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How to Make a Guy Feel Comfortable Around You! 7 Things You Should Do to Make This Happen

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The guy you fancied has been won over, but that is not the end of the game. The game has just begun and you need all your skills to be able to keep him or else he could leave you. He needs to feel comfortable around you, so let’s see how you can do that.

Be yourself
The first thing to make a guy feel comfortable is by being your self. Don’t put on an act or try to imitate some one else. The more you do all this the more you will intimidate him. You need to make the guy comfortable around you and not shoo him off.

Does your personality need improvement?
If you feel your personality needs improvement then certainly do so. It is for you to recognize this, because no one else will tell you about it. When your personality is up to the mark then you can be sure that you will make your guy feel comfortable around you.

Make your guy feel good
Make your guy feel good. Appreciate the things he does towards his professional growth or improvement. Praise him as a person and see how good he feels. You want to make him feel comfortable around you and not wonder if he is acceptable.

Ask your guy about himself
Show interest in your guy by asking him more about himself. He will feel comfortable around you once he realizes that you are interested in him and want to know more about him. A guy is not always sure if the girl is really interested in him or not.

Of pleasing disposition
If you are the moody short-tempered type of person, try to rectify this. Be patient and calm and if he happens to be late or delayed don’t reprimand him about it. Show him more understanding and concern as to what the delay was about and see how he feels comfortable around you.

Slow and steady wins the race
Don’t hasten the process of your friendship with him. Go slow initially and don’t start flirting with him right away. It helps to let the friendship grow and first know him better and whether he is you kind of guy than go to the extreme and then realize he’s not for you.

Make your advances or responses
Once you are sure that he is the kind of person you fancy and can look forward to long term relationship with him, then you can start some mild flirting. You can make the advances or respond to his advances. You will find that he feels comfortable around you now.

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