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How to Improve Your Speaking Voice – Sound Like Barry White!

Do you have a public speech coming up? If so, then you might need a few tips on how to improve your speaking voice. It may be known to you that the success of a speech, whether it is public or private is also dependent on the quality of your speaking voice. You have to be articulate and your words need to be very clear in order to easily impart the idea of your speech. Every speech is a make or break deal. Since every listener is different, each of them may have a different impression of you. If you would like to learn how to improve your speaking voice, here are a few simple tips to follow.

Keep your throat moist and lubricated by drinking a lot of water. Dryness in your vocal chords may cause straining and produce a grating and guttural voice. This will also help to avoid unnecessary disruptions in your speech.

You also need to practice your lungs to maximize its full capacity. Try breathing from your diaphragm by inhaling deeply and doing long exhales. You can also emphasize your point in your phrases by using your breath. At the end of every phrase, do remember to take a breath so as to avoid untimely pauses during your speech. This can also help your listeners take in the messages in every statement that you make.

Try to have a well-modulated voice when speaking. Try to be aware if you are speaking too softly or loudly. You can also ask your listeners for their feedbacks regarding how well your volume is. Always keep your speech to a moderate pace. Do not speak too quickly because your listeners will not be able to absorb the idea of your speech. Speaking too slowly on the other hand will cause the listeners to be bored and lose interest in what you are trying to say. With a little help, you’ll know how to improve your speaking voice in no time at all!

Source by Greg Mascetani

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