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How to Learn a Foreign Language Well

Nowadays almost everyone can speak another foreign language besides their native language. I believe everybody has his or her own method to learn a foreign language. But at this moment I want to share my learning way from experience.

Firstly, reading passages is very helpful when learning a foreign language. When you read the passages again and again you can train your language sense. You can also recite some good passages, do fast reading, do intensive reading and also extensive reading everyday. If you can keep reading or recite some good passages everyday persistently, you will find your oral language ability is improving rapidly.

The second one is listening practice. You should listen to the language you learn everyday through your tapes or mp3 player or whatever you want to use. You can also see the movies and through it improving our listening ability. Another good way is to imitate the pronunciation when you are listening to the target language by the mp3 player or Walkman.

The third one I want to share is reading the literature and writing some words on what you read. That’s very beneficial in learning a foreign language. I always take most of my time on reading the literature. My second language is English. And I like reading the English novels, poetry and so forth very much. Reading English novel can create an English atmosphere for me. The plots in the novel always attract me and bring me into the author’ world. The English poem is also very charming for me. I always find some poems to read at my spare time. After you read more and more you will find your language sense become better and better. Your written English and oral English are both getting native. So when you speak with a foreigner you can easily understand what he or she says.

At last I want to say let’s read the literature together to make our foreign language abilities better and better.

Source by Shi Min

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