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How to Make a Man Miss You – The True Secrets to Psyching Your Way Into His Heart & Mind

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Sometimes, it’s just not fair how women are easily taken for granted by the guys they are with. So it’s only natural to teach them a lesson, the hard way. Whether this is a boyfriend whom you’ve had a massive fight with, or a new flame you’ve only begun dating, or an ex who’s sworn against getting back with you, these psychological tricks are meant to make any guy think about you non-stop and miss you like crazy. Read on below:

You are not his mother so don’t act like her.

A mistake a lot of girls make is that they tend to baby their partners, so much so that these grown men think they can just walk around and spend time being naughty, but still have someone waiting patiently at home for them. Make a guy realize your worth by doing a whole 180 degree change. If you used to make him breakfast, stay in bed while he gets ready for work. If his usual habit was to shout, “Honey, where are my wings?” from the couch on Sunday as he watches the Superbowl, make sure he can’t do that anymore, because you’re going out with friends. A guy will soon realize that he needs you, and he misses you because of how you take care of him.

Go on a weekend getaway without him.

Plan a luxurious trip out of town and go without him. You can go alone, or with friends, but do not take him with you. Don’t text him while you’re there, even if you miss him to pieces. He will go crazy just thinking about how you’re doing. Then, send him a picture of you in your skimpy bikini, and make sure it’s a hot picture. Imagine how bad he’s going to miss you if you do that.

Let him know you’ve got a life.

The reason your man isn’t feeling the relationship anymore is because everywhere he looks, you’re there. Get out of the house, give yourself a big makeover, and get ready to meet people. You are not only doing yourself a favor, you’re also meeting prospects, in case it doesn’t work out with your man. The point is, you need to let him know that if he has all the time in the world to party, so can you. You won’t be waiting around for him when he comes home – and this is going to hit him hard. He will realize how nice it felt to crawl in bed with you, and just have you around.

Remind him what he’s missing.

Did you recently do something to your hair? Have you lost weight? Did you get a body treatment done? It’s time to flaunt, flaunt and flaunt some more! Never underestimate the power of social networking sites! Post pictures of you on Facebook, for instance, and make sure he sees it!.He wil surely hit himself for letting such a fine girl go.

Let him keep getting your machine.

He never missed you before because you were always too available! You’re forever online on all your messenger accounts, and it seems your day job consists of waiting by your phone for anyone to call. You answer almost instantly, that is. He’s so used to this, but now it’s time to make a change. Allow the phone to ring a few times until it gets to your machine. Then let him talk to your machine. He will wonder why you’re never home, or why you never pick up.

Send him “the” text.

Text him the “wrong” message: “Baby, I had a great time last night. Let’s do it again really soon” or something similar. The whole idea is, you weren’t with him last night, and when he gets it, his dirty mind will play all sorts of scenes about you and some guy getting hot and heavy, which then brings us to the next tip. Read on.

Ignite jealousy sparks.

You can send that text to ignite jealousy sparks, or you could make it live, but making sure he sees how great you look in public, and how guys are coming up to talk to you. Why is he jealous? He will think about how he had you first, and how he’d like to keep it that way. The idea of someone else being there for you is unthinkable, and he will miss you even more. Not only that, he will definitely do something to get you back.

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