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How To Get Her In The Mood In 3 Easy Steps

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You are about to learn an easy 3 step process for getting her in the mood

Let’s dive in.

Get Her In The Mood STEP 1:

The first objective is get her in a “happy excited” mood. In other words, don’t waste any time thinking about getting her turned on until you can successfully get her happy.

One of the quickest and easiest ways of doing this is by talking about happy times that you too have shared.

If it is a woman you just met, then get her to talk about something that will make her happy.

Let the good memories absorb into her mind. You will know when you succeeded when she is talking and smiling uncontrollably.

Get Her In The Mood STEP 2:

The second objective is to think about ‘what version of you’ have succeeded the best with women.

You may discover that women have always responded best to you when you were Serious-You or Funny-You, or whatever…

Once you have found it, that is the ‘persona’ you are going to take on.

It can be tricky because the Funny-You may be best at getting women in a happy mode. But the Serious-You may be best at getting them in a more intimate mindstate.

So keep that in mind

Get Her In The Mood STEP 3:

You are going to get her to perceive you in a more sexual way by increasing your sexual value.

And your ability to increase your Sexual Value in a short amount of time is based 100% on how skilled you are at capturing “Sexual Perception”.

Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a person’s perceptions about anything can change in a split second.

In fact I remember going to a computer store. The salesman showed me a particular computer and I busted out laughing… “You don’t expect me to buy this do you (sarcastically)?” About 14 minutes later I ended up proudly walking out of the store with that same computer.

It doesn’t take long to change a person’s perception.

Source by CR James

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