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How to Make a Man Admit His Feelings for You – Take These Steps and Get Positive Result

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You are going out with a great guy for ages and can sense that he is attracted to you but he still has not come out in open about how he feels about you. You have to take some steps and use few tactics if you want him to admit his feelings for you.

Make him sensitive to your feelings

Talk to him about how you feel about him and suggest that you would like to know if he feels the same too. Let him know that you expect some assurance from his side and that it is not unreasonable if you want to know where you stand.

You can play him in his game

If you are guarded about your feelings and being mysterious about your emotions for him it will make him curious. Using this reverse psychology sometimes works and he may open up and tell you how he feels because he wants to know about your feelings for him.

Assure him

Have you assured him that you like him and want to be with him? Some guys are hesitant to share their feelings because of the fear rejection. If he is not sure about you then he does not want to put himself in an embarrassing position in case you don’t share the same sentiment.

Ignore him and concentrate on self

Use this tactic to let him know that you have other things to concentrate on rather than waiting forever for him to acknowledge. Focus on your career or a hobby that takes up your time leaving little time for him and he may get the point and admit his love for you.

Indulge in harmless flirting

You can put him on the edge by flirting harmlessly with someone else or get one of your friends to help you. Seeing you enjoying in another guy’s company may make him jealous and he may come forward to claim his territory, which is you.

Get close to him

Guys find it so difficult to reveal their inner most feelings and it is up to you to make them feel comfortable. Get close to him by spending time with him as it helps in forming a connection. When you do things to put him at ease, he will find it easier to spell out his feelings.

Let him know that you will reciprocate only when he admits

Give him hints that say that you will fall for him only when he shows his love for you and that you cannot wait endlessly for him. This may make him come out in the open to claim his love for you.

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