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How to Build Your MLM Like Steve Carter

Remember the movie, Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner? If you build it they will Come? Steve Carter has built one of the largest organizations within 5Linx. He was the first Platinum SVP in the history of 5linx and achieved this position after only 9 months in the company. He has unmistakably proven that he knows how to build a large and lucrative network marketing business.

He spent 11 years at another MLM company before joining 5Linx. This to prove that it doesn’t matter what company or product you choose you can build a large, successful organization with the right tools.

What you need to build your MLM like Steve Carter

It not only is possible but you can build your MLM like Steve Carter. Here’s how: let’s assume that you’re already involved in a Network Marketing and have found a MLM who’s products you know, use and trust. You’re excited and ready to build a team. Now you need a game plan.

To generate massive duplication and momentum in your organization build it using 12 Points of Light.

To build a strong team you need to recruit at least 12 people.The way you do this is you recruit 3 people, who each sponsor 3 more people, for a total of 12 people. Now you have 12 people on your team with 3 legs. And all you did was recruit 3 people.

Of that group of 12, at least 3 leaders will emerge. Your job is to work with these leaders on helping them achieve their goals. Don’t expect someone else to do this for you and don’t spend too much time working with the wrong people.

Teach and train new recruits to do what you do. It’s called “R&D” and it means to rip off and duplicate. 5Linx has excellent training and marketing already in place and the best part it’s easy to train, teach and duplicate. There are weekly Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM). Personal Business Meeting (PBR) and Super Saturday’s to help you build and grow your team.

Which means one person’s effort can translate to massive production for you and your team. That’s one way to build it.

But if you want to build it on steroids and kick it up a notch to get results faster. What if you combined your offline marketing efforts with an online system that would help you generate leads faster, find the best leaders and integrate to get the best of both worlds?

To build your MLM like Steve Carter you need a kicka** marketing system. One that will generate massive leads to help you sort for the best leaders. A system that you know and that will work in harmony with your other marketing methods. Once these are in place you will be able to build your MLM just like Steve Carter.

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Source by Vonita Brown

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