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How to Break Down His Defenses and Make Him Fall in Love

Tired of waiting around for him to realize his feelings? Want to know what it takes for men to fall in love? Wondering why it takes so long for men to fall in love? Well the reason that so many women get frustrated with the men they are with is that they don’t understand how seriously men take the idea of falling in love.

Men are very deliberate with their feelings, they do not want to rush into relationships because they do not want to get hurt. So the thing you should try and do is speed up the progression of relationships, that way he can think that he is waiting around for a decent amount of time and you can get him to admit he loves you sooner.

The way to do this is to go out more often. If you are only going out on dates once every two weeks, it is obvious that things are going to happen slowly. This does not mean that you want to start stalking him and inviting him over for coffee every day. But see if he would like have to lunch one or two days a week and have a date night on the weekends. If he’s free one evening during the week offer to cook him dinner as a laid back alternative.

These will build up the memories and experiences you have together and it will help you to grow closer sooner. After you have been dating for a little while you can start opening up about your pasts and problems. Show him that no matter what you are supportive of him, even if you don’t always agree with things he did or said. That will build a strong relationship and a strong connection.

The real reason why many men feel so close to their mothers is that they need someone to talk to. Now you can start filling that role and becoming the person that he does not want to live without.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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