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How to Get a Man to Never Forget Me! Learn How to Be a Part of His Thoughts Most of the Time

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Investing in making good memories now will pay high dividends later if you want a man to never forget you. Fate might limit your togetherness for only a short time, but if you do these things, then chances are you will be in his memory for a lifetime:

Don’t try to be perfect.

Men don’t crave a woman who is perfect, but they certainly like to be with a woman who is exciting. If you want a man to never forget about you, then you need to be an interesting person – be fun to be with, have a sense of humor, learn to be a bit more adventurous, a bit more daring. Try out new things together – doing something for the first time is always memorable.

Be nothing but pleasant.

Hearing constant nagging and complaining is like a nightmare that never ends – and this would be something that he won’t forget but certainly would want to. If you want him to have pleasant memories of you, then be a soothing companion.

Look good, smell good.

You don’t have to be a real looker, but if you are fit, if you wear that warm smile on your face, if you have that positive attitude, he will remember you more than he does that sexy girl the other night at a party. Also, make sure you have that fresh clean scent – this will be instilled in his memory for a long time.

Be a good conversationalist so he’ll get hooked.

Being able to carry a conversation well will take you a long way. Listen with interest, observe well, and ask questions. And watch your body language.

Make him feel good about himself.

A man appreciates being appreciated, this has always been the case for so many years. Don’t belittle a man, neither should you flatter him. Be sincere about your compliments. In fact, the best compliment you can give him is showing genuine interest in him and in what he is saying.

Don’t choke him.

Don’t be desperate or clingy. A man would remember you better if you are confident about yourself and that you don’t crumble easily. If you are able to carry yourself well, then chances are he will look at other women based on the standards you have shown.

Have a life – not just with him but your very own.

For a man to never forget about you, then you must be unforgettable. Living your life – getting into a hobby, being involved in the community, having your opinions, consistently striving for growth – these are things that make you into a better person… a woman that a man won’t easily forget.

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