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How To Get A Rock Hard Erection – The Best Method

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A weak erection is a nightmare to men who suffer from it. It leads to complete sexual failure and can affect a man psychologically.

Some causes of weak erection include stress, excess alcohol, drugs, overweight etc. To be free from this condition and also to be able to drive your partner wild with a rock hard erection, you need to be ready to perform some tasks.

The best method to get a rock hard erection is through jelqing. Jelqing is a natural enlargement exercise that was first practiced by some tribes in Africa to elongate some of their body parts. It is now widely adopted today to enlarge the penis and also to make it harder when erect.

A hard erection simply means increase blood flow to the penis. That is the more blood flow to the penis tissues the harder it becomes. Jelqing is the best exercise known to man that can effectively increase blood flow to your member.

However, I urge you to equip yourself with some training materials first. Good videos or manuals that will show you how to jelq properly will be fine. This is only necessary to prevent you from causing any injury to your delicate organ.

Jelqing is not a complex exercise to perform. All it requires is consistency and about 15 minutes of your time daily. It is the best known, safe and scam free method that can help you get a hard erection.

Below are the steps you need to perform this exercise:

1. Wrap a warm towel on your penis for about a minute or two. This is known as a warm up exercise.

2. Bring yourself to a semi erect state and apply some lubricant on your hand and penis. (Never jelq with a full erection)

3. Grab the base of your shaft between the thumb and first finger of one hand like making an OK symbol and move them upward towards the base of the penis head. You must not do it in a rush.

4. Repeat the whole process all over again with the other hand starting from the base and maintaining the same pressure.

5. You can repeat this for about 5 minutes. You can increase the time and repetition when you get more used to the practice.

6. The last process is to perform a warm down exercise. This is performed just like the warm up exercise. Wrap a warm towel over your penis for about 1 or 2 minutes. The essence of the warm down exercise is to relax the penis tissues.

Practice this consistently daily. Within some few weeks you shall notice a difference in your erection.

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