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How To Make A Girl Beg For Your Attention

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Most guys, when they think of impressing a girl, think in very “surface structure” technology. They either use two approaches. One is to say blatant things about themselves, such things like “I’m a pilot,” or “I’m a stock broker” that will impress the girl.

Others try a more direct approach. They give the girl overt compliments, in hopes that will make her feel good, and she’ll associate those good feelings with the guy giving them. Like if they walk up to a girl and say something like, “You have beautiful eyes,” they think she’s suddenly going to fall madly in love with them.

Sure, there’s some guys out there that will compliment her on her choices, rather then her appearance. They’ll say things like “those are great shoes, they really match your complexion,” or “say, that’s a really good watch, I like the way it matches your fingernails” or something.

All of these are very shallow, and very unoriginal. If you want to impress a gorgeous girl, then you’ve got to set yourself apart. Giving her compliments is not going to set you apart. You’re going to be lumped in there with every other clown trying to “win” her approval.

The first thing to realize is that simply by putting the frame around your interaction with her as one of “seeking approval” you’re already lost. You’ve got to qualify her, not the other way around.

On the one hand, you’ve still got to make her feel good about herself. Everybody wants to feel good about ourselves. Even those that suggest a “neg” strategy are using this. By “negging” her, or “taking her down a notch” they’re hoping she’ll come running to you hoping to bring her feelings of herself back to normal. This is an iffy strategy at best.

You’ve got to make her feel good about herself, but make it sound as if that’s not the main point of your conversation. It’s got to come across as “kind of” a compliment, but one that you didn’t deliver on purpose. It’s got to seem that while you do recognize good qualities about her, it’s not the main focus of your conversation with her.

This will make her “kind of” feel good, but desperate for more. If you’re overt, she’ll know that you gave her a compliment with an intention of getting her to sleep with you, or at least give you her number.

But if you give her much more “covert” compliments, she’ll wonder what you’re up to. She’ll be paying close attention to the surface structure of your conversation, desperately hoping for more evidence of more compliments.

This is done by using something called “linguistic presuppositions.” It’s a part of conversational hypnosis that is widely misunderstood, yet incredibly powerful. Most of use them unconsciously to hide things about ourselves that we don’t want questioned.

But when you use them to “hide” good things about her, she’ll be begging to find out more.

Source by George Hutton

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