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How to Get Her to Be Totally Desperate For You – Get Into Any Woman's Head Using 3 Covert Tricks

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Desperation is a trait commonly associated with men in the dating scene. This is because men are the ones who pursue women, according to the common unspoken social rules. Women on the whole expect to be pursued, but there are certain factors that will push women (even the goody ones) to act as the predators in the dating scene.

If a man can make a woman attracted enough, she will do the work for him. Desperation, my friend, is something that a woman feels when she treats a man as a prize she must win. If you want to be the guy who can make women desperate, you should try the following tips….

3 Tricks to Get Inside a Woman’s Psyche and Make Her Desperate for Your Love

#1: “Focus on Her Emotions”. Do whatever it takes to make a girl laugh. Crack jokes, make funny faces, tease her mercilessly and act boyish around her. With every giggle, she lowers her guard. She starts thinking of you as a great guy and a potential boyfriend. Now, the key is to make her reach the point of no return.

As soon as she starts looking at you like you’re her favorite chicken dinner, tell her you have to go. This kind of cliffhanger drive women crazy and make them desperate to give their home number to guys.

#2 Be a Man of Value. Once a woman thinks of you as ‘quality’ you can build attraction effortlessly. Here are the things you must show a woman to make her think of you as a catch. You must never act like you’re totally in love with her.

Acting like her “outer” beauty doesn’t impress you will make her question her ability to attract men. This also means you’re one of the few men that actually looks for substance in a woman. A girl thinks of herself as someone with more to offer than beauty and a sexy body, but most men don’t look beyond these things.

Because you make it clear to her that her gorgeous looks don’t bother you, she will throw herself at you hoping to gain your approval.

#3. Fractionation. Now, here’s a covert tactic that can make any woman fall in love in just 15 minutes. Fractionation is a seduction tool based on hypnosis and it can make a woman feel emotional with you while you’re in conversation. She feels attached and attracted, and will gladly do anything to please you.

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