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How to Have an Affair Without Getting Caught – Golden Tips That Ensure Your Affair Stays a Secret

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Having an affair has become a lot more prevalent than before. A lot of marriages and relationships these days seem to be affected by getting involved with a 3rd party. Tiger Woods is just the most latest to get caught but certainly is not the last. Although each partner vow to be loyal to his/her other half, circumstances lead to a secret relationship. It may be a whole host of reasons, the excitement, a mid life crisis, just for the heck of it or you just aren’t in love any more. Having an affair with a married woman / man has become rather commonplace these days, but if you plan to have one, make sure that you follow the golden rules at the end of the article. Simple rules but effective ones.

A lot of other people just don’t realize that their partners are seeing someone else. The assumption is that, we’ve been living in so long and it is very easy to know if your partner is cheating on you. The modern ways of living also contributes to the many ways to get away with an affair. A lot of people who have an illicit affair have husbands or wives that are too busy to notice. They do not have the time to think why his or her partner seems to be too distant or to ask what the partner is doing when he or she is not around the house, because there are a lot of other things to concentrate on. But what we fail to factor in is that this very reason, of you being together for so long allows your spouse to detect subtle changes in behavior. Over time, the no. of subtle changes increase and suddenly it becomes a full blown suspicion. Add to that “woman’s intuition” which lights up in case something has changed, even if there is no noticeable changes in her husband. So unless you are careful, you are bound to get caught eventually. Most do not even expect it to happen. But rest assured without a proper plan, you will get caught. Period.

The most easiest way to get away with a one time affair is to have one when you travel a lot on business. If you do, do this, make sure you actually are on a business visit. You can’t afford for someone from work to call in asking for you when you said you were on a business trip. The other lucky option is if your spouse travels a lot because their job requires it(I can’t deny the fact that he/she could be having an affair too). A cheating partner who is on such a business trip can easily justify his irregular comings and goings. The other partner would have no way of knowing his real whereabouts. Even if the business trip is legitimate, it is easy for a partner to fling around since there is no spouse nearby to worry about. Being away from home also makes it easy to lie about their marital status, since there are no people around who knows his personal circumstances. He can also easily shower or clean himself up to get rid of lipstick marks or scent of perfumes before coming home.

Here are the golden Rules to follow if you choose to have an affair. It is understandable that you will be in a conflicted state of mind, but make sure you choose to either have the affair or not, don’t half-ass on this one. It is just not worth the trouble

  • NEVER,EVER have your affair at Home. You don’t want your secret lover at home, neither do you want your neighbors to notice this.
  • Get yourself a prepaid cell phone – Don’t give your landline or official cell phone. Use pay phones when possible.
  • Never share your email password with your spouse if you do. Don’t share your e-mail address with your lover. The idea is to ensure that you don’t give them any chance to meet.
  • Whenever you are on an date with your secret lover, Pay in cash. Credit card transactions can be traced, you don’t want anyone questioning you on this. A lie begets another lie, don’t give chances to lie in the first place.
  • Know what soap your girlfriend or wife is using. Women immediately notice a different scent on you. Try to shower before you head home. It is worth the effort.
  • Try not to change your behavior in any way. I know this is vague but acting nervous or becoming overly affectionate suddenly gives you away in no time. Also, you tend to develop a glow, small things that give you away.
  • Do not start a fight to get away from her. Guys do this all the time and women tend to notice this. Don’t get defensive unnecessarily, it is a dead on giveaway.
  • Even if they hate each other and never ever speak to each other, DO NOT do it with her sister. I am yet to hear of a successful affair with a sister.
  • Do not start a serious relationship with a secret lover. He or she will eventually want more of you making it harder to get out of the affair. This is really important and one which many men break unknowingly.
  • Keep your sex life as it was. Don’t make any sudden changes.
  • Don’t make your secret lover angry. Don’t make promises that you don’t intend to keep. You just can’t afford to piss off your lover.

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