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How To Make A Girl Chase You Like Crazy And Forget About Other Guys – Be The One And Only

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Well as most of us already know that women tend to have simply too many choices when it comes to men and dating. They can date almost anyone and everyone since there are thousands of men out there ready to do anything for any female. The case is the exact opposite when it comes to men. You see men don’t have as many options as women and actually have to work their way up with women. But what if you could reverse the process and become someone women would chase? Sounds impossible isn’t it? Read on to discover how you can make a girl chase you like crazy and forget other men.

Be really bold- How many men have you seen who were bold enough to say what’s on their mind to any woman? Well not many huh? The reason being that most men fear rejection. You see women fear bold men and at the same time are actually looking for men who are bold enough to present their thoughts in front of anyone and everyone. Learn to be open and let what’s on your mind be on your mouth. Do something which no other guy would dare to do. Be bold enough to tell them what you really think about them and don’t worry about the consequences.

Be selfish- Well this might sound a bit strange but the fact is women are attracted towards guys who have a do not care attitude. Learn to care more about yourself than anyone else and you would automatically see several women lining up to get your company. You see once you start caring a lot about other people you tend to put yourself down and this is what the majority of guys out there do.

Your way or nothing- You see if you master this single step than there is no way that you would not make women chase you like crazy. Most men tend to listen to women a lot and tend to agree with them a lot too. You don’t want to do anything like that. You would always get things done your way or simply no way. You see once a woman realizes that you get what you want and don’t listen to anyone else than you are doing something which no other man does which would instantly make you unique among the rest.

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