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How to Have a Girl Baby Instead of a Boy

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I often have people contact me and tell me that they desperately want a girl baby “this time around.” Sometimes, I hear from mothers of boys who very much want to add a daughter to their brood. Other times, I hear from women who just want the very special experience of sharing things uniquely female with a daughter. I completely understand this and I really don’t find anything wrong with having a gender preference when you’re trying to conceive. I firmly believe that most people in this situation would love and care for any baby, no matter what gender it turns out to be.

But, since you’re attempting to conceive anyway, why not conceive in the way that’s going to stack the odds in your favor to get the gender that you prefer? This article is going to be for couples who prefer a girl baby. I’m going to explain what you need to do to get a girl rather than a boy baby.

Conceiving A Girl Baby (Instead Of A Boy) Has Everything To Do With Exploiting The Weakness Of The Y Sperm Chromosomes: As awful as it sounds, your job in this situation is to set it up so that as many of the Y sperm chromosomes (which produce boys) die off before they have a chance to make it to the egg. Luckily, the Y’s have quite a few weaknesses that you can take full advantage of. They don’t live as long as the girl producing sperm (the X’s.) Not only that, but they can be easily weakened further if you exposed them to an acidic environment.

But, if they have a strength, it’s that they’re very fast. So you don’t want to give them a chance to race if you can at all help it. To that end, every part of your regimen should be designed to take advantage of those weaknesses and diminish those strengths. Doing so will mean that when conception happens there will be far more X chromosomes present and healthy enough to do the job. And this of course will dramatically increase your chances of conceiving a girl rather than a boy.

The Steps To Making Life Difficult For The Y Sperm So That You Conceive A Girl: There are actually three places to address when trying to thwart the Y’s. The first is timing. When I say timing, I’m talking about when in your cycle you have intercourse in an attempt to conceive or become pregnant. You probably already know that you’re most fertile during your ovulation period. But, you have to picky about the days that you have sex within that time frame.

Many people will have sex as much as possible when they think they are most fertile or likely to become pregnant. But, when you want to have a girl rather than a boy, you shouldn’t do this. Instead, you want to have intercourse only on days that occur well before ovulation happens. And this is why people think that it’s harder to conceive a girl. Very few ovulation predictors will give you a positive days before you’ve actually ovulated. To have the best chances for success, these are the ones you need to use.

Second, you want to create a very acidic vaginal PH. This is just one more thing that is going to discourage those Y chromosomes. There are three ways to make your vaginal environment more acidic. You can douche. You can change your diet to include acidic foods. Or, you can combine both methods. Whichever you chose, I strongly advise using PH testing strips to see how you are progressing. And, you only want to attempt to conceive when you can literally see that you are acidic enough.

Finally, you want to carefully use the right sexual positions which favor a girl conception. These differ from couple to couple, but the idea is that you want to use a great deal of control so that you achieve shallow penetration. This hopefully gives those weakened Y’s more time to struggle, weaken, and die off in the acidic environment which you are going to carefully create.

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