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How to Make a Guy Fall For You – 3 Tips to Make Yourself the Most Wanted Among Guys

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It is not easy to find someone you like and admire in this world. But once if you found your Mr. Right, the next step you have to do is to ensure that he falls in love with you. And of course if you want him to fall for you easily, you need to have the personalities and attributes besides physical appearance. Remember, whatever you do, don’t rush him to fall in love with you. This will make him feel like being forced to fall in love with you.

Here are some tips for you – how to make a guy fall for you easily.

Physical appearance

First and foremost, you need to have a pleasant appearance and personality for a guy to fall in love with you. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for plastic surgery and change your appearance just to look pretty. Guys are easily attracted to the natural beauty of a person. What I mean here for a pleasant appearance is to look elegant and confident as a lady. Whenever you are going out for an outing, choose a nice simple make-up and presentable attire and make sure you look comfortable and cheerful. Don’t make yourself look too childish. And don’t ever choose a non matching color combination for your attire and accessories because this will show that you have a bad taste in fashion.

After choosing the right dress, you can apply a simple make up. An eyeliner and mascara with shinny lip-gloss is sufficient. You can also put on a light eye shadow if you want. Remember not to choose a pair of high heels just to make you look taller. This will only hurt your feet. Don’t overdo yourself too much as guys might get frighten or feel embarrassed. All you have to do is to be yourself and be confident. This is how to make a guy fall for you.


Besides physical appearance, guys often look into your personalities and attributes. Do not project bad manners or bad attitude. Try to change yourself for the better. Remember not to be behave pretentious to be good as this might lead to misunderstandings in the future.

Guys like a girl who is well mannered and polite. Besides that, don’t easily get into a bad temper or be moody. Whatever happens, try to discuss and pursue amicable solutions. If you are looking for a secured long lasting relationship, be a more caring and understanding lady. Guys need someone sweet and loving as his life companion and not someone who is boastful and arrogant. If you have all these good attributes, he will fall in love with you at all means.

Be helpful

Guys are easily attracted to girls who are confident and positive. If you are someone with confidence, you will be able to judge things rationally. A guy would want a life companion who can help him in the future by sharing ideas and thoughts together. For example, if he is facing a problem in his workplace, he might want to share this with you. You can actually give him some rational solutions or some suggestions on how to make things get better. If you are not able to really help him to solve his concerns, your moral support is the best thing for him. This will definitely make him feel reassured and that you are important to him and care for him.

In conclusion, don’t ever expect a guy to fall for you in a day. True love takes time and effort. Just show him your sincerity to develop a long lasting relationship and he will definitely fall in love with you easily.

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