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How to Build a Stonehenge Model

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Creating a Stonehenge model might be one of the easiest beginner level projects a model builder can make. This article discusses a rather simple, though messy, method of constructing a model Stonehenge. The real Stonehenge megaliths that make up the design of this ancient wonder are enormous in size. What’s really impressive is the orientation of the megaliths that are lying on top of other megaliths, horizontally, several yards in the air.

When you take the size and weight of Stonehenge out of the equation, you have a very simple structure. It really just consists of a bunch of rectangles strategically positioned in a rather mysterious way. No disrespect to the original designers of Stonehenge, but when trying to construct a Stonehenge model, you will find the simplicity to be one of the easiest of all famous ancient structures.

The link at the bottom of this page leads you to a webpage where you can watch a 9 1/2 minute video with a complete voiceover explaining the details of how to build a Stonehenge model. Instead of using paper or clay, this method incorporates the use of polystyrene (styrofoam), grout, paint and some colored sand. The polystyrene sheets can usually be bought at a large hardware store. Everything else can either be found at that same hardware store or a hobby shop or craft store.

One of the most important things you can do is look at pictures of Stonehenge. Make sure you get multiple angles in order to accurately see the structural orientation of the megaliths. One issue you will have to decide early on is: how big is your model going to be. One option you have is to only create three or four of the stone megalith structures. This will give you a section of Stonehenge without having to build the entire circle that makes up the ancient structure. As long as the megaliths are gray, and they somewhat resemble the design of the real Stonehenge, the point will come across as to what famous structure you’ve built.

The technique of using Styrofoam with grout on top of it, and then an optional layer of sand, really produces a realistic stone look without having to get out your chisels. Check out the link below on how to build a Stonehenge model.

Source by Andy Crosier

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