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How to Make a Guy Feel Lucky to Have You and Make Him Feel That Way Always! Do It This Way

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It’s every woman’s secret desire that the man she’s going out with sees her as a goddess – someone that he can’t live without! There’s always this desire to be the one that’s sought after and beloved. So how can you make a guy feel lucky to have someone like you?

Believe that you’re worthy to be loved.

He’ll feel lucky to have you if you believe yourself to be worthy of such adulation. There is no way that he’s going to adore you if you don’t even believe that you have what it takes to be admired.

Let him see you cheering him on.

You’ve got to let this man see that you’re his number one fan, his number one cheerleader, and his best source of support. Don’t just be one of the adoring girls out there, be the best! Boost his ego enough and he’ll want to keep you for good.

Love him and expect for nothing.

One of the most common errors that women make is the fact that they love a man conditionally. That is, they only continue loving him if he responds positively to what they’re showing. Though you may not see him reciprocate, keep loving him still and he’s bound to notice that you’re always there for him.

Sacrifice but don’t be a martyr.

Love him enough to go the extra mile but don’t make him take advantage of your kindness. Keep loving him and doing good things for him but not too much that he would end up abusing your goodness.

Be a real head-turner and he’s the proudest guy alive!

Make him notice and take count of all the heads that turn once you pass by and this guy will be the proudest boyfriend! In order to achieve this, you’ve got to be someone who never goes wrong with her clothing ensemble. You also should know how to apply the most appropriate kind of makeup for your skin type.

Don’t become an infidel.

This is probably one of the most crushing things that could happen to a man. If you begin flirting with other men – even when he’s not around – then you’re slowly deteriorating into an unfaithful woman. Don’t go that lane – it’s often thorny and painful.

Never manipulate him in any way.

Try to show that you’re a controlling, manipulative woman and this guy isn’t going to last! You might succeed in trapping him but you will never truly have his heart or his trust. Let him have his space, respect him, and treat him like a man in every aspect. These are the things that would make him yours.

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