that the two of you share a closeness of some kind and a bond in place before you try to get this information out of him.

If the two of you are very close, and this is obvious to all around you, then you should feel comfortable enough around him to bring up any topic.

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