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How to Get a Thick, Long and Rock Hard Penis in Weeks!

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Being able to enlarge your penis so that you can see gains in all four areas, is a massive achievement and this takes will power with a heap of time.  However if you are prepared to trawl through the tough times and stay with the routines then you will be coming out on the very top and sit up there with the small percentage of guys who have actually done the same.  You see the four main areas you really need to nail if you want to become the super stud and increase your confidence ten fold are the firmness of your erection, the length of your penis the width of your penis and time in which it takes for your erection to go back to the flaccid state.  That my friend is the four key mastery steps that you need to learn about.

I will do my very best to help you get all of the above and more with using the same routine that I use and also my closet friends use to massively see change that will explode your confidence levels through the roof.  OK so we are going to go through two set exercises that you need to perform on a daily basis and also one set routine for your diet, which must be done.

Two exercises for daily use

The first of the to exercises is called the “cross chopper” and this is best known for both lengthening the penis and increasing the width, so it really does do two things at once which is great for you.  To apply this, all you do is make sure your penis is in a semi erect state and cup the end which is near the head.  Once griped you should pull down and hold for 10 seconds, make sure you can feel the stretch, because some pressure may need to be applied, after you have done this, go to the shaft of your penis and slap your manhood against each leg which will irritate blood flow and increase oxygen.

The second exercise is used for once again lengthening and also hardening of the erection.  To do this just take your little guy in the flaccid state and wrap around one of your index fingers, once done you need to hold it there and pull so that the base feels stretched.  Do this for 5 minutes.

One routine for weekly use

Did you know that 75% of your success will come from your diet?  It’s vital to eat plenty of fish, vitamin D and drink a lot of mineral water, like 2 liters a day.  This will do three things, increase blood flow, make the oxygen whizz around your body faster which results in quicker erection times and finally it will speed up injury times.

Source by Peter M. Cavell

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