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How to Make a Girl Laugh? Sure Fire Tricks Which Will Have Her Laughing Almost Instantly

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Being able to make a girl laugh is a sure way of making her like you. Just like people say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, in the same way the way to a woman’s heart is through her laugh. So, if you want to be popular with the ladies or just want to impress a girl find out ways of tickling her funny bone. Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling.

Laugh at yourself
You could talk about the embarrassingly funny incident on your way to work, funny stories from your childhood or mad college stories. Having a self deprecating sense of humor seems very charming as it makes you look like a man child. Don’t go on an overdose though. You don’t want her to alter the good impression that she has formed of you.

Listen to her
Pay attention to what she is saying and it will give you a good idea about what makes her tick. During your conversation fill up the blank spaces with appropriate and witty one-liners and punches and see how she cracks up.

Don’t make fun of her
You can mimic her sense of humor but don’t ever make the mistake of mimicking her. Men might find it amusing to make fun of each other but women don’t. So, unless you want her to think of you as an insensitive and cruel person, please don’t make fun of her.

Crack old jokes
You can borrow some of your laugh material form old joke, sitcoms or stand up acts and use them in a time appropriate manner, Find out about the television programs that she likes to watch and mimic them (not by making them seem stupid) and make her laugh.

Observe people
You could also observe the people around you and make some funny observations about them. Be discreet while doing so as it may be fun for a while but overdoing it can make you look insensitive.

Be patient
Don’t be in a hurry to make her laugh. This will probably backfire. Humorous conversation takes time to build up as it is a process of trial and error so be patient and carry on.

Don’t clown around
Don’t become a clown trying to get her to laugh. Turn the funny button off occasionally so that you don’t look like you are trying to impress her. That can be a big turn off. So, be yourself and have fun while you are talking to this girl but back off and tone the wit down when her laughter begins to sound forced.

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