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How to Be Attractive to Women – How to Make Her Chase You Forever

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It’s certainly appealing to most men to be chased by a bunch of women. The problem is that very few have tough of a real way or method to make women chase them in the real world.

I’ve had so many headaches trying to figure out this deal and finally found what really works.

I’m going to give you guaranteed techniques and tips that would make any woman addicted to you and would leave her thinking about you all day long.

You will become the object of her attention.

  • The first thing I need to make sure of is to never give your approval too soon of her

This is an issue most men will fall into quickly.

They’ve met this wonderful woman, they took some days to get to know her and it’s now time to give her their opinions.

They bring her and they would tell her that she is “great”, “beautiful”, “amazing”…

You get my point here.

They would do what I call “compliment overdose”.

This will result in ruining all attraction between them.

If you like her, don’t tell her too soon, wait at least some months before telling her what you think about her.

  • The second tip to make her chase you is to be unavailable

What do I mean by unavailable?

What I really mean is to not give her too much of you.

Let her crave you and wish you were with her.

Instead of meeting her every two days, meet her every four days.

And this leads to my next point:

When you meet her, only give her the best of you.

What you see most guys doing is that they will meet a woman and from the first conversation bore her to death.

Women don’t like it and won’t like you if you do it.

When you meet her, let her have fun, let her be amazed with your story telling and conversations.

Be daring and funny with her.

Don’t talk about boring subject like politics and the weather; instead use drama in you conversations.

Talk about famous people, about romance and love, some emotional or love problems your friends are having.

Don’t ever tell her jokes.

  • The fourth thing you have to do is be a drama queen.

Drama queen?

Being a drama queen is a mind game played by women to make men chase them and always fulfill their desires.

Why not do the same with women too.

Be a drama queen (king).

To do that, you have to become difficult to please.

Never give her a direct answer and always ask her to do more for you.

If she said that she likes you, tell her that she should because you are such an amazing guy…

In other words, give her a hard time to please you.

Source by Noah Alam

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