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How to Ignore a Guy to Make Him Crazy About You? 7 Tricks You Can Use to Do This Very Effectively

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There can be times when you might feel that your man is not giving you as much attention as he should. It then becomes necessary to shake him up to make him crazy for you. Ignoring a man can help you get to this goal faster.

Don’t answer his calls at all times

When you want to ignore a man and make him crazy for you then you have to stop taking his calls at all times. When he sees that you are not responding to him the way he expects you to then he will start chasing you.

Take him for granted

At times you need to take your man for granted to make him see how it feels when you are made to seem inconsequential. This will make him feel frustrated and even angry but eventually will also make him wonder if he needs to give you more attention to get you to change your attitude towards him.

Cancel a date at the last moment

You can also shake your man up a little by cancelling a date or two at the last moment. Don’t give him elaborate explanations for your change of mind. This will make your man worry about your interest levels and will make him try harder to get your attention.

Choose to spend time with a colleague over him

You can also ignore your man and make him crazy for you by choosing to spend some time with some colleagues of yours and not him. Tell him it’s some work stuff that you need to handle and hence you have to do this. This will also make him vie for your time and go crazy for you.

Forget to call him back

Make your man feel like he is slipping down your priority levels by simply ‘forgetting’ to call him back when you said that you would. Make him feel like he is the one making a big deal out of a small thing and your man will see your point.

Have interesting conversations with other men

Have interesting conversations with other men in front of your man when you want to ignore your man and make him feel crazy for you.

Don’t tell him everything that is happening in your life

Finally don’t tell your man everything that is going on in your life. This will make him feel ignored and yet will give you an aura of mystery and will make him go crazy for you.

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