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How to Make a Guy Chase You – Using Male Psychology to Make a Guy Chase You

How do you make a guy chase you? How do you get him to do all the work whilst ensuring that he only has eyes for you? How do you make sure that playing hard to get won’t backfire and lead him into the arms of another woman? Leading a guy on is sometimes seen as cruel, and to lead him on for too long is, but playing hard to get can be a great way to get a guy interested.

The more he has to chase you the more he’ll want you. The trouble is it can be difficult to know where to draw the line. How long do you wait before letting him catch you? How hard should you make him work? How long will it be before he loses interest? Here is everything you need to know about playing hard to get and how to make a guy chase you.

Playing hard to get is a great strategy. Not only will is it a good way to increase his desire for you and to start the relationship on your terms, but it is also a lot of fun for both you and him. When you make a guy chase you he will enjoy the thrill of the chase and when he eventually catches you he’ll feel proud and fortunate.

Just remember that you will have to let him catch you at some point. If you make him chase you for too long he might lose interest. How long you make him wait is entirely up to you. You should know when it’s time to let him win.

It’s also up to you to make the chase as thrilling as possible. First you need to lure him into your trap. Let him know that you’re interested but that he’ll have to work hard to win you over. It’s no good just giving him the cold shoulder or he might get the wrong idea. Be as tempting a target a you can possible be.

Another way to make the chase exciting is to let him get close to catching you every know and then. This will keep him interested and heighten his anticipation. Playing hard to get is as simple as that. If you play it right you can make a guy chase you to the ends of the earth and back again.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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