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How to Make a Man Curious? 7 Ways You Can Use to Trigger His Mind and Get Him Interested

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It is a good thing to make a man curious about you. This will ensure that he will become attracted to you and want to know you better. No man likes a woman to be an open book. He feels excited when he has to go to some lengths to pursue her. Here are some ways in which to make him curious.

Never tell him everything about you

Don’t be too friendly and too open too soon! If he knows everything about you all at once, there will be nothing for him to find out. This will make him bored and he will begin to lose interest after a while. The best way to make him curious about you is to keep mum!

Be friendly but keep him at arm’s length

It is a good thing to be friendly and approachable but don’t let him get too close to you. Keep him at arm’s length and make him long to get closer to you. This sort of behavior on your part will make you seem tempting and tantalizing and he will desire to know you better.

Be evasive

Every time he asks you too many personal questions, be evasive and mysterious. This will make him even more curious and he will long to find out what the answers are! The more you try to evade his questions, the more he will want to know your secrets.

Don’t spend too much time alone with him

One way to make him curious about you is to make sure you spend just enough time in his company to whet his appetite! Let him see facets of your charming personality that will make him excited and want to know more about you. Then all you have to do is leave and keep him thirsting for more!

Make him frustrated about knowing so little about you

The less you let him know, the more he will want to discover about you. You may find him questioning your near and dear one for information about you. This is a good sign, because it proves that he is getting more curious about you and is interested in knowing details about your life.

Send him subtle signals but don’t back them up with words

What you can do is give him signs and send him subtle signals that convey your interest in him, but make sure that you don’t really confirm it in any way. Just when he begins to think that you are definitely interested, ignore him! This will make him crazy and frustrated and he will want to know more.

Go away for a while

If you suddenly drop out from the scene and he was just getting used to seeing you around, he will get very curious as to where you have disappeared of to, with whom, whether you plan to come back etc. He will do his best to find out all the details and reasons as to why you have disappeared just when he was about to make a move on you!

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