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How to Get Your Boyfriend to Call More Often – Tips to Make Him Call You

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One bone of contention in many relationships falls within the area of communication. Many women know exactly what I’m referring to. You start dating a fantastic guy, he seems almost perfect in every way, but he just can’t seem to pick up the phone to call you. You end up the one calling him and it leads to you feeling a bit neglected. Resentment builds over time and eventually, you and your boyfriend have a massive argument all over the fact that you have to do all the calling. Is there an easier solution to this problem? Is there a way to get your boyfriend to call more often? Surprisingly there is. Any woman can do just one thing to rev up her boyfriend’s desire to call her. It’s much easier than you think.

The thing that you’ve got to do to get your boyfriend to call more often is to call him less. It’s all about balance. When one person in the relationship takes on any role, they become the one who will always carry that role. It’s true of almost everything including being the one who tends to household chores, the one who drives or the one who does the calling. Even if your boyfriend says he’ll call, he’ll leave that job to you if you’ve proven in the past that you’ll call before he does. When any man knows that the woman they are involved with will carry the brunt of the work, regardless of what it is, they’ll allow her to do that. This is certainly true of calling. If you are impatient and he’s told you he’ll call you in the past, and you don’t wait for him to do that, eventually he won’t even make the effort anymore.

Men are most intrigued by women who play hard to get. This may seem like advice better suited for your mother’s or grandmother’s generation, but it works amazingly well now too. If you don’t give him a chance to chase you, he’ll eventually lose interest in you. If you want to get him to call more, call him less. Also, don’t answer each and every time he calls. Allow him to leave you a message once in a while and then take your time calling him back. Doing this will show him that you’re not sitting by the phone, waiting with baited breath for his call. When you let a man chase after you, he’ll want you more and more.

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